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Weekend Wrap-Up (Good Eats, Fitness, And a Last Minute Date Night)

Hi there, everyone! I’m sad that another weekend is coming to an end, but happy that I am a little closer to spring break. Yay teacher perks!!

How was your weekend?! Ours was very nice. Here’s my recap!


After work, I came home and watched some T.V. until my hubs got off of work. For dinner, I made turkey meatloaf and coconut oil fried plantain! It was delicious!!

I cleaned up, then we watched Master Chef Jr. until bed.


I slept in and it felt SO good. I made a pot of coffee and my healthy chocolate peanut butter cookies. They are easy and tasty! If you want the recipe, here’s the link to my original post for them:

My husband and I hung out a while until I decided to fold the laundry and start some house cleaning. I took a break to head to the gym for a video cycle class. The concept is really cool! There is a big screen next to the instructor that plays music videos and motivating clips.

Afterwards, I had a quick lunch at home before getting back to deep cleaning the house! I love a clean home!!

While I was cleaning, my husband was working on house projects and paint touch ups. We were productive!

I also made healthified banana bread. SO. GOOD.

By the time we were done, I took a shower and got in my sweats. My husband decided (last minute) to take me to dinner and a movie. I threw some makeup on and off we went.

We had dinner at Piada! I had a huge salad bowl. It was really tasty!

After dinner, we saw Black Panther and it did not disappoint!

We got home late and went straight to bed.


I felt a little off when I woke up due to daylight savings time. I had coffee and breakfast and relaxed until my husband woke up.

I ran some errands (dollar tree and grocery store). When I got home, I put the groceries away and started looking at some schooling options.

Early evening, I took a yoga class at my gym! I’m so glad I went because it felt amazing!

When I got home, my husband grilled us burgers (mine was a spinach burger) to go along with air fried sweet potato fries! YUM!!

After we ate, I cleaned up the mess we made. Now we are relaxing on the couch!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

With love,


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An Apple Picking Date, Market Finds, And A Moment Of Clarity

Hi there and happy Sunday! I hope you all have had great weekend so far. My car has been acting up so my hubs is working on it while I write. 

Yesterday, my husband and I went on our annual apple picking date to Lynd Fruit Farm. We always have so much fun walking through and tasting the apples. We buy a large bag to fill so we have plenty to eat and more to bake with. 

I love eating the apples straight off of the trees.

After picking our apples, we headed over to the farm’s market for some goodies! 

We left with apple butter, sweet and fresh pickles, chili mix, apple cider, pie, and sweet potatoes. Everything at the market is DELICIOUS! We also bought a pumpkin to carve this week.

Once we got back to our place from the market, we decided to make a Kroger run so we could cook and finish our date night at home. 

For dinner, we made chili with the mix we got at the market and cornbread muffins. We also made a warm spiked cider with apple cider, vanilla vodka, cinnamon and brown sugar. We put the ingredients in our crockpot until warm. 

Dinner was fantastic!

After dinner, I made an apple bread with some of the fresh apples we picked. I found a recipe on Pinterest that was healthy, and it turned out amazing!! I had it for breakfast and topped it with apple butter. A perfect fall breakfast alongside a nice cup of coffee. 

Once I finished breakfast and some cleaning, my friend came over and we drove to church together. The service spoke to me in a way I needed badly this morning. I had such a sense of clarity by the time the pastor finished. 

I have had a lot going on in my life lately, but I feel prepared to make myself better, and to work hard to make my dreams a reality. More on that later! Just please send positive vibes my way!! 

The rest of my day will be filled with hanging out at the shop while my husbad works. He seriously is the best. I’m a lucky gal! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day and a positive week ahead!

With love, 


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The Couple That Cooks Together… (Homemade Brushetta and Protein PB Cups)

Hello all you wonderful people! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely, busy, and full of fun. 


The morning started off with an early (5:45 am) barbell strength workout class at my gym.

After my workout, I met one of my girlfriends for a day trip to meet our other friend’s new born. We had so much fun holding the baby and catching up. We stayed a couple hours before heading home. 

The evening was relaxing and my husband and I went to bed early. 


The morning started with coffee and a 3 mile run around my neighborhood. 

When I got back from my run, my husband and I spent a few hours cleaning the house while discussing what we wanted to do that evening. 

We came up with putt putt and a cooking night. I was in charge of dessert, while my husband was on appetizer duty. We decided to grill out for the main course. 

Glow in the dark mini golf! We had never seen anything like this, but had so much fun.

After mini golf we went to the store and gathered everything we needed for dinner.

Our appetizer was a homemade brushetta with toasted bread. Guys, this was AMAZING. I mean I couldn’t stop eating it.

It had tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, garlic cloves, olive oil, a little bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper. We drizzled the top with balsamic vinegar. 

All of the ingredients were fresh and all the prep paid off!

Doesn’t it look so tasty!?

I mean…..


My plate! 

After dinner, it was time for dessert (which I actually prepared earlier in the day). Protein chocolate peanut butter cups!

I adapted this recipe from one I found on Pintrest and it turned out awesome. 


  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 scoop of chocolate peanut butter protein powder 
  • Peanut or almond butter (I did half peanut, half almond)
  • Mini muffin tin 

Step 1: 

  • melt coconut oil and mix with protein powder 
  • Spray a mini muffin tin with cooking spray (or fill with mini liners)
  • Place a small layer into tins
  • Freeze for about 10 minutes 

Step 2:

  • Place a small layer of peanut or almond butter on top of the chocolate layers (I did half almond for me and half peanut for my husband)
  • Freeze about 10 minutes 

Step 3:

  • Place chocolate layer on top of each peanut butter layer 
  • Freeze 10 minutes or so 

Step 4:

  • Remove PB cups from tin and store in a container in the fridge until ready to serve

Dessert was a hit! Next, we watched a red box to finish our evening. It was perfect! 


Sunday started with coffee followed by a drive to my mom’s new place. We spent the day helping her unpack, hang pictures, and set up her electronics. It was a long day, but everything went so well and her place felt homey by the time we were done. 

After our busy day we went to dinner with my family and it was delicious. I had lettuce wraps and braised brussel sprouts.


Well, that sums up my weekend! Have a great week, friends!

With love,