Couple’s Workout Ideas 

Hello and happy hump day!! Here’s to the extra coffee getting us through our week (at least that is the case for me)! 

Does anyone have a significant other that can’t stand the gym?? Well, welcome to my life. My husband avoids the gym (he loves getting his fitness in by sports or anything outside, plus he has a physically demanding job). Getting physical activity in together (especially on the weekends) is super important to me. We have been trying to mix things  up, so I wanted to share some of the things we do to make it feel more like a fun date and less like a typical workout. 

We luck out that our gym has a rock wall because we have a blast. We like to race to the top (we are both pretty competitive).

Some other ideas include:

  • Basketball (play horse or other games)
  • Pushup contest 
  • Hiking (our favorite, but it has been way too cold)
  • Take a class together (we like boxing, spinning, and yoga)
  • Running races
  • Water basketball (we like to sit in the hot tub after)
  • Bike rides (and maybe stop for ice cream haha)

Those are just a few things we like to do together.  Then, we reward ourselves with a smoothie or brunch after!  

What do you do to make working out fun?? I’m always up for new ideas/challenges!

Have a great rest of your day! 

With love,



Fit Friday-Leg burnout plus abs

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a great week, and if not, at least it’s the weekend!

I typically workout before work, but this morning I decided to sleep in and do my workout after work. My motivation is much lower by the end of the day, but I knew once I got to the gym I would feel so much better (and I did). Tonight’s workout was a pretty high intensity leg workout, which kept my heart rate up the whole time. It is definitely a keeper.

The workout:

Start with 5-10 minutes on any cardio machine, just enough to get your heart rate up (I did a 5 minute treadmill build).

Do the circuit below 3 times before moving to the next one:

  • 12 barbell walking lunges
  • 10 barbell lunge pulses each leg (try to get as low as possible in the lunge, then pulse from there)
  • 16 lunge jumps (drop weights-or do light weights)

Do the circuit below 3 times before moving on to the next one:

  • 12 DB squats (hold the weight in front of you, up to your chest)
  • 20 DB squat pulses (get as low as you can, then pulse)
  • 16 star jumps

Do the circuit below 3 times before moving on to the next one:

  • 16 DB calf raises
  • 12 side bends with plate (both sides)
  • 20 plank jacks (get in a plank, the jump the legs in and out)

Do the circuit below 3 times

  • 16 weighted pikes (abs)
  • 12 leg extension
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 12 leg curls

Well, that’s it! Try to spend a few minutes cooling down and stretching. My legs are already feeling the burn.

I hope everyone has an awesome, safe weekend!

With love,



Easy taco pasta

Hi there! I wanted to share a favorite dinner recipe of mine. I found a similar recipe from Cooking Light and adapted it to what I had at home. I love that this is so easy, but still looks like it took a lot of work to make.

You will need:

2 cups of dry pasta (I used the spiraled whole wheat)

I lb. ground beef (I used Laura’s 92% lean)

I package of taco seasoning  (I used kroger’s 25% less sodium)

1 can of diced tomatoes  (I used fire roasted)

As much shredded cheese as you want

Any other add-ins you like (beans, corn, avacado to top, cilantro, etc.).


Brown ground beef. Once it is cooked through, add in the taco seasoning, a little water, and the tomatoes  (also, if you have other add ins, now would be the time for those). Let simmer (covered) on low. While that is simmering, cook your pasta according to package.  Then add the pasta into taco mixture, top with cheese and simmer an additional 5 minutes or until cheese is melted! I served this with cornbread muffins and it was awesome. My husband loves this, too! Plus we always have leftovers for lunch the next day! Yum!!

Hope you enjoy!



My first post

Hi there! I am not sure how many (if any) people will read this, but I am extremely excited to start this journey!

I wanted to share a little about myself and what I hope to accomplish through my blog. For starters, I have a love for coffee, fitness, food, and my wonderful family. I have a degree in English, and I love reading a variety of books and writing any time I get the chance. I work with Special Needs Kindergartners, and I just love them to pieces. I hope to share a lot about my life, while providing fitness tips, recipes, and so much more! I have two sweet cats that make me smile after a long day, and an amazing husband! We just bought our first home and are moving next month! I am thrilled and stressed at the same time!

I lost my dad in 2012 to brain cancer, which was the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. I struggled with self-esteem issues and anxiety. Luckily, through self-awareness and a lot of support from my family, I was able to become the fun-loving person I was before. I am proud of where I am, and my relationship with fitness and food is a healthy one!

That is all for now! I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

With love,