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Weekend Wrap-Up (Food, Fitness, Friends, And Shopping)

Hi, everyone!! How was your weekend? This post is a day later than usual, plus I’m behind on reading everyone’s blog posts. I blame the Handmaid’s Tale for sucking me in and making me binge watch it every free minute I have haha!

Anyway, since I finally turned off my show, here’s the weekend recap!


I literally had a whole bunch of sweet potato fries with fancy sauce for dinner.

I snacked some after while my husband and I watched tv.


The day started with an express gluteus maxout at my gym. It is only 30 minutes, but so effective!

Afterwards, I picked up my husband so that we could go to lunch at Chipotle. I had veggie tacos and topped them with guacamole! Yum!!

After lunch, I came home and watched TV until my husband remembered to tell me that his friends were coming to stay with us. I had to rush around to clean which stressed me out a bit, but I got it all done.

For dinner, I had whole wheat fish sticks, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and sweet potato fries! It was delicious!!

My husband’s friends showed up around 8 and we took them to Sonic because they were hungry. After they ate, we went to a car show that my city puts on each year. It was fun seeing so many awesome cars.

It started getting late and I was exhausted so we came home and went to bed.


We woke up super early because my husband’s shop had a car race they they were putting on. I didn’t go because I haven’t been able to handle the heat and it is a full day event.

When my husband and his friends left for the race I watched some TV, then took a walk. My mom came and spent the day with me which was so nice! We went shopping and just hung out.

Our post shopping tea!

After shopping, we rented I Tonya which was a really good movie!

For dinner, I had mac and cheese with a flip yogurt.

My husband got home late so we went straight to bed!

It was a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts!

With love,


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A Holiday Filled Weekend 

Hello, all! I hope your weekend was awesome. Mine was great. Here is my recap!


After work, I came home and sat my butt on the couch until my hubs came home. My chest cold was really working on me, so being lazy sounded great. For dinner, I made an onion chicken burger with cheese and guacamole, nut thins, and a side of couscous. It was super tasty!

After I ate, my husband and I rented a movie  (which I slept through 90 percent).


I woke up to the first snow of the season! It was fun to see the snow, while enjoying my fireplace, coffee, and Christmas decorations. 

We moved slow that morning; watching a movie and just chilling out with our kitties. It was lovely!

I was feeling better, so I went to a mid day spin class. It was tough, but fun and energizing. 

After class, I picked up lunch at Jersey Mike’s subs. 

After lunch, we spent some time cleaning before having a drink and making our gingerbread house. 

One of my favorite traditions!

We also enjoyed the snow and even took our cat to test it out. 

He didn’t know what to think of it!

We made pizza and salad for dinner, then rented a movie before bed.

My pizza was made with Kodiak Cake mix (super healthy and full of protein) and greek yogurt. 


I took a morning yoga class to loosen me up. It felt amazing! After class, I met my mom for lunch and a full day of Christmas shopping. It was fun spending the day with her! I bought so many presents, and now I  am almost done! Yay!! 

Sweet potato and turkey hash from Northstar Cafe! SO GOOD!!! 

Now that I am home, we are going to wrap presents and make some dinner! 

And it’s on to another week…

Have a great one, everyone!

With love,