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Healthy Coconut Crust Cheesecake

Hello, everyone! I am halfway through my spring break and have been trying to relax, but keep busy enough not to be bored. I have had doctor’s appointments, seen friends, cleaned (a lot), and made tasty food!

This morning, I decided to tweak a recipe I make often and try out a new flavor and man did it turn out well!

A while ago, I found a recipe for a tart crust and it has been a staple for so many recipes. It is made with dates and cashews. Ummm SO easy and SO tasty!! For this recipe, I used coconut flavored cashews and it was delicious.


*15 dates pitted and soaked until soft

*1 1/5 cups of coconut cashews.

*Using a high powered blender (or food processor), blend the dates and cashews thoroughly.

*Form crust into a round pan and place in the fridge until slightly hardened

    FOR THE CHEESECAKE (I make my filling by the slice, so if you do the whole thing adjust accordingly)

    *2 heaping TBSP of vanilla greek yogurt

    *1 TBSP of greek yogurt cream cheese

    *any toppings you like (I used bananas and melted dark chocolate)


    *Mix cream cheese and greek yogurt until fully combined

    *Top crust with cheesecake mixture and top with desired toppings

    Dig in!!

    Hope you enjoy!

    With love,


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    6 Ingredient Skinny Cheesecake And Days 6 And 7 of the B and W Photo Challenge 

    Hey there, everyone! I hope your week is treating you well!! Mine has been okay, but I sure am ready for the weekend. 

    Let’s talk cheesecake. I have always loved cheesecake. It is quite possibly my favorite dessert! I do not, however, enjoy the calories. I decided to make a healthier version on Thanksgiving and it was a hit! My brother-in-laws asked me to make it for all of our family functions. Healthy, easy, and delicious is a win in my book!

    I found the crust recipe on Pinterest last year and it has been a staple for me. The filling I just threw together one day and loved it!!


    For the crust:

    • 15 dates, soaked in warm water for about 15 minutes, then pitted
    • 1 and 1/2 cups of cashews

    For the filling:

    • 1 container of vanilla greek yogurt 
    • 8 ounces of greek yogurt cream cheese 
    • 1/4 cup of truvia or sweetener of choice
    • Fruit for topping 


      1. Make the crust by mixing together the dates and cashews in a food processor or high speed blender (I used my ninja)
      2. Press the crust into a round pie dish
      3. Place crust in the fridge while you make the filling 
      4. In a bowl, mix together the yogurt, cream cheese, and sweetner of choice 
      5. Remove crust from the fridge and put the filling inside 
      6. Top with fruit of choice 
      7. Cover and store in fridge until you are ready to serve 

      I hope you enjoy!

      To change the subject…

      I was challenged to do the black and white photo challenge (rules on my previous posts) and here are the final pictures:

      Day 6

        Day 7

        I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day!

        With love,


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        Simple Single Serve Skinny Cheesecake 

        Hi there, everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far! Mine has been semi stressful, so I am trying to remind myself to continue with my positive thinking.

        I typically have a snack after work to hold me over until dinner. Usually, I will have a small amount of mixed nuts or cereal, but I wanted something different today, so I whipped up a super simple mini cheesecake. It was delicious!!

        My version was chocolate peanut butter, but you can easily make it any flavor you like. 



        • 1/2 a graham cracker sheet
        • 1 heaping TBSP of greek yogurt cream cheese 
        • 2 TBSP of greek yogurt  (I used vanilla)
        • Truvia or sugar (optional, I left this out)
        • Any add ins to make it the flavor you like  (I used 1 TBSP of chocolate peanut butter protein powder and cocoa nibs) *you can add strawberry jam and top with strawberries* the possibilities are endless.

        Everything I used, minus the cocoa nibs. 


        • Mix together cream cheese, yogurt, sugar (if using), and add ins on choice.
        • Spread mixture over grahm cracker. 
        • Add additional toppings. 
        • Enjoy!!

        Such an easy and tasty little treat!

        I hope you like this recipe!

        Have a wonderful rest of your day.

        With love, 


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        Skinny Wonton Desserts Two Ways (PB Banana & Cheesecake)

        Hello and happy Friday, everyone! I am so ready for the weekend! My weekend plans include sleeping in, getting cable installed, and having a date with my husband. Sounds pretty darn relaxing to me! 

        Anyway,  the other day when I got home from work I wanted a snack. Typically, I reach for the almonds or a granola bar, but when I saw the wontons in my fridge I decided to use them. I love how versatile they are. You can pretty much make any meal or snack with them. This particular day,  I made two versions; Peanut butter banana and cheesecake. 

        I made individual cups, but if you use a full muffin tin, it will make 12. 



        • Wonton wrappers 
        • Peanut or almond butter (2 tsp per wonton)
        • Bananas  (a few slices per wrapper)


        • Wonton wrappers
        • Greek whipped cream cheese (1 Tbsp per cup)
        • Vanilla Greek yogurt  (I used Oikos triple zero)
        • Truvia (or sweetener of choice-I used a half packet per wonton)
        • Strawberries or fruit of choice for topping

        You will also need a muffin tin!



        • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
        • place one wonton in a muffin tin and press down until it holds shape 
        • Add a tsp of peanut or almond butter in the wonton
        • Add a few sliced bananas on top of PB
        • Add one more tsp of peanut or almond butter to the top
        • Continue this process until you have made the desired amount of wontons you want 
        • Bake for 8 minutes  (cooking times may vary based on your oven)
        • Remove and enjoy


        *This will not be added until after the wonton is cooked,  unlike the PB version!

        • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
        • Place desired amount of wontons into your muffin tin and press down slightly until it holds shape
        • Bake wontons for 8 minutes  (cooking times may vary based on your oven)
        • While they are baking make your cheesecake filling by mixing 1 TBSP of cream cheese, 2 TBSP of vanilla Greek yogurt,  and a half packet of truvia (that is for 1 wonton cheesecake so adjust based on the amount you are making)
        • Remove wontons from oven and add in the filling 
        • Top with fresh fruit 
        • Enjoy!

        Side by side before baking!

        The finished product before I devoured them 😉

        These were the perfect snack and I hope you guys try them! Have a fantastic weekend!

        With love, 


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        Healthy Muffin Tin Cheesecakes

        Good morning and happy Saturday! I woke up way too early today. I guess my mini cheesecakes and coffee were calling my name this morning. We also are spending the whole day working in the house we just bought, so I am eager to get a jump on that!

        For the past week or so I have had a huge craving for cheesecake. I wanted to make a healthy version, so yesterday I decided to use some simple, healthy ingredients to make this guilt-free indulgence. These are perfect for a snack, or breakfast (which is what I had them for this morning). The best part is that they are simple to make, and you can put any toppings that you like on top! My husband, who typically cringes at my healthy food, was so excited to eat them. That made me smile because it felt like a small victory for me.

        Now on to the recipe!


        For the crust:

        • 15 dates (placed in warm water for about 15 minutes to soften)
        • 1 cup of salted cashews
        • 1/2 cup of walnuts
        • Muffin tin

        For the cheesecake filling: (The amount of filling is for 2 cheesecakes-I only make enough filling for the amount I am eating at the time to ensure that they stay fresh)

        • 2TBSP vanilla Greek yogurt
        • 2 TBSP whipped Greek cream cheese spread (I used the Kroger brand)
        • 1 tsp vanilla extract
        • 1 tsp of truvia (or sugar/any sugar substitute you like)
        • any other cheesecake toppings you like (I made one with fresh raspberries and another with almond butter and cacao nibs)


        Most of the ingredients I used (a few items not pictured).


        1. First you will make the crust. Take soaked dates (make sure they are drained of water), cashews, and walnuts, and place in a food processor, vitamix, or heavy duty blender. I used my Ninja blender and it worked great. Blend until completely mixed together.
        2. Once blended, separate the crust into mini crusts by placing an equal amount into each muffin tin. You will have to form the crust with your hands to ensure it holds together. 20170318_080231.jpg
        3. Once the crust is separated, place in the fridge while you make your filling.
        4. In a bowl, mix yogurt, cream cheese spread, vanilla extract, and truvia (or sugar of choice).
        5. Once the crusts have had some time to set, take them out of the fridge and remove one or two from the tin.
        6. Top the mini crust with cheesecake topping, then add any extras you like! I made one with fresh raspberries, and another with almond butter and cacao nibs.
        7. ENJOY!!!

        This makes 12 mini cheesecakes.


        My finished cheesecakes, which I enjoyed with one (or maybe two) large cups of coffee.

        These were so fun and easy to make! What a way to satisfy a sweet tooth, without all of the added guilt! I hope you make these and enjoy as much as my husband and I did!! Have a great rest of your weekend!

        With love,