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Fit Friday-Stroller Jog, Hill, And Strength Workout

Hello, and happy Friday! I wanted to share a quick workout that I did with K this week. She is a great buddy, and stays busy playing with sticks and leaves. I do have to stop occasionally to give her some attention!

Anyway….let’s get to it.


*5 min jog around the block

*10 step ups on wall or bench (each side), 10 lunges each side, 10 full squats, 10 squat pulses

Repeat × 3

*1 hill jog

*10/10 side leg raises + pulses, 15 calf raises

Repeat × 3

*1 hill jog

*10 incline push-ups, 10 chest pulses, 10 tricep dips

Repeat × 3

*1 hill jog

*Curls with weights to failure, shoulder press to failure

Repeat × 3

*Cool down

It was a nice sweaty workout with my girl!

Disclaimer: This is just what works for me and my body. Please do what is best for you!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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Workout Wednesday-Stroller Barre, Bands, And Hills

Hello, and happy Wednesday, all! My daughter has been fighting her morning nap, but tends to fall asleep in her stroller, so I have been taking advantage of that to get outside and workout. The fresh air is the BEST, and we are soaking it up any chance we get. Today, I did another stroller workout, and added some extra hill runs and bands. It felt so good, and baby K relaxed until she dozed off.


*1/2 mile jog to warmup

*1 hill sprint

*2 rounds of 20 stroller lunges and 20 pulses, 10 squats and 10 pulses, 20 side leg lifts, 20 calf raises

Repeat the run and strength exercises 3 times through.

*Afterwards, I put on the bands for a short burnout round (squats and pulses) until I got tired.

The whole thing took around 35-40 minutes. I walked about 5 minutes at the end to cool down.

Look at K so happy after her stroller nap. Gosh, she is the sweetest!!

That’s all for today, friends! I am off to get get the baby up from her afternoon nap, then head to my grocery pickup.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Stay safe and healthy!

With love,


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Fit Friday-Outside Stroller Workout

Hello all and happy Friday!! I hope you are all staying healthy and sane. With my husband and sister-in-law still working, I definitely get caught up in my anxiety, but am trying my best to stay calm through everything.

I miss seeing my mom often, and am craving some adult time. Luckily, my daughter and I have been having fun, and the weather has been absolutely beautiful!

Yesterday, we were out a lot between the stroller and her big kid car. She likes the car best because she can sit up. Gosh, I love my curly haired cutie!

In the morning, I put her in the stroller for a barre/cardio workout. She napped for most of it. It was perfect, and a great change of pace from just running. Plus, the fresh air gave me extra motivation. I found a workout online and changed it up a bit.


*Half (ish) mile run

*1 hill jog

*20 squats + 20 lunges (10 each side) -5 times through both excercises

I repeated everything 3 times, I just switched up the leg excercises!

OTHER LEG EXERCISES: Side leg lifts, calf raises, leg pulses, squat jumps

The whole thing took me around 40 minutes. It felt SO good. I hope to do this style a lot now that the weather is getting nicer.

This weekend is calling for rain and storms, but we are hoping to get outside in between.

Have a great weekend!

With love,