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Food, Fitness, And An Anxious Mamma

Hello, all! Happy Friday!! Do you have any fun weekend plans? We are hoping to go to “Boo At The Zoo” on Sunday because the weather is going to be nice! Baby K and I have coordinating outfits!

Any other GOT fans out there?


Let’s talk ANXIETY:

I have struggled with anxiety for a long time. After my dad passed away it peaked, but I coped with yoga, prayer, deep breathing, and medication (for a little while).

I was doing awesome, then I had a baby. I do well when I am with her, but the second I am away from her I feel the anxiety rise. We both are extremely attached to each other.

Isn’t she so sweet?

I left her with her grandma on Thursday because I had a commitment out of town. It was only a few hours, but I struggled initially. But of course, everything was fine. I had a great time celebrating my best friend’s birthday, and baby K got quality time with her grandma. I need to do this more often for the both of us!


Banza chickpea pasta with meat sauce! It was so good. I have really taken to this pasta!

Veggie pizza and salad! This tasted so good, despite setting the fire alarm off haha.

Garlic pasta and chicken with veggies!


*3 Mile run

*Long walks with baby

*Fitness Blender: Spartan 500 workout (can be found of YouTube)

*Barre Video

*Spin class

*The elliptical

It was a great week of workouts!

Well, that’s about it for this update. Have a wwonderful weekend, everyone!

With love,


fitness, food, foodie, health, healthy, motherhood, motivation, workout

Fit Friday-This Week In Food, Fitness And Motherhood

Hello, friends! Happy Friday! Do you have any fun weekend plans? We are taking baby K to the pumpkin patch on Sunday, and I’m so excited.

I truly can’t get over how amazing our daughter is. Being able to stay home with her is such a gift, and I love it SO much. She makes me laugh constantly, and I try to cherish each moment because she is growing so quickly.

She is making strides in her Bugs class, and I adore seeing her interact with the other babies.

Yes, we have matching shirts for daddy’s work!

I struggle doing things for myself, and have noticed an increase in my anxiety when I am away from her. I know this is unhealthy, and it is something I am working on.

I was able to get out and have dinner with a girlfriend this week, and it was so good for me! I plan on seeing her more often, as I miss working alongside of her every day.

Let’s talk food favorites this week…

Strawberry poppyseed salad with rotisserie chicken!

Stuffed peppers over a salad with an English Muffin.

Pizza from Northstar Cafe. It had a white sauce and was topped with a salad. So different and delicious! Plus, the company was even better!

I also had edamame pasta with chicken a night.

Fitness this week…

*3 mile stroller jogs with baby (I did this on Monday & Wednesday). Our morning weather has been absolutely lovely and we love the fresh air!

*Barre workout at home on Tuesday.

*Spin Class on Thursday.

*Lower body hiit workout at home this morning.

Before I go….

I just have to share this because it is so cool! My sister-in-law was in the front row of the America’s Got Talent finale. I took this picture from the tv of her behind Howie Mandel! She said it was awesome.

Well, that’s about all for this update. Have a great weekend!

With love,


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Let’s Have A Mid-Week Coffee Date

Hi, all! Happy hump day!! I am sitting here enjoying a (third) cup of coffee while the little one naps. My breastfeeding/pumping journey has officially ended, and my coffee consumption is back to an all time high.

I wanted to update you all with life lately, and what better way to do that than with coffee? Haha!

Let’s begin…


We took baby on our annual apple picking date and had a blast with her.

Comparison to her in my belly to her now!

Baby has been thriving in her bugs class, and stood up by herself (while holding onto the bars) yesterday. My 7 month old is a rockstar!!

She sleeps like a champ, and I am proud of our consistent bedtime routine.

She laughs constantly, and knows when she is being funny. I seriously adore this kid more than anything!

I could continue all day, but let’s move on.


The beginning baby stage was hard, as my husband and I were exhausted and figuring this parent thing out, but now that things have settled, I love him even more than I did on our wedding day. He is the best dad, husband, and provider I could ever ask for.

He always tells me that I’m beautiful (even when I am covered in vomit). Haha! These two love each other so much. Oh my heart!

We haven’t been out on a date in a while, but we do incorporate date nights at home. These include movies, board games, and cooking dates (we have had a blast with our Blue Apron and Hello Fresh meals).

That being said, our anniversary is coming up in October and we are planning on a fun night out!


We leave in a couple weeks for North Carolina, and I am so excited for the baby to see the ocean for the first time.

I have a slight ping of sadness, as we visit the Outer Banks, and hurricane Dorian hit hard this year.


Since having the little one, I can’t get to the gym like I used to, so I have to get creative at home.

I love running the baby outside! She gets to look around, and I get cardio and arm work pushing the stroller.

I also take advantage of the tons of YouTube videos (HIIT workouts, pure barre, etc.)

Carrying my little around all day is a workout itself!


Today is my sweet Maverick’s “gottya day.” We have had this little one for 5 years!

Last, but certainly not least, I am reflecting on this day 18 years ago. I was only in the 8th grade, but remember that day vividly. What a reminder to hug our loved ones a little tighter.

That’s about all for this coffee date, friends! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

With love,


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Food, Fitness, Motherhood, And A 7 Month Baby Update

Hi, all! Happy Saturday!! I’m sitting here enjoying a pumpkin muffin and drinking coffee before the crew wakes up.

Guys….my little baby will be 7 months old on Monday! I have noticed SO much growth in her this past month, and she is more fun each day.

Month 6 to 7:

*Loves hearing herself scream

*Yells “maaaa”

*Loves her cats

*Sits like a champ

*Drools constantly, and puts everything in her mouth

*Laughs all the time

*Is making friends at Bugs class

*Holds tight to mom and dad when new people are around

Goshhh, I love this child of ours.

I have a great routine down with her, and finally feel like I am figuring this “mom” thing out!

It is important for me to eat well and workout, but not beat myself up if I fall off track. It’s all about balance, and teaching my daughter to love herself.

This week in FITNESS:

TUESDAY: My work bestie and I took a hip hop class and it was a BLAST. I’m a terrible dancer, but we just had fun with it.

WEDNESDAY: 3 mile run

TTHURSDAY: Spinning at the gym

FRIDAY: Hiit workout video and a jog/walk with baby

This week in FOOD:

Edamame spaghetti! It had an interesting taste, but I enjoyed it a lot. We had a spicy sauce with lean ground beef. Yum!

Pork over salad with a white sweet potato on the side.

Whole Foods salad bar when my mom was in town.

The rest of our meals weren’t picture worthy haha!

This weekend, and upcoming week, we will be getting two Blue Apron meals, and two Hello Fresh meals. My brother uses both, and sent me free meals. I’m SO EXCITED!!! I will do a post comparing them.

Now I am off to get the rest of this weekend going.

Have a great one, all!

With love,


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Food, Fitness, And Motherhood

Hello, all!! Happy Friday! The baby is down for a nap, the house is clean, laundry is folded and put away, and this mamma is finally sitting and watching Friends reruns. Typically, I don’t have time to do this, but it sure feels good!

Let’s start this post with some tasty food and fitness from this week…


My mom came over on Monday and baby and I enjoyed spending the day with her! I snuck out for a 3 mile run while she played with the baby. It was drizzling, but I loved the cooler weather. I am SO ready for Fall!!

We went to lunch at Whole Foods and enjoyed the salad bar.

It was delicious as always! We did some shopping afterwards before coming back to my place.

My husband and I made stir fry for dinner. We all ate and watched Bachelor In Paradise.


My workout for the day was barre arms and 15 minutes on the elliptical!

It was too rainy to get out for stroller walks, but we did run to Kroger just to get out for a little.

Lunch was a stuffed avacado and it was so yummy!

When my husband got home, I made spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner!


My workout was a HIIT video from YouTube! I love that I can get a good workout completed at home.

Baby and I also took about 3 stroller walks. Our weather was amazing and we both enjoyed getting outside so much!

Dinner was salmon made in the cast iron skillet and a salad.


I woke up before my online teaching and went to the gym for a spin class. This one in particular uses weights to add in some arm work. I love it!

Thursday was full of more stroller walks and tons of cleaning while she napped!

Baby K also had her Bugs class. It is a mommy and me gym class and we have such a blast!

The class does different excercises to get baby moving including rolls, parachutes, the bars, whindmill pushes, balance beam (while mom holds them up), and free play with balls, rattles, and the other babies. The instructor also blows bubbles which is a huge hit!

Dinner was pork over a salad! Yum!!


This morning I did a HIIT leg workout once I was done online teaching and baby was down for a nap!

We also have had a stroller walk and hope to get another one in later.

That’s about all for this update!

Have an awesome weekend!

With love,