Incline Treadmill Workout 

Good morning and happy Monday!! I feel more rested today than I did all weekend. We worked on our new house non stop Friday to Sunday. I was terribly sick most of last week so I wasn’t able to work out like I typically do. This morning I needed to sweat. We have a treadmill at our apartment which is more convenient than going to the gym every day, so I did an incline workout that left me breathless. It felt so good. I knew I wanted to share this one with you all.

  • Do at least a 5 min warmup (jog, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, etc)
  • Run a mile at a steady pace
  • After your mile, turn the incline all the way up (or as high as you can safely handle)
  • Jog or run .10 of a mile,  walk .10 of a mile, then turn the incline down and repeat until your incline reaches 1 or 2
  • Cool down

This was a fun, but very hard workout for me. I have always struggled running hills, but that makes it even more motivating! Make sure to only do the incline and speeds that you feel comfortable doing! 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! It was a great way to start my Monday!! Stay motivated! 

With love,