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Food, Fitness, Motherhood, And Thanksgiving

Hello, all! November seemed to fly by, and I cannot believe Christmas will be here so soon. This time has brought some sickness around our household unfortunately, and I currently have a very stuffed up baby. I also have chest congestion, and my husband has a cough. Yikes!

On a happier note, I am finding a lot of great cyber Monday deals! My goal is to finish my Christmas shopping this week.

Now, let’s back-track to last week….


Terriaki chicken with sweet potato fries and veggies.

Chicken over a salad, toast, and my favorite blackberry wine!

Jersey Mike’s subs.

We also had stuffed peppers a night!


I got in some good workouts last week, including 2 outside runs and 3 workout classes at the gym…

1) ringside: a boxing inspired class

2) tabata: a full body circuit workout

3) Spinning


We hosted this year, and had my husband’s family, and some of my family over. I didn’t get pictures of our delicious spread, but I got some cute ones of my little one.

It was so nice to have our families here!

That’s all for this update! Have an excellent week, friends!

I’m off to chug some tea.

With love,


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Weekend Wrap Up (Food, Fitness, Christmas Decorating, And a 2nd Thanksgiving)

Hello, friends! Well, now that Thanksgiving is over the countdown to Christmas has begun. I was able to get some of my shopping done (yay for online sales)!!

I feel bigger than ever due to excess amounts of food over break, along with this pregnancy.

Since I was on break, my days are slightly running together, but I’ll do my best to recap…


I woke up, had some coffee, and relaxed until I decided to venture to the gym. I did the elliptical, which was pretty much all I could handle for the day with my back pain!

I got some online shopping done and spent time doing housework, while my husband worked in the yard.

Dinner was leftovers of course!


The day started with online teaching and some coffee.

My back was hurting too bad to go out, so I did yoga at home.

I got quite a bit done on my to-do list. I organized baby presents, talked to the pediatrician, got in touch with our photographer about maternity pictures, and a few more boring, but necessary things.

The evening was filled with Christmas music and decorating with my husband! We had fun and the cats were hilarious playing with everything.

After we decorated, my husband picked up Chinese for us.

We ate while watching tv. What a nice evening!


The day started with coffee and a spin class. It felt good to do cardio, but I took it super easy!

I came home and got ready before heading to my husband’s hometown for his family Thanksgiving! He has a big family and they rent out a big space. We filled up on food, then everyone headed to the gym for basketball. I just watched because I was in pain.

Afterwards, we headed to my husband’s parents to play with the dogs and chat more before heading home.

Dinner was leftover Chinese.

That’s about it for the weekend!

Have a great week, everyone.

With love,


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Thanksgiving And The Start Of My Third Trimester

Hi, everyone! I hope the week treated you well!

Thanksgiving Day marked the beginning of my third trimester. I can’t believe we will be meeting our sweet girl so soon. It is surreal.

As far as how I am feeling…

Well, overall still pretty decent. My back pain ranges from dull, constant pain to severe shooting pains.

It is improving somewhat with my belly band and yoga!

As far as exercise goes, I was able to do a cycle class this week! Yay! I also did an upper body workout and a few barre workouts!

My skin seems to be getting better, too!

Cravings include grilled cheese, peanut butter cups, and fruit snacks LOL

I had the dreaded glucose test this past week.

The drink left me nauseous all day, but overall it wasn’t as bad as I expected! Plus, the results came back great! Baby is doing awesome!

Anyway, yesterday for Thanksgiving, my husband and I went to my mom’s place and had a delicious meal and watched football. It was just the three of us this year, which was nice and relaxing!

On Sunday, we have my husband’s side Thanksgiving, which will be big, so it was nice to spend the holiday the way we did.

Having some time off of work has been nice because I am getting things off of my to-do list! So much to do before Kennedy arrives!

Now off to (maybe) do some Christmas shopping and knock more off of my list!

Have a great weekend, all!

With love,


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Fit Friday-This Week In Food, Fitness, A New Baby,  And Thanksgiving At Our Place

Friday is here…although with the holiday I have had an extra long weekend already. What a wonderful week it has been! Between meeting my niece, cleaning, and hosting Thanksgiving, it has been crazy…but in the best way possible!


My workout after work was the C9 challenge! I take it every week and I can tell I’m getting stronger. It is circuit style with weights and bursts of cardio. 

Dinner was Kodiak Cake pizza and a salad. Simple, yet so tasty!


I woke up flooded with texts and pictures of my brand new niece born late the night before. I knew I had to see her as soon as possible!

My morning workout was a 30 minute stair climber workout. 

After work, I drove to meet ny niece. Luckily, my mom came halfway so I didn’t have to drive the whole thing alone. 

I love this little peanut so much already!!

After spending time with the little one, my mom, brother, and I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s. I love their salad bar. I made a huge salad with chicken and had a bowl of soup. 

I stayed at my mom’s place that night since I didn’t want to drive so late. We watched This Is Us before bed!


I woke up bright and early to get home. My friend and I picked up our packets for the Turkey Trot, then grabbed Starbucks. 

I headed to the gym for a Barre class and it was awesome. It was low impact, but I got a lot out of it. 

The rest of the day was spent deep cleaning and prepping for Thanksgiving!! I did take a break for a nourish bowl. I found this at Kroger and it was super tasty!

My husband and I ran some errands then crashed hard once we got home.


I woke up early and had a cup of coffee before meeting my friends to run the Turkey Trot. It was freezing at the race, and I lost feeling in my feet until almost the end which kind of sucked. We had a lot of fun despite the cold and rewarded ourselves with Starbucks after! 

I love my friends!

After the race, it was time to get ready to host Thanksgiving! We spent hours cooking, and it all payed off. The food was delicious and the company was even better! Wine, food, family, and friends…you can’t beat that. 

After dinner, we cleaned up a bit. My husband’s family stayed the night so we watched a movie before bed. 

It was a wonderful day!


This morning I woke up and used our new coffee grinder  (our housewarming gift from my aunt and uncle) to make some delicious coffee. I plan on taking a workout class and potentially doing some shopping later! We have a big weekend coming up and I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

With love, 


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Weekend Wrap-Up (A Date Night, Girl Time, And A Family Thanksgiving) Plus A B and W Photo Challenge Day 4 and 5

Ahh Sunday evening. I am currently laying on my couch, in front of my fireplace, after a busy day. Seriously it is the best feeling ever! I hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did! 


After work, I came home and got ready for a date night with my husband. We had Bibibop for dinner, then saw Justice League in the comfy theatre with reclining seats. We both loved the movie. 

Purple rice, chicken, corn, kale, carrots and cheese!! I got 3 different sauces on the side because I like variety. 


I slept in until 8:30, which is crazy late for me. I went on a 3 mile run outside to get ready for my Thanksgiving day race in the cold. It felt good and set the tone for my day.

After a shower, I met my best friend for a girl’s day! We got Starbucks, did some shopping, then saw Bad Moms Christmas in the dinner theater. It was a blast!

My meal was amazing. I get this pretty much every time I eat at the movies. It is their grilled chicken quinoa bowl. It has quinoa, chicken, asparagus, tomatoes, grilled onions, feta cheese, and a lemon dressing. Oh so tasty!!

Happy to get out for a day!


I woke up early and had a quick coffee before heading to the grocery store. 

After my shopping, I came home and got ready for family Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. We drove to his home town and enjoyed a full Thanksgiving meal and caught up with everyone. After we ate, we stopped by my husband’s parent’s house to see the pups and hang out a while.

We got home right around 8 and both ate a quick dinner. Now we are relaxing and watching T.V. 

Now to change this up a bit…

If you have seen my past few posts, you know that I was nominated to participate in the black and white photo challenge. 7 days, 7 pictures of your life, no people, no explanations.



I hopeyou guys have a great week! I will be preparing to host Thanksgiving for the first time. Busy busy!!
With love,