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My Quarantined Birthday And A Baby Update

Hello, all!! This whole pandemic has been a whirlwind, and with a stay at home order, baby K and I have hunkered down. My husband and sister-in-law (who lives with us) are both considered essential, therefore are still working. My worries come in waves, but I am doing my best to stay calm, and enjoy time with my sweet baby.

Speaking of baby K, she has gained SO many new skills since her first birthday. She is pulling herself up on everything, and learned how to climb the stairs. There is no stopping her! She is chatty and now says “bye-bye” and “belly.” She knows her body parts and LOVES books. Her gym class has been doing Facebook live videos and we have been joining in! Watching her learn and grow is the greatest joy in my life.

Yesterday was my 31st birthday, and despite being in the middle of this crazy time, it was still very special!

My celebration started on Sunday with Starbucks of course! We had family time, and I took a bath during the baby’s nap.

Once she went to bed, my husband cooked a delicious dinner of salmon and vegetables. I also had a salad and my favorite wine!

My sweet husband made me brownies (which I got into before the picture haha). My sister-in-law got me wine and ice cream!

After dinner, we played a few games of Clue, then watched The Greatest Showman because I love that movie!

Monday was my actual birthday and baby K and I had fun at home! My mom sent me pretty flowers, and ordered me and baby lunch from my favorite place (Northstar Cafe). Curbside delivery for the win. I had the Thai burrito with broccoli and peanut sauce. YUM!

She also got me a tablet!! I LOVE IT! I definitely have the greatest mom!!!

My husband and in-laws got me a Shark vacuum and it is amazing! I have been wanting one for SO long. I cleaned the house during baby’s nap and enjoyed every second of it haha.

After dinner, we facetimed my mom, brother, and sister-in-law to play trivia. Even though we couldn’t be together in person, this was a perfect way to spend time with each other. We all had to come up with categories and mine was Friends (the TV show). We had a lot of fun!!

I also had my brownies and ice cream before bed. It was a great birthday!

Well friends, that is all for now. Stay safe and healthy!

With love,


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My 30th Birthday Weekend

Hi and happy Monday, all! This mamma is exhausted, as my little one is going through her first developmental leap (check out the Wonder Weeks if you have no idea what I mean). She has been extra fussy and wants to be held or nursed constantly. She is finally down for a nap so I have a few minutes to write!


I turned 30 on Saturday, which seems crazy. I remember how old that sounded when I was younger haha. Here is the weekend reacap!


My husband brought home Chinese and I ate while nursing the little one because she always wants to eat when I do LOL. My multitasking skills have become legit since becoming a mom.


My husband picked up Starbucks for us in the morning and I enjoyed my coffee so much. I did an elliptical workout (once again interrupted by my hungry daughter).

Afterwards, I showered quickly then headed to the salon to get Highlights and a trim. I was able to meet up with my best friend for a few minutes, then met my mom for lunch. We got salad bowls and a parmesan breadstick. Yum!

After lunch, I came home and got ready for date night with my husband! My mom was nice enough to babysit. We took a few family pictures before we left, but Kennedy wasn’t amused lol!

The hubs and I headed to Coopershawk winery and had some wine (YUM) before heading to Sur La Table for a cooking class: “Date Night: Springtime In Paris.” It was a blast!! We were paired with another couple and had so much fun cooking and learning new skills together. After prepping and cooking, we got to enjoy our tasty meal!

We went to bed shortly after getting home.


I spent time with my mom and little one before my mom headed home.

Later, my husband and I took the baby for a walk since the weather was mild and we wanted to get her outside!

The rest of the day was more family time.

Needless to say, I had such a wonderful weekend.

Hope you all have an excellent week.

With love,


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Fit Friday (All Things Food And Fitness), Plus My Birthday

Hello and happy Friday, everyone! Today is my 29th birthday, so I took a personal day from work. It has been lovely!

Despite a cold, the week has been full of tasty food and good workouts.

Here is this week’s recap:


I started the morning with a cycle/sculpt class at my gym. Part cycle, part weights. I love starting Monday with a good workout.

After work, I went to the grocery store, but my battery died when I went to leave. My husband left work to come and rescue me! Haha!

When we got home, I put the groceries away and my husband started cooking dinner.

Turkey burgers, sweet potatoes, and corn! Yum!!

I fell asleep early!


The day started with a spin class! I’ve been spinning a lot lately.

After work, we had tacos (well, mine was a taco salad).

So much goodness. I always add coconut oil fried plantain to my taco salads!

I was so full!


I took a tabata class at my gym in the morning and only two of us showed up. I think it was because we had some bad weather! The trainer made class super hard, but it was fun and extra challenging.

By dinner, I was starving so I made pasta with chicken, an olive oil dressing, and cheese. Plus, an english muffin!

We watched Survivor before bed.


The morning started with another spinning class. It felt good!!

After work, we met up with some friends for dinner and a bday celebration at a place called Chuy’s. It’s delicious Mexican food!

Margaritas with my March birthday buddy and one of my best friends since college!

For dinner, my husband and I shared chicken fajitas for two!

We stayed late, so we went straight to bed when we got home.


Yay it’s my birthday!!! My husband picked up Starbucks in the morning so I could enjoy it in my pjs!

I relaxed a while before hitting the gym for a barbell strength class!

After my workout, my mom, best friend, and I had brunch at Northstar Cafe. It was amazing! I had a fresh squeezed juice and the sweet potato and turkey hash.

After brunch, we did some shopping. Now I am relaxing!! I need to clean, but that can wait. My husband is cooking me dinner tonight!

Happy weekend, everyone! Have a great one.

With love,