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Let’s Have A Coffee Date

Hello, and happy hump day! It sure feels nice to sit back and write. Life has been a whirlwind lately, and I feel like I am finally getting a chance to take a step back and relax…even just a little.

On that note, I am going to enjoy my nitro cold brew with sweet cream from Starbucks while I fill you in on everything.


We just put our current house up for sale, but spent weeks finishing projects, organizing, and working all hours of the night. My husband truly has been amazing. He never complains and works harder than most people I know. He comes home from a very physically demanding job, loves on our toddler, and gets to work on the house. We have had help from our families, too! We are so blessed.


They started digging on our new home and it is projected to be completed by November. To say I am excited is a huge understatement!


K keeps us so busy! She seriously is a blast and I adore her sweet personality. We try to get outside as much as possible. We walk, play in her water table, and now her splash pad.

She loves to read books, run around the house, play with toys, and get into anything she shouldn’t be in haha.


K keeps me very active! Most days, I take her out jogging or do stroller barre workouts. I like to add in my kettlebells and bands, too!


Some favorites recently:

Chicken sausage and sweet potato skillet over rice! This is a favorite around here. I will post a recipe soon!

Deep dish Chicago style pizza that was sent to us!! Yum!

A delicious power bowl from the enlightened menu at BJ’s. SO GOOD!

Chipotle! I try to keep my bowl as healthy as possible. So tasty!


*We started watched Down To Earth with Zac Efron and it is awesome.

*I am currently reading the second Harry Potter book.

*I have been listening to 3 podcasts, all true crime: My Favorite Murder, Crime Junkie, and Dateline

I think that is about all for this update! Showings on our house start this weekend….wish us luck!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

With love,


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Weekend Catch-Up (food, fitness, family, and projects)

Hello, all! I am finally getting to my weekend post. Ours was incredibly busy, as we didn’t stop going until bedtime Sunday evening. Plus, I am officially back to work, making life extra busy.

Anyway, this past weekend, my husband’s family came to help us do some huge house projects that we have put off for far too long. With baby coming, there is lots to do!

Plus, we wanted things finished because we are having people over this upcoming weekend for our gender reveal.

Onto the recap:


The day started early for me, as I had to teach online! When I finished, my brother-in-law arrived and we chatted a while before I went to the gym for a gluteus maxout class. My husband and brother-in-law ran errands and we all met up at home.

When I got home, my mother-in-law and father-in-law arrived and it was time to get to work.

The boys started the task of putting in our oak railing, while my mother-in-law and I ran tons of errands.

The boys only took a break for dinner. Stuffed salmon, an asian salad kit, and pineapple. It was delicious!

A before picture!

After dinner, they got back to work until bedtime.


We started the day with a tasty breakfast made by my brother-in-law! Then it was back to work for the boys, and more errands for the girls (plus lots of cleaning).

Lunch was ham and cheese sliders and oh my gosh they were AMAZING.

The rest of the day was spent (nearly) finishing the railing, installing our new dishwasher, and putting in a new mailbox!

My husband still has to finish staining the spindles, but I am in love with it!

Dinner was grilled chicken and air fried sweet potato wedges. Yum!!

Once everyone left, I took a shower and we watched a show in bed before crashing hard.

I am so thankful for my in-laws and all of the help they gave us!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

With love,


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House Projects, Tasty Food, And A Date Night

Hey there, everyone! The weekend is winding down and I hope you had a great one. Ours was filled with house projects, but we managed to squeeze in a date night.


The day started with coffee, breakfast, and a workout (which I will share in a separate post because it’s a good one).

When I got home, we spent the day working on our house. Stair stripping, pantry painting, curtain hanging, cleaning and yard work. Riveting stuff, I know haha! But it is SO exciting for us! Our house feels more homey with every project we accomplish. 

Shout out to my husband who works his butt off all day and still spends his weekends on projects. He never complains and I am beyond lucky to have this sweet handyman! 

After house work and a shower we decided to get out of the house and have a date night. We had movie credits so we went to dinner at Northstar Cafe, then saw the new Planet Of The Apes. We had so much fun.


After coffee and breakfast, I went to church. After church I made an egg, turkey bacon and cheese foldover with plantain chips for lunch. 

So tasty. 

Next was SO. MUCH. HOUSE. WORK. 

My finished pantry!! It was white and I painted it to match our cabinets. The assembly portion was all my husband!

We continued our projects and worked until we wanted dinner. Dinner was bomb!! Chicken legs and baked pickles wrapped in turkey bacon. 

Before baking!

My plate! 

Now off for a little relaxing before bed! 

Have a great night!

With love,