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Fit Friday-Mom Edition #3

Hello and happy Friday, friends!! I am enjoying my Starbucks this morning and waiting for the stormy weather to hit. My sweet baby is napping (but probably not for long).

The days have been crazy busy since baby K takes fewer and shorter naps, but oh she sleeps like a champ at night! Yay!!

We have had a great week, minus her 2 month shots. Guys….my heart shattered during those. Her face was pure shock, followed by both of us crying. I was so thankful my husband was there to calm her down. Ugh.

Anyway….lets start with some food this week….

Salmon, potatoes and peppers, and Hawaiian rolls

Grilled chicken, cauliflower mac cheese (YUM), and a salad.

Whole Foods salad bar.

My husband has pretty much taken over the main cooking duties because baby is demanding in the evenings.


*outside runs (we have had some nice weather)


*pure barre videos

*walks with baby

*a barbell strength class (thanks to my mom for babysitting)

I also consider carrying around my 11 pound baby all day a workout haha!


We visited dad at work this week and had lunch. It was so fun!

Baby also got to see all of her grandparents and her uncles! What a great week.

This weekend we are hoping to purge some things from the house.

Have a great one, all!

With love,


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Wedding Pictures

Hello, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you love birds. I know this holiday can be a little cliche, but I don’t care because I love opportunities to make my husband feel extra special.

In honor of love, I thought I’d share some of our wedding pictures since I didn’t have a blog at that time.

OCTOBER 31, 2015

My husband helping our nephew (ring bearer) with his boutineer. Heart-melting.

Before the ceremony we exchanged letters, but didn’t see each other.

The whole wedding party! I love this one.

This was during his brother’s best man speech. It was hilarious!

Later into the reception we brought out props and they were a big hit!

I love reminiscing on this day! I love this guy with all of my heart!!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day!

With love,


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Breakfast Banana Split, A Sushi Night, And Fall Decorations

Good morning and happy Thursday, everyone! I hope the week is treating you well so far. I’m excited for the weekend. I took  tomorrow off work and my best friend is coming to visit! I’m also running a 5k this weekend. I love fun, busy weekends! Here’s an update of my week up until now. 


My mom and I went shopping for all of the fall things! Decorating in our first home has been so much fun!!

Fake flowers and a door wreath. 

Decorative pumpkins!

After shopping, we met one of my friends for sushi!

Edamame and won ton soup.

My mom and I split the sushi sampler! SO GOOD!!


Pretty uneventful. I went to work and the chiropractor. Dinner was a healthier walking taco which was awesome  (recipe later)! After dinner, we watched the Master Chef finale!


This morning I decided to make a fun breakfast. I love bananas so I decided to make a Breakfast Banana Split!

This can be made so many ways, but here is my version.


  • One banana
  • 1 TBSP of almond butter 
  • Vanilla greek yogurt 
  • Trail mix (mine had granola, nuts, cranberries, chocolate chips, and seeds)


  • Slice banana down the middle and spread almond butter inside
  • Microwave banana and almond butter for about 30 seconds 
  • Top with trail mix and greek yogurt as desired
  • Enjoy!!


I enjoyed breakfast with a Starbucks coffee!!

Now it is time for work! Have a wonderful rest of your day!

With love,


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Healthy Muffin Tin Cheesecakes

Good morning and happy Saturday! I woke up way too early today. I guess my mini cheesecakes and coffee were calling my name this morning. We also are spending the whole day working in the house we just bought, so I am eager to get a jump on that!

For the past week or so I have had a huge craving for cheesecake. I wanted to make a healthy version, so yesterday I decided to use some simple, healthy ingredients to make this guilt-free indulgence. These are perfect for a snack, or breakfast (which is what I had them for this morning). The best part is that they are simple to make, and you can put any toppings that you like on top! My husband, who typically cringes at my healthy food, was so excited to eat them. That made me smile because it felt like a small victory for me.

Now on to the recipe!


For the crust:

  • 15 dates (placed in warm water for about 15 minutes to soften)
  • 1 cup of salted cashews
  • 1/2 cup of walnuts
  • Muffin tin

For the cheesecake filling: (The amount of filling is for 2 cheesecakes-I only make enough filling for the amount I am eating at the time to ensure that they stay fresh)

  • 2TBSP vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 2 TBSP whipped Greek cream cheese spread (I used the Kroger brand)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp of truvia (or sugar/any sugar substitute you like)
  • any other cheesecake toppings you like (I made one with fresh raspberries and another with almond butter and cacao nibs)


Most of the ingredients I used (a few items not pictured).


  1. First you will make the crust. Take soaked dates (make sure they are drained of water), cashews, and walnuts, and place in a food processor, vitamix, or heavy duty blender. I used my Ninja blender and it worked great. Blend until completely mixed together.
  2. Once blended, separate the crust into mini crusts by placing an equal amount into each muffin tin. You will have to form the crust with your hands to ensure it holds together. 20170318_080231.jpg
  3. Once the crust is separated, place in the fridge while you make your filling.
  4. In a bowl, mix yogurt, cream cheese spread, vanilla extract, and truvia (or sugar of choice).
  5. Once the crusts have had some time to set, take them out of the fridge and remove one or two from the tin.
  6. Top the mini crust with cheesecake topping, then add any extras you like! I made one with fresh raspberries, and another with almond butter and cacao nibs.
  7. ENJOY!!!

This makes 12 mini cheesecakes.


My finished cheesecakes, which I enjoyed with one (or maybe two) large cups of coffee.

These were so fun and easy to make! What a way to satisfy a sweet tooth, without all of the added guilt! I hope you make these and enjoy as much as my husband and I did!! Have a great rest of your weekend!

With love,



Couple’s Workout IdeasĀ 

Hello and happy hump day!! Here’s to the extra coffee getting us through our week (at least that is the case for me)! 

Does anyone have a significant other that can’t stand the gym?? Well, welcome to my life. My husband avoids the gym (he loves getting his fitness in by sports or anything outside, plus he has a physically demanding job). Getting physical activity in together (especially on the weekends) is super important to me. We have been trying to mix things  up, so I wanted to share some of the things we do to make it feel more like a fun date and less like a typical workout. 

We luck out that our gym has a rock wall because we have a blast. We like to race to the top (we are both pretty competitive).

Some other ideas include:

  • Basketball (play horse or other games)
  • Pushup contest 
  • Hiking (our favorite, but it has been way too cold)
  • Take a class together (we like boxing, spinning, and yoga)
  • Running races
  • Water basketball (we like to sit in the hot tub after)
  • Bike rides (and maybe stop for ice cream haha)

Those are just a few things we like to do together.  Then, we reward ourselves with a smoothie or brunch after!  

What do you do to make working out fun?? I’m always up for new ideas/challenges!

Have a great rest of your day! 

With love,