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Fit Friday (On A Saturday) And Vacation #2 Plans

Hello, hello everyone! For some reason summer has me off of my blogging game. Ugh! I did just enjoy a vanilla iced coffee while catching up on all of your lovely posts!

Today will be full of cleaning and packing for vacation with my family. Every year, we visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We have been going since I was little, and a piece of my heart is always there! I had my first alcoholic drink there, my dad’s ashes are scattered there, I got engaged there, and went hang gliding over the ocean. It is so special to me!

Last year!

Hang gliding!!

Anyway, on to this week in food and fitness and fun…

I am just going to leave some highlights!

This was from an upper body workout class that I just love!

My other workouts this week included the treadmill, arch trainer, stair climber, weightlifting on my own, a workout video in my basement, and a jog outside!

As for this week in food…

Egg rolls and plantains! I baked the egg rolls to make them healthier.

A rice bowl with cheese, pico, and fried plantainsl.

Panera with my sister in law, niece and nephews! We sat outside and it was SO fun catching up with them. Family makes my heart happy!

Mid week was my work besties birthday! We celebrated at her house by having a Handmaid’s Tale Finale viewing party. We all brought snacks (I made fruit dip), hung out and watched the show.

We had a blast. I love my work family!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I will update from the beach!

With love,


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Fit Friday: Spring Break Edition

Happy Friday, folks! Typically, this is one of my favorite days, but this one just means that break is ending. I have had an awesome week off. It was full of family time, catching up with friends, delicious food, and some good workouts.

Let’s recap:


The morning started slow. I slept in and enjoyed some coffee and relaxing before starting my day.

I took gluteus maxout at my gym and it was killer!

After the gym, I had a appointment at the dr. It was quick and positive!

When I got home, I spent the afternoon cleaning and folding laundry. Dinner was a kodiak cake pizza with a salad.


Another day of sleeping in! Yay! After coffee and breakfast I took a class at my gym called 50/50. Basically half the class is cardio, and the other is strength training. I enjoyed it a lot!

After the gym and a quick lunch, I headed to the dentist for an old filling removal and replacement. I was numb for what felt like forever, and in pain when it wore off. Ugh. Oh, well! I slept for a while when I got home only to be woken up by crazy storms. Yikes!

Dinner was air fried chicken, green beans and a salad.


I decided to get up early to go to my regular workout class: tabata! I love getting so much out of a 30 minute class.

When I got home, I made my healthy cheesecake for breakfast.

I met a girlfriend for lunch at Northstar Cafe and we talked for two hours. We had so much catching up to do! I had my favorite salad ever!!

After lunch, I came home and did some things around the house. I also watched a movie and cuddled my cat!

For dinner, I made roast and potatoes in the air fryer. I made mine as a sandwich and it was excellent!


I woke up early and did a run at my gym. I took a quick shower and headed to my home town to see my best friend! I brought Starbucks to her house and we chatted and played with her kids a while before heading to lunch at Panera. We did some shopping before I headed home.

When I got home, I relaxed a bit before my mom came over. We went to Whole Foods and picked up dinner before coming back to my place.

After dinner, we watched Netflix until bed.


The morning was full of work on the computer and lots of coffee!

Early afternoon, my mom and I went over to the reservoir by my house for a run. I did stair sprints and it took my breath away.

After our workout, we got pedicures. It felt amazing!! Our next stop was Verizon and I got a new phone. I love it!

Now I am relaxing until I decide to get up and make dinner. Haha!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hope you have some fun plans.

With love,


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A Taste Of Spring, A Day Off, A Night With Friends, Tasty Food, And A Week Of Fitness

Hello and happy Friday, all! I have had a pretty good week, minus feeling exhausted at work. Between the tasty food, new workouts, one stunning day, and a day off, I sure can’t complain.

Here’s the recap:


Due to President’s Day, I had the day off of work. I took advantage of sleeping in and utilizing the time to clean, fold laundry, get in a great upper body lifting workout, get an oil change (thanks hubby), and shop with my mom!

As for this day in food….

For lunch, I had a chicken and couscous bowl from the cafe at my gym. It was delicious! I also had banana bread when I got home.

Dinner was grilled cheese and minestrone soup!

After dinner, we watched the Bachelor before bed!


The day was absolutely beautiful outside!! It got up to 74 degrees, which made me so excited for spring weather!

After work, I went over to the reservoir by my house for a run. It was so nice!

After my run, my husband and I got ready and went to our friend’s house for dinner. They made jambalaya with garlic bread. It was delicious!!!!

Also, they have a super cute puppy who just loves me.

We got home pretty late and went straight to bed.


I decided to try a new workout class before work, and I’m so glad I did! It was a tabata class and only a half hour, but so intense. It was 20 seconds all out, 10 seconds rest of a bunch of different excercises. I will be doing it again for sure.

Dinner was a turkey burger with avacado and coconut oil fried plantain!


I started the morning with a spin class. It was a good one, but I sure was tired.

After work, I took a nap before making dinner. Grilled cheese and leftover minestrone soup…

I’m a kid at heart.

I fell asleep early on the couch!


I started the morning with my gluteus maxout class and it was great as always.

I grabbed Starbucks before work.

I have a busy weekend ahead, but it should be fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day and weekend!

With love,


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This Week In Delicious Food, Fitness, A Musical, And Valentine’s Day

Happy Friday, all!! Gosh, I’m ready for a long weekend. Do you have any fun plans? I’m not sure what we are doing, but we will probably see Black Panther at some point.

This week has been AMAZING for food. I seriously ate something delicious each day! It was full of carbs and I’m not sorry about it. Haha!

Here’s the recap:


I’ve been taking a class called cycle sculpt on Monday mornings. It is intense and I love it! 35 minutes of spinning and 25 of weights.

Dinner was SO GOOD! I found a recipe on Pinterest for antipasto squares, so I decided to make my own version.

Mine is made with Annie’s organic cresent rolls (as the bottom and top layer), filled with ham, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and mild jalapenos. The top is brushed with olive oil, parmesan, and Italian seasoning. Baked until golden brown. YUM!!!

After dinner, we watched the Bachelor before bed.


I woke up early and hit the gym to do an upper body lifting workout.

After work, I went to my hometown to meet my mom to see The Sound Of Music at a local theater.

Before the show, we met my best friend and her mom for dinner at Uno’s Pizza! I had a salad, and my mom and I shared the very veggie pizza! Okay, not healthy, but they got rid of their delicious wheat bread. We got the thin crust, and it was still super tasty!!!

Dinner was a blast and the musical was AMAZING!!! We had a fun night!


I woke up exhaused because the play the night before ran so late! It was worth it though.

After work, I went to the gym for a 3 mile run. It felt good, despite being tired.

When my husband got home, he told me to go to a separate room while he got my Valentine’s surprise ready.

He got me beautiful flowers, my favorite almond butter, and is treating me to my hair appointment! He also went to Whole Foods and got all of the ingredients to make cheese stuffed ravioli with meat sauce. It was delicious!!!

I was so surprised! He is the best!!! We had such a nice evening together.


I decided to go to the gym after work and do a workout on the stair climber. I listened to a podcast which helped pass the time.

Dinner was a Bertolli frozen pasta and shrimp meal. I cooked up some chicken to add to it!


I woke up early and went to my favorite workout class: Gluteus maxout! I love leg day!!! I know I’m going to be crazy sore from it tomorrow.

Well, my lunch break is almost over, so time to go.

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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Weekend Wrap-Up: An Evening With Friends, An At Home Workout, And A Date Night

Hi, there everyone! How has your weekend been?! Ours has been a lot of fun. We did a lot, but still found time to relax.

Here’s the recap:


When my husband got home from work, we met our friends for dinner at a place called Buffalo Wings And Rings. It was super tasty and we had so much fun catching up.

For dinner, we split onion rings and pretzel bites as an appetizer. I had a cup of soup, a veggie burger, and steamed broccoli. It was so fresh and I ate it all. I didn’t take pictures because we were too busy talking.

After dinner, we went to our friend’s new house to help with light fixtures and organizing.

The boys hard at work!

We left around 11, then crashed as soon as we got home.


I woke up early and did a workout in my basement. I follow fitnessblender on Youtube and did their Spartan 500 workout. It is short, but SUPER intense. I am always sore after I do it.

After a shower, I met my best friend (who was in town for a few hours) for Starbucks and shopping. We had fun spending time together.

When I got home, I ate lunch, cleaned a bit and took a bath.

That evening, my husband took me out for a date night and we had a blast! We went for dinner and drinks at the Cheesecake Factory.

We wandered Barnes and Noble while waiting for our table. I bought a puzzle and I can’t wait to do it.

Once we were seated at dinner, we ordered drinks (I had a long island iced tea, hubs had beer) and an appetizer. We got the crispy crab bites and they were AMAZING . We also had a bread basket!

For my main course, I had their fresh vegetable salad with grilled chicken. It was huge and I had leftovers! My husband had chicken marsala.

After dinner, we came home and rented the movie Happy Death Day. We enjoyed it! It was a great date night.


After coffee and breakfast, my husband and I went to our friend’s new house to finish helping put up light fixtures and a few other things.

When we got home, I had my Cheesecake Factory leftovers before folding a ton of laundry.

I talked to my cousin for a while after lunch and made plans to visit her in Nashville over my spring break. I am pumped!!!

My husband and I did a grocery run before turning on the Superbowl and making a delicious dinner!

We made beer battered cod in the air fryer, steamed shrimp, and sweet potato fries. I even made a healthy tartar sauce for the fish.

After dinner, I cleaned up the mess we made in the kitchen. Now we are on the couch relaxing and watching the game.

We had such a great weekend! I wish it were longer.

I hope you all have a great rest of your evening!

With love,