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Our Beach Vacation-Outer Banks, North Carolina

Hello, friends! After a long, crazy drive yesterday, we made it home from North Carolina. Our vacation with my family was so much fun! I am glad to be home with my kitties though. They gave us the best greetings last night!

We had a beautiful week! The weather was gorgeous, and we enjoyed plenty of beach time. Our house was adorable and only a short walk (maybe 2 minutes) to the beach.

Some activites we did included:

Shopping in Manteo (which is the cutest little town)…

Visiting the Bodie lighthouse:

A big dinner night at Rundown Cafe:

And lots of beach hangs…

How stinking cute is my niece?!

We ate some delicious food:

And I had a tasty virgin pina colada….

I had some lovely beach runs, did a beach yoga class with my sister in law, and went for a mile swim!

Most of all, I enjoyed the time with my family! I am so blessed.

Now it is back to reality!

Enjoy your Sunday!

With love,


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Weekend Wrap-Up (Food, Fitness, Friends, And Shopping)

Hi, everyone!! How was your weekend? This post is a day later than usual, plus I’m behind on reading everyone’s blog posts. I blame the Handmaid’s Tale for sucking me in and making me binge watch it every free minute I have haha!

Anyway, since I finally turned off my show, here’s the weekend recap!


I literally had a whole bunch of sweet potato fries with fancy sauce for dinner.

I snacked some after while my husband and I watched tv.


The day started with an express gluteus maxout at my gym. It is only 30 minutes, but so effective!

Afterwards, I picked up my husband so that we could go to lunch at Chipotle. I had veggie tacos and topped them with guacamole! Yum!!

After lunch, I came home and watched TV until my husband remembered to tell me that his friends were coming to stay with us. I had to rush around to clean which stressed me out a bit, but I got it all done.

For dinner, I had whole wheat fish sticks, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and sweet potato fries! It was delicious!!

My husband’s friends showed up around 8 and we took them to Sonic because they were hungry. After they ate, we went to a car show that my city puts on each year. It was fun seeing so many awesome cars.

It started getting late and I was exhausted so we came home and went to bed.


We woke up super early because my husband’s shop had a car race they they were putting on. I didn’t go because I haven’t been able to handle the heat and it is a full day event.

When my husband and his friends left for the race I watched some TV, then took a walk. My mom came and spent the day with me which was so nice! We went shopping and just hung out.

Our post shopping tea!

After shopping, we rented I Tonya which was a really good movie!

For dinner, I had mac and cheese with a flip yogurt.

My husband got home late so we went straight to bed!

It was a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts!

With love,


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Our Vacation-Gun Lake, Michigan

Hello, all! We are officially back from vacation #1 (as of yesterday). Despite a minor setback on the way, aka waiting for AAA for 5 hours, we had a fun time. This vacation was with my husband’s family and we go every year. We get cabins and enjoy a week relaxing at the lake.

First, let’s talk food…

We had Chipotle on the way and ate until we were stuffed.

Some food we ate at the lake….

My random eggs, olives, and corn…haha

Yogurt, almond butter and granola while watching the husband fish.

Our one big night out! We went to a brew pup and I got a turkey pita sandwich with apple chutney. I also had soup and cottage cheese.

When we got home yesterday we picked up Fazolis for dinner. I wanted pasta and bread. I was not disappointed.

Next up, some of the lake games we played…

Yard pong!

The voting game…

Bad People (the dirty version of the voting game). I thought mine were so funny!

We also had some fun on the water! We went jetskiing, boating, and spent a day at “party island” where we played water volleyball and other fun games.

Pictures from our evening out…

I also managed some workouts! Most days I ran around the lake, which was beautiful! I also did one workout video and took a couple days off. It’s all about balance!

We had a wonderful week, but man is it good to be home!

I missed my kitties so much!! I also missed my bed lol!

Now off to eat dinner (sausage and bean soup + cornbread muffins) and get back to binge watching the Handmaid’s Tale!

Sorry for the picture overload!

I hope you all have a great week!

With love,


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Our Wonderful Weekend

Hello, all! How was your weekend? Ours was extremely busy, but so much fun! It was full of friends, family, and delicious food. My heart is so full!

Before I recap the weekend, I want to wish all of those fathers out there a happy Father’s Day…especially my dad in Heaven and my father-in-law. I am so glad my husband and I had amazing examples growing up and I can’t wait to see my husband as a father some day!

My dad and I after my first half marathon (that he trained me for). Ugh I miss him so much.

Now, here’s the weekend recap…


My husband and I met up with some friends for dinner at a wonderful bbq place called Oak Hill BBQ. I have always had the best experience there!

I had chicken legs (from the smoker), smoked cabbage, greens and cornbread.

We all enjoyed our meals and stayed talking so long we didn’t realize that we stayed passed closing…oops. haha!

After dinner, my husband and I watched some TV before bed.


I woke up, had coffee and breakfast, and got everything ready to head out of town for the rest of the weekend.

I had a dr. appointment in the morning, then ran to the store before going to the gym. I did an express gluteus maxout class which was plenty for the day!

After the gym and a quick shower, I got a blowout on my hair since we had a big night planned.

When I got home, the hubs and I packed up the car and headed to Cincinnati (about a 2 hour drive).

We met our friends for dinner before heading to the Great American Ball Park for the Luke Bryan concert.

Dinner was delicious and we had so much fun catching up!

I had a black bean burger, fruit, and creamy farro (which wasn’t out when I took this picture).

We had time to kill after dinner so we walked across the river and sat at another bar.

We walked back when it was time for the concert. It was so much fun!!!! It was also SO hot. Being in the 90 degree heat for 5 hours was rough, but worth it.

The crew enjoying some music!

My college roomie (who also happens to be Brad’s cousin). How lucky am I to marry into one of my best friend’s families?!

The concert went on until after 11 and I drove us back to my mom’s place about a half hour away.

My mom loaded us up on presents and snacks as she always does. She’s the best! I read bit, then crashed hard.


I woke up this morning and went to Starbucks with my mom. We hung out a few hours until we met up with my family to celebrate my nephew’s 14th birthday at a place called Main Event. It has arcade games, bowling, laser tag, food and more. We had a ton of fun celebrating a wonderful young man.

The face you make when you throw up all over your uncle…


After the birthday celebration we had to make a detour to get a part for my car before heading home.

I grabbed Whole Foods for dinner. I loaded up a salad and had a cup of soup.

Now, I am relaxing with my sweet kitties!

Have a great upcoming week, friends!

With love,


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Our Long Weekend

Hello, everyone! To start this Memorial weekend post I want to say God bless those that serve, fight, and die for our freedom. You are the real heroes.

How has your weekend been, friends? Ours has been so lovely! The extra day off was much needed.

Let’s recap:


I woke up, made a pot of coffee, and relaxed a bit. I decided to go for a jog outside, but 2 miles in it started raining, so I figured that was enough of a workout for the day!

I showered and got ready for the day! My husband’s cousin (who was my college roommate) brought her two daughters to spend the day and we had so much fun!

The weather got very nice after the short rain so we took the girls to the outdoor mall near my house. First, we went to the fountains and watched them play, which was so cute.

Afterwards, we went to Bubbles juice bar for smoothies! I also had a yummy protein bar!

Our next stop was Barnes and Noble book store. The girls played with trains and looked at books!

They fell asleep in the car so we said our goodbyes.

When I got home, I sent the hubs out to get Chipotle while I watched Netflix!


After dinner, we played cards, then watched TV until bed.


I woke up, had some coffee, then went to a yoga class at my gym. It was so needed!!!

For lunch, we made avacado egg salad and it was delicious!

After lunch, we packed up a beach bag and headed to a small local beach about a half hour from our house.

We layed out, played frisbee, and relaxed. It was a blast.

When we got home we had showers before making dinner.

I had a veggie burger, sweet potato fries, and a spinach salad.

The rest of the evening was spent watching basketball.


I woke up, had coffee, and watched some Netflix before heading to the gym. I took a class that was half gluteus maxout and half upper body extreme. It felt awesome!!

I grabbed a smoothie from the cafe before heading home.

Once I got home, I spent a few hours cleaning and prepping for my online teaching job this week. I love a clean, organized home!

Lunch was leftover avacado egg salad, crackers, cheese, grapes, and turkey pepperoni.

Next up was grocery shopping. I went to Aldi and did so well! I love that store so much. They have such good food for awesome prices.

After putting groceries away, we relaxed a bit until it was time for dinner.

We grilled out and everything was so tasty.

Now it is Bachelorette time!

Also, how cute is my chunk??

Have a great week, everyone!

With love,