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Fit Friday-Mom Edition (Plus A Life Catch-Up)

Hello and happy Friday, all! I am currently drinking my nitro cold brew from Starbucks and relaxing while my daughter naps. Now that our house is sold, things have settled down a bit, and we have had more time to relax and enjoy life.


Family beach day! K had a ball, and my husband took us out on the jetskis.

I went to Coopershawk winery with one of my best friends and we each got a flight. It was so fun relaxing. I always love catching up with her!

My mother-in-law and I took K to the zoo and we had a great time!

My husband and I had an at home date night! He cooked dinner, then we played board games. It was so fun!

My mom is here today and we are going to take K to the park.


I have been missing the gym quite a bit lately, but am doing my best to switch up my workouts and have fun doing them at home.

*Stroller barre and runs

*YouTube videos (my favorite is FitnessBlender and Gymra)

*Full body kettlebell workouts

*Yoga (I have been trying to do this more because it feels SO good, plus it helps a lot with my anxiety)


Acai bowl! Yum!!!

I went to my soon to be sister-in-law’s bridal shower and it was at a local pizza place. They had the tastiest cauliflower crust pizza!!!

Garlic chicken and noodles.

Salmon, sweet potato fries, and a kale salad kit! My husband made this for us! Delicious!!!

That is all for this update. Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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Workout Wednesday- Kettlebells and Stairs

Hello, all! I hope everyone is doing well. Life is good around here. It has been so nice being able to see some friends and catch up!

Anyway, I officially cancelled my gym membership. As much as I love it, this pandemic showed me that I can get good workouts done at home, and save a ton of money. Since K was born, I only went a couple days a week, and the cost wasn’t justified at that point. I am so happy with my decision.

That said, I am going to share my favorite workout from the week.

I used 10 pound kettlebells and the stairs from my deck.


5 min warmup (I did the elliptical)

Circuit 1:

*Stair hops

*12 squats

*12 arm curls

*12 upright rows

Repeat 3 times

Circuit 2:

*Stair hops

*12 lunges + 12 lunge pulses each side

*12 deadlifts

*12 overhead triceps

Repeat 3 times

Circuit 3

*Stair hops

*12 push ups

*12 booty pulses each leg

*12 squat pulses

Repeat 3 times

I also jogged around the house in between rounds!

That’s all for today! Sending love to everyone during these hard times.

With love,


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Sunny Day Workouts And A Weekend Update

Hello, all! I am in a swimsuit for the first time this year, enjoying a beautiful, sunny day! I got a high wasted suit last year from Amazon and love it. The rest of the week is supposed to be rainy, so I am enjoying being outside as much as possible.

SATURDAY was sunny and beautiful, too. We spent the day outside watering flowers, taking walks, working out, and waving to neighbors.

My husband did yard work the whole day. He is the best!

Baby K using her watering can and helping mommy.

The day ended with City BBQ and finshing Outer Banks on Netflix!

SUNDAY was chilly and rainy, so we played inside, and I deep cleaned the house during K’s naps. Dinner was chickpea pasta with meat sauce. After dinner, we watched 17 Again. That is such a cute movie!

As far as WORKOUTS go, I did mine outdoors Saturday and today, while resting on Sunday.

On Saturday, I used bands, kettlebells, and stairs to do a circuit workout. It was fun, and being outside is so motivating!

Today, I did a few full body excercises with the bands, then K and I headed outside for a stroller hill and barre workout. It felt amazing, and the weather was PERFECT!

These nice days are making me so happy, and I am looking forward to steady warm weather.

That’s all for today! I hope you have a great week ahead.

With love,


At home workouts, fitness, food, health, healthy, motherhood, motivation, weights, workout

A Fit Mamma Update And My Favorite At Home Workouts

Hello and happy Saturday, all! I have been struggling to keep a consistent schedule on here because I have a very active almost 5 month old. During her naps, I clean and get things done around the house, and when she is up, I try to interact with her as much as possible. We play and read a lot! Once she goes down for bed, my husband and I make dinner and just hang out.


I adore motherhood. Baby K has become so active and fun! She laughs and loves attention. She is already becoming more independent, and does well playing with her toys. She loves being outside (yay)! I am able to get out of the house more because she does great in public.

Me and my chubby baby.


We have been eating well, especially since my sister-in-law is living with us. I feel the need to always have good food around.

For taco night, I used a white sweet potato as the base and it was delicious!!!

Spaghetti with veggie “meatballs.” Regular ones for my sister-in-law and husband.

On the fourth, we all went out to brunch at Scramblers due to the day off of work. I had a veggie benny and yogurt parfait. YUMMMM!!!!

Burgers with lean ground beef, carrot fries, and a salad.

Those are just a few favorites from the past week.


Most of my workouts this week have been at home. Unless I get a babysitter, I don’t get to the gym. One of these days I will be comfortable putting the baby in the gym daycare, but I’m just not there yet.

Last Sunday, my sister-in-law and I took a lifting/hiit class at the gym and it kicked our butts, but we loved it!

The rest of the week, I worked out at home.

I have a few go-to workouts…

1) The elliptical: I do 30 minutes where I build the speed and increase the resistance every minute until 5 minutes, then start over. It keeps me from getting bored!

2) Outside runs: I love getting outside and do these before my husband leaves for work some days.

3) YouTube videos: My absolute favorite is Fitness Blender. They have such a variety of workouts, but my go-to is the Spartan 500. It is killer and only 17 minutes long.

4) Pure Barre on Demand App: I love Pure Barre, but the studio is too expensive for me. I have some light weights at home and the app has tons of workouts.

Baby loves to watch me workout. She plays in her jumper and laughs at me.

Other than that, baby and I take walks and I carry her around constantly! She is heavy, so I count that as a workout Haha!!

That’s about all for today! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

With love,