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A Fit Mamma And Baby Update

Hello, all! I feel like I have been so sporadic with my writing because I have been so busy. Ever since my sweet girl turned one her schedule has changed so much. I fear that she has already dropped to one nap, and she is everywhere! Gosh, isn’t she so cute though?? I tried on her new swimsuit and hat. We are ready for warm weather.

She is getting molars, and I hate seeing her in pain. I do have teething oil and chew toys! One night we had to use tylenol because it was so bad. She is full of energy, and learns new things each day. My favorite thing is that she growls at the jaguar in her animal book. She really is the best baby!!


I have been doing my best to stay healthy, and continue having balance in my life. On Friday, I got to go out for a glass of wine with my bestie from my old job! It was much needed. I love every time we get together. I am on constant mom dudy (which I love), but time with friends is so important.

My little family got out on a walk yesterday, which was so nice! It was chilly, but very sunny. The baby loved looking around, and my husband and I enjoyed chatting.

Hubs and I rented Rocketman after the baby went to bed last night. We both really enjoyed it!!


I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures this past week, but here are a couple dinners!

Roast (I put mine on a sandwich thin) with potatoes and carrots.

Chickpea pasta with meat sauce!


*I got out for a run this week because we had a day of mild weather! It felt so good!!




*Upper body RX class

Today, we are planning going out to breakfast as a family! I’m so excited. I also need to grocery shop and get some cleaning done.

I am off to finish my coffee before the baby gets up.

Have a wonderful day!

With love,


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Valentine’s Day and Baby’s “Sweet One” Birthday Party

Hello, all! Another weekend flew by. Ours was busy, but wonderful and full of love.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Valentine’s Day

My husband and I had a rare date night! We wanted to do dinner and a movie, but all the movies were sold out. We ended up just doing dinner and taking our time. We went to Northstar Cafe, and enjoyed eating and catching up. We had a wonderful time together!

I had a delicious margarita and the Thai burrito with broccoli and peanut sauce.

We need to have dates more often. I had missed this!

When we got home, we watched Dateline NBC with my mom and nephew (aka the awesome babysitters)!


I got up early and had some coffee with my mom. She did some last minute errands for the party, and I cashed in my Valentine’s present (a blowout for my hair)!

After baby’s morning nap, we all got ready and headed to Peapod Play Cafe for her party! The theme was “Sweet One.” The cafe was a perfect place for adults and littles. They have a huge, safe play area for the kids, and the cafe area is great, too!

For food, we had pizza, mac cheese, fruit, salad, and Duck Donuts. I thought we would have too much, but almost everything was eaten! Our turn out was fantastic, and baby K had so many friends to play with.

Baby K had a donut outfit that said “Whatever sprinkles your donuts.” Brad and I had “Donut Squad” shirts!

Friends from Bugs class!

My sweet girl!

Baby loved her healthy, mom-approved, smash donut!

After the party, we came home and let her open gifts before her nap!

The rest of the day was spent with family. My sister-in-law moved in with us, as she got a job where we live and needs a place to stay until she gets an apartment.

I fell asleep early on the couch. The day was great, but exhausting!

HUGE shoutout to my mom for all of her help with the party. I couldn’t have pulled it off without her.


The day started with coffee and play time with baby K.

My husband did tons of organizing, which we have been needing to do for so long!

I was able to get to the gym for a full body lifting workout, and to the grocery store to stock up for the week.

Dinner was so good! My mom bought us tons of chicken sausages, so we decided to make a skillet meal using them, peppers, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and lots of seasoning.

I went into the bedroom early and watched TV in bed.

This week, I need to clean, organize clothes, and work on baby K’s baby book.

I hope you a had a great weekend!

With love,


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Fit Friday-Busy Mom Edition

Hello, and happy Friday! Tonight, my husband and I are going out for Valentine’s Day and I am so excited to spend some time together outside of the house!

We have baby K’s “Sweet One” birthday party tomorrow, and this mamma has been busy getting ready for it! Thank heavens for my mom and all of her help! I love planning and parties, but it can be exhausting.

Baby K has decided that she doesn’t always need naps now that she is one, which is making it hard to get things done around here. I have managed to clean the house in record time haha. Good thing she is adorable!

My sister-in-law is moving in with us for a bit until she finds an apartment. She got a job by us, and starts Monday.

I am ready for things to settle a bit.

Anyway, let’s talk FOOD FAVORITES THIS WEEK:

My mom came over Monday, and we got the salad bar from Whole Foods! They have the best options!!

We have had some snow and super cold weather, so we had grilled cheese and tomato basil soup. It was delicious!

Thin crust bbq chicken pizza! Yum!!



*HIIT workout video (Fitness Blender on YouTube)




*Baby K is having fun in her new gym class. She has moved up to “Birds” and the class is busy and fun!

*I am SO ready for spring and warmer weather. K and I want to get outside!

Well, that’s about all for this update! I have lots of blogs to catch up on. Have a great weekend, all!

With love,


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Food, Fitness, Motherhood, And An Almost 1 Year Old

Hello, all! Happy Sunday! I just spilled coffee all over myself, so let’s hope that is the only setback today haha.

I haven’t updated in a while because things have been crazy. One week from today baby K will be a year old! She is crawling all over the place, and has SO much energy. She is an absolute blast, but my-oh-my this mamma is tired!She learned the “p” sound, and laughs every time she does it. It is so stinking cute! She still says “dad” and “hey” all the time. She knows to point to our noses when asked where they are. She is so smart!

Her birthday party is in two weeks, and we are doing a “sweet one” theme! I am SO excited! It literally is all things donut. She has a donut outfit, and my husband and I have donut shirts. She will be doing a smash donut that I am making instead of a cake. I decided to make it healthy because I am not ready to give her all that sugar!

As far as workouts go, I have been trying to switch up my at-home ones. I need variety, and found that I can utilize what I have to do new things. The other day, I did a 30 minute workout where I did one minute hard on the elliptical, and 2 minutes light weighs. I rotated that until my 30 minutes was up. It made it go so fast!!

I also utilize YouTube! My favorite fitness channel is Fintess Blender. I use them for home and gym workouts!

I still LOVE my classes at the gym, and try to go as often as I can.
This week has been some staples, like spaghetti with meat sauce and loaded salads, but also some fun foods…

One night was Bibibop Asian Grill! My best friend had a hair appointment in town and came over, so we had our bowls for dinner and chatted! It was wonderful!
We pulled out the air fryer one night for chicken legs and sweet potatoe fries! Yum!!
Since tonight is the Superbowl, my husband wants a lot of fried food haha. I will have some of that, but not too much or I will be sick.


*My husband and I are finally going out on a date on Valentine’s Day! It has been so long and I can’t wait to have some time just the two of us.

*We keep getting glimpses of warmer weather and I can’t wait to get out of the house more with baby K!!

Okay, all…this post has taken me half the day in true mom fashion. Lol!!
Have a wonderful week ahead!

With love,


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A Fit Mamma And Baby Update

Hello, and happy Friday everyone!

Each day is another day closer to baby K turing one year old. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. She is the absolute best kid ever! She loves making silly faces, eats everything, gives hugs and kisses, sleeps well, enjoys all the kids in Bugs class, and continues to melt our hearts daily. She is super chatty and loves to say “dad.” She has 3 teeth and tries to bite everything. Haha. She is so loved!


I try to get to the gym some mornings, weekends, and anytime that my mom visits. This week (and past weekend) I have gone to spinning, taken a lifting class, and did a hiit treadmill workout at the gym.

At home, I did barre, the elliptical, and yoga.

Working out has always been such a great outlet for me, but it is important to take a day off to rest as well. Each Sunday I let my body recover.


I haven’t posted in a while, so going back to last weekend…

On Saturday, my little family went to brunch at Northstar Cafe. It was so fun, and baby K was such a ham with all of the people. I had a ham and cheese scone, eggs, and a shooting star juice. Baby K had eggs and a few bites of my scone (which she loved and made her dance) hahaha. My husband had biscuits and gravy! Yum!!

On Sunday, I had brunch with some girlfriends at 101 Beer Kitchen, and oh my gosh my food was amazing. I had avacado toast with a beet spread, poached eggs, and balsamic.

As far as dinners go this week, we have had chicken, pasta, and stuffed peppers.

Wednesday evening, I went to dinner with a mom from Bugs class. We went to Northstar Cafe, and I got the thai burrito with broccoli and peanut sauce. It was amazing!

This was our first time hanging out outside of Bugs, and we had such a fun time. We talked for 2 hours, and probably could have stayed longer! It isn’t always easy making friends as an adult, but I am so glad I branched out!


This weekend will be full of family time and cleaning!

That’s all for this update! I hope you all have a great weekend.

With love,