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Food, Fitness, And Friday Favorites

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I sure do miss getting out, just the store, gym class with baby K, wine dates with friends, or a random Starbucks trip. I do feel so lucky to be home with my beautiful baby girl every day. She gets me through, that’s for sure.

Her personality shines, and she is a constant reminder of just how blessed we are.

This week has been pretty chilly, so most days have been spent inside. Today, however, is beautiful! Baby and I took a jog this morning and plan on getting back out after her nap.

Let’s talk favorites this week…


*Tiger King: we finally jumped on the band wagon and oh my gosh what a crazy show! We binged it in a couple nights after K went to bed.

*Outer Banks: We are loving this show! I have been going to the Outer Banks every year for over 20 years, so that makes it even more fun to watch.

*Nailed It: This show is absolutely hilarious and makes me forget my worries.

Please share your favorites! I love suggestions.


Veggie burgers, taco cups, wheat crust pizza, and a basil burrito from Northstar Cafe. YUM!


Bands, my new kettlebells, elliptical, hiit videos, and stroller jogs!


*True Crime podcasts

*My library book app for Kindle

Well, friends! That’s all I have for today. I hope you have an excellent weekend.

With love,


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Self-Care Sunday (A Weekend Of Dates, A Spa Day, A Wedding, Food, And Fitness)

Hello, everyone! Well, the weekend is coming to an end, and I hope you all had a great one. I have had a lovely weekend, and spent some time to myself, time with my husband, friends, and sweet baby. As a mom, I tend to spend all day focusing on my family and forget to relax and take care of myself. I am so glad I was able to center myself a bit.

Let’s recap, shall we??


After I got the baby down and ate a quick bite to eat, my husband and I were able to have a date night to the movies! My mother-in-law and I had plans the next day, so she stayed at our house and kept an eye on the monitor.

It was fun to get pop and popcorn while sitting in reclining chairs, and just relax together. It has been so long and we had so much fun! We saw Toy Story 4 because I just adore those movies, and it did not disappoint.


I finally got to cash in my Mother’s Day present from my husband. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I all went to Woodhouse Day Spa for a spa day. My mom was supposed to come, but unfortunately had to go to a funeral. I missed her!

I picked up Starbucks and brought it to the spa! They put us in the “quiet room” after getting our robes on. It had drinks and snacks!

We chatted while we waited for our services to start. I started with a swedish massage and it was so relaxing.

Afterwards, we met back in the room before our next service. I was called for my facial and it was so amazing! I had never had one, but oh my gosh it felt so good. They even massaged my neck, shoulders, arms and hands. My face felt so fresh afterwards.

Next up, we got our pedicures. I chose a pink since it is summer. We got a warm neck wrap and sat in massage chairs. It was perfect.

We ended our spa day back in the quiet room.

We left feeling amazing!

When I got home, I scooped my sweet baby up because I miss her every time I’m not home haha.

My husband and I had lunch, then fed and bathed the baby. She is splashing and playing so much in the tub now. It is hilarious and precious!

Once we got her down for a nap, I started getting ready because we had a wedding that evening.

My mom came to babysit, and we left around 4:30. It was a gorgeous day for a wedding!!

The ceremony was beautiful and they wrote their own vows. So sweet!!

After the ceremony, we had drinks and appetizers. They were super tasty!

Dinner was family style and it all was great! They had short ribs, chicken, vegetables, potatoes and salad!

We danced (especially my work bestie and I), drank, and just had fun being out for the night.

We got home around 10:45 and went to bed. Well, I layed in bed, but was up half the night because I had pop with caffeine at the wedding. Ughhh! It was so annoying!!


My mom got us Starbucks in the morning while I pumped.

We relaxed a bit, then went to the grocery store.

My mom left after shopping, and I went out for a 3 mile run. I was tired and it was hot, but I’m glad I did it!

The rest of the day was spent playing with my girl until she went down for bed.

We are now catching up on Masterchef and hopefully getting a good night of sleep!

That’s all for this recap. Have a great week, everyone!

With love,


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A Taste Of Spring, A Day Off, A Night With Friends, Tasty Food, And A Week Of Fitness

Hello and happy Friday, all! I have had a pretty good week, minus feeling exhausted at work. Between the tasty food, new workouts, one stunning day, and a day off, I sure can’t complain.

Here’s the recap:


Due to President’s Day, I had the day off of work. I took advantage of sleeping in and utilizing the time to clean, fold laundry, get in a great upper body lifting workout, get an oil change (thanks hubby), and shop with my mom!

As for this day in food….

For lunch, I had a chicken and couscous bowl from the cafe at my gym. It was delicious! I also had banana bread when I got home.

Dinner was grilled cheese and minestrone soup!

After dinner, we watched the Bachelor before bed!


The day was absolutely beautiful outside!! It got up to 74 degrees, which made me so excited for spring weather!

After work, I went over to the reservoir by my house for a run. It was so nice!

After my run, my husband and I got ready and went to our friend’s house for dinner. They made jambalaya with garlic bread. It was delicious!!!!

Also, they have a super cute puppy who just loves me.

We got home pretty late and went straight to bed.


I decided to try a new workout class before work, and I’m so glad I did! It was a tabata class and only a half hour, but so intense. It was 20 seconds all out, 10 seconds rest of a bunch of different excercises. I will be doing it again for sure.

Dinner was a turkey burger with avacado and coconut oil fried plantain!


I started the morning with a spin class. It was a good one, but I sure was tired.

After work, I took a nap before making dinner. Grilled cheese and leftover minestrone soup…

I’m a kid at heart.

I fell asleep early on the couch!


I started the morning with my gluteus maxout class and it was great as always.

I grabbed Starbucks before work.

I have a busy weekend ahead, but it should be fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day and weekend!

With love,


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Unexpected Motivation

Hi and happy Monday, everyone! We are officially back from vacation #1. We had a wonderful time, but it sure feels great to be home. We leave Next Monday for another family vacation (this time with my side). On our way home from the lake we stopped for lunch at a nice rest stop, and of course I had to get Starbucks! A week without it was long enough.

My lunch was a spinach feta wrap, salt and vinegar kettle chips, and a coffee with soy milk. SO good. 20170703_084307

My husband’s not so healthy lunch. I had to take a couple of onion rings, you know, just to make sure they tasted okay. haha!


When we got home, we did some unpacking and catching up on our TV shows, thanks to DVR.

Our cats were thrilled to have us home! They haven’t left my side and I just love them SO much! My sweet babies have some attachment issues.

Yesterday was all about getting back on track and house work! I started the morning with coffee, cat cuddles, and protein waffles. 20170703_084412

Next, I went to the dam near my house for a stair workout (which always kicks my butt). I needed a good workout after a week of relaxing, eating, and drinking. I realized my motivation was lacking after a couple times up the stairs. It was so hot and I wanted to quit. Then, out of nowhere, came some unexpected motivation. A man stopped me, and we began talking. He had been walking the stairs as I was running them. He told me that he had broken his hip and since recovering he wanted to come back and give his all plus some. His drive and willingness to work so hard after an injury pushed me in ways I can’t even explain. He was motivation to me, and it just made my day. I finished my workout and felt great the rest of the day. So THANK YOU, sir, for your hard work, and helping push me through the pain. You are awesome!

*I ran 105 stairs, 10 times through.


After my workout, I came home and had lunch. Then my husband and I worked on our house all day (we organized, deep cleaned, stained trim, and took care of the flowers). Yay for being productive!

Stay motivated, friends!

With love,



Stairs and Scenery Workout 

Hi, everyone!! I hope you are having a great week. I just have to make it to 3:00, and then it is officially break from work! Talk about the perks of teaching! I also have happy hour planned. A magarita in the sunshine sounds amazing! 

Yesterday after work I knew I wanted to do an outdoor workout. The weather was ideal: 60’s and breezy. I luck out living near trails and Hoover dam (Ohio). I went over to Hoover to run stairs and let me tell you, they are steep. I always get a kick-butt workout there! On top of that, the scenery is beautiful and the dam is full of families and dogs. It makes me feel at peace being surrounded by the beauty and happiness. There is no better way to clear my head. 

I wanted to share my workout with you guys! 

Would you look at those stairs!!

To start my workout,  I jogged at the top for about a half mile.

Next, I sprinted up the stairs, and jogged down 10 times. 10 painful, heart pumping times.

Last, I jogged half a mile before a short walk (while enjoying the view) to cool down.

Some other ideas:

  • Jog in between sets of stairs
  • At the bottom of the stairs add burpees, jumps, pushups, etc.
  • Jump squats up the stairs

The beautiful view!! 

I hope you can get outside for some fun workouts this spring/summer. 

Have a great rest of your day!! 

With love,