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A Weekend Full Of Tasty Food, Fitness, And Baby Shower #2

Hello, all! How was your weekend? Mine was busy, but wonderful. Let’s jump right it, shall we?


My husband picked up Jersey Mike’s on his way home for dinner because we didn’t want to cook.

We ate and watched Ozark! We have been binging that show on Netflix…love it!


The day started with my usual online teaching. Afterwards, I hit up the gym for some cardio. Baby has moved off of my back (for now) so I am feeling much better! Yay!!

After the gym, I met a girlfriend for brunch at Northstar cafe. We had so much fun catching up!

After brunch, the day was spent cleaning the house and Christmas shopping!

My mom came over that evening and we did some more shopping, then picked up Whole Foods for dinner.

We watched football until super late!


I woke up, had Starbucks with my mom and husband, then got ready for baby shower number 2! My mom and I drove the 2 hours to my husband’s home town to celebrate. It was a blast!

My belly feels huge now!

My husband’s aunt made this baby! So cute!!

Bow making station!

The grandmas!

My college roommate (who is also my husband’s cousin).

My cat decided this toy was his hahaha!

I was wiped out when I got home so I made a quick dinner, then watched Ozark with the hubs until bed.

It was a great weekend! Let’s hope the week goes by fast.

Have a great one!

With love,


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Weekend Wrap-Up (Food, Fitness, Family, And A Wedding)

Hello, all! We just got back from a wedding in Michigan and it is good to be home. It was a lot of fun, but boy am I tired! Bed time will come early tonight haha.

Anyway…let’s recap:


Dinner was a turkey meatball sub and a salad kit. Yum!

We went to bed early because we had a big day ahead!


I woke up at 6 to do my hair, have some coffee, clean up, and get ready. We left our house at 8 for Michigan to celebrate our friend’s wedding!

We grabbed Starbucks for breakfast and ate on the road.

We grabbed a quick lunch when we got close to our hotel, checked in, ate super fast, changed, and made it to the church in time for the ceremony. The ceremony was quick, but lovely!

Family photo attempts haha..

Dear friends and family together again!

The reception took place at our hotel, which was so convenient! We headed to cocktail hour at 5 and enjoyed snacks until the reception began.

Once we were seated, the wedding party arrived and did speeches before dinner. I had the vegetarian option of cheese ravioli.

After dinner, I had banana bread with a decaf coffee. Soooo good.

Dancing seemed to start late, so we all hung out and talked until it did.

Me and the hubs!

They also had a photo booth which was super fun.

Later in the evening, they brought out late night food and snacks consisting of loaded fries, mini chili dogs, and donut holes with cider. Such a great idea!

The reception went until midnight and we chatted until close to 1 before heading to our room. We shared a room with Brad’s cousin and her two little girls (who decided not to sleep). Lots of crying = barely any sleep for us. Guess we have to get used to it! LOL!


I woke up pretty early, despite lack of sleep, and I was still exhausted. I had a coffee, then went into the workout room for a cardio session while everyone else was still sleeping.

Baby busting out….

After my workout and a shower, we had a huge breakfast put on by the bride and groom. It was delicious and I was so hungry!

Our friends own a local candy shop in town, so after breakfast we visited and gathered tons of goodies to bring home. Carmel apples, and tons of different chocolate items! We stocked up.

We headed home afterwards and I slept in the car most of the way. Oops! So much for offering to drive half of it haha!

I ran to Kroger and grabbed food for dinner. My husband cooked and it was delicious!

Steak, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, green beans, and a salad kit.

Now I am relaxing until bed!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful upcoming week!

With love,


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This Week In Review-Food, Fitness And Friends

Hello! I typically post on Friday, but I’ve had a busy week! First of all, I have to share another ultrasound picture because our baby is growing and moving like crazy.

Baby trying to back flip in the first picture haha!

I’m so beyond in love, I just can’t take it!

Okay…onto this past week!


The day started with Starbucks and a 4 hour crisis prevention class for work. After the class, my work bestie and I went into our classroom to start getting it organized because school starts on Monday!

I was able to get a short cardio workout in later in the day.

Dinner was a PF Changs beef and broccoli kit over rice. Yummy!


I woke up early for a spinning class at the gym, followed by some online teaching.

After that, I drove to my home town to spend the day with my best friend. We went to Starbucks, then got pizza at my favorite local pizza place called Spinozas. I got a whole wheat crust with spicy sauce, spinach and peppers.

When I got home, I took a nap because getting up early and a long drive two ways wore me out.

My husband came home with flowers for me! He’s so sweet!

We had chicken legs for dinner and watched Bachelor in Paradise!


I woke up, taught, cleaned, the hit the gym for a short strength training session! Thank you, Youtube!

My best friend came into town to get her hair done, so we had lunch at Northstar Cafe and did some shopping. Yay for seeing her two days in a row!

Best salad ever!

I did laundry when I got home and caught up on some some shows.

I don’t think dinner was very exciting haha!


I started the day online teaching as usual!

I did a cardio workout, but the rest of the day was uneventful!

Dinner was stir fry over rice.


The day started with teaching, then I had an ultrasound which was so amazing!

Afterwards, I went into work to help my work bestie in the classroom. We are excited and slightly anxious for the year to start!

I did a VERY short jog early evening, but it was so muggy that I decided resting was better for my body.

My husband worked super late so I hung with the cats!

Anyway, my husband’s family is spending the weekend with us!

Have a good one, all!

With love,


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Food, Fitness, Cookouts, And Our Upcoming Mini Vacation

Happy Friday, everyone! How has your week been treating you? Do you have any fun weekend plans? Tomorrow, we are going to my husband’s home town to celebrate a sweet one year old.

On Sunday, my mom and I are leaving for a mini getaway. I’m sad my husband can’t go, but he has no more time off of work. I guess 2 weeks of vacation was a lot! Anyway, we are going from Sunday to Tuesday to my sister in law and her family’s lake house in Michigan. I’m excited to spend time with my brother, his wife, and my niece and nephews.

Next up, let’s recap my week….


The day started with online teaching and getting ready quick before my work bestie picked me up. School starts soon, so we helped our principal unpack things for the classrooms.

When I got home, I had a quick lunch, then forced myself to the gym. I did a quick cardio workout (arc trainer), showered and got ready again. My work bestie and I went to my husband’s shop so he could work on her car. While he was working, we had dinner at Jersey Mike’s subs.

I had a veggie sub and sun chips.


After teaching, I went to the gym for an upper body workout class. It felt good, but left me tired.

I met my mother and sister in law for lunch because they were in town to shop. We had fun catching up!

Dinner was frozen veggie lasagna (it did not taste awesome, but I was in no mood to cook). I ate it all, though haha.


I was able to get a 3 mile jog in because the weather was cool and felt amazing!

I had an appointment and ran some errands, but nothing too exciting happened this day.

For dinner, we made fritos taco salad! It was so good!!


I had a rough day because I was not feeling well. I managed to do a yoga video and take a bath. I finally got a touch of energy so I cleaned and mopped.

We had plans to have dinner at our friend’s house. We had fun, despite my not feeling 100 percent.

They cooked out and we ate at talked on their deck. It was so nice!

I also got to snuggle their sweet pup!

We got home late and went straight to bed.


I have a big list of things to do today, and need to get started soon!

Have a great weekend!

With love,


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Fit Friday-Food, Fitness, Friend Dates, And Zumba

Hello and happy Friday, all!! How has your week been?! Mine has been lovely, and I have another fun day planned. My niece and mom are spending the day and night with me. Yay!!

I am definitely enjoying the rest of summer before the school year starts!

Here is this week’s recap!


My day was spent cleaning and getting things done around the house.

I waited until evening to take an express upper body class at my gym. 30 minutes, but I always get so much out of it!

Dinner was pizza! I made my crust with Kodiak Cake mix. It is a healthy, versatile pancake mix. It makes an awesome crust! Topped with mozzarella, chunky sauce, and turkey pepperoni.

After dinner, we watched the Bachelorette before bed.


I woke up and taught some online classes. I LOVE this little side gig!!

I was exhausted this day, so my workout was just a short video in my basement. Just enough to get me moving.

Dinner was minestrone soup and cornbread!

I fell asleep early, knowing Wednesday was a busy day for me.


I started the day teaching, as usual. After teaching, I met a girlfriend for breakfast at our favorite spot: Northstar Cafe. The food is always fresh and incredible. Plus, our meals were free because the last time we went it took too long to get our food (even though it wasn’t long at all). Anyway, we talked for a couple hours and enjoyed our dishes.

I had the sweet potato and turkey hash topped with eggs. YUM!!

After we ate, I had a dr. appointment. It was fine, except they had to take what felt like so much blood! Ugh, no thank you! Haha.

I relaxed a bit, before having a snack, then picking up my work bestie for my first ever Zumba class. Guys, that class is not easy! It was so much fun, though.

Post workout!

It was pretty late when I was heading home, so I picked up a veggie sub and sun chips at Jersey Mike’s subs.

My husband and I ate while watching Master Chef!


The day started with a spin class at my gym! It felt great, but left me a bit worn out.

I didn’t do much the rest of the day, but dinner was delicious.

I made antipasto squares. I make mine with Annie’s organic crescent rolls, then stuff the inside with whatever sounds good. My side had mozzarella, turkey pepperoni, and tamed jalapenos. I added ham to my husband’s side. Before baking, I top it with olive oil and parmesan.

I had a salad with mine.

We rented the movie Rampage and watched it while we ate!

We went to bed early.


I was supposed to teach this morning, but it was canceled so I’m writing this instead! I need to clean and hopefully workout before my mom and niece get here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

With love,