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Weekend Wrap-Up-Tasty Food, A Date Night, Workouts, Pregnancy, And Snow

Hello, all! Monday came again too quickly, but each week that goes by is just another one closer to meeting our baby girl! My cats are loving the bump, and I’m loving the extra snuggles.

Baby has been in my ribs all weekend and it hurts quite a bit. I was able to get some relief with baths and yoga.

As of Friday, we are down to weekly dr. appointments and will be counting down until sweet thing is here!

We have some last minute things to do, but overall we are ready for her! 😊

Anyway….onto our weekend recap…


Dinner was a chili bake made with vegetarian chili and chicken dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. It was so tasty, but I wished the rolls were a little crisper. Next time I will add the chili after the bake.


I woke up, had coffee, then taught my online classes for the day.

After teaching, I did 20 minutes on my bike at home and a 10 minute barre arm workout. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and watching the snow fall ALL day!

By evening time, my husband and I needed out of the house, so we decided to go to dinner. Everything was super empty due to the snow! We had Northstar Cafe and I had pizza and a salad. Yum!!!

After dinner, we came home and relaxed until bed.


We slept in and it was so nice! We relaxed and made coffee and pancakes for breakfast.

After relaxing a bit, I prepped some classes, did a grocery run, took a bath, and did yoga. I have to remind myself how much yoga helps during pregnancy!!

Dinner was a frozen lo mein kit I got from Trader Joe’s and it was delicious!

After dinner, we chilled by our fireplace with the cats and watched Netflix until bed.

Have a great week, everyone!

With love,


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Fit Friday-All Things Food And Fitness, Plus A Husband Brag Story

Friday is here!! My husband and I leave for our cabin getaway after work and I am SO excited! We have a cozy little cabin with a fire place, hot tub, and grill. Before I get to my weekly recap I have a husband brag story. This week has been pretty bad weather wise for us. Between the snow, ice, and cold, it was a mess. Monday night, while in our sweats, watching our show, we heard a car screeching outside. We looked out the window and notice an older man completely stuck in the snow. My husband immediately went to get his coat on and go help (while at least 4 cars drove by). My husband spent a while and got the man pulled out. The same thing happened 2 more times in the next few days. My husband pulled 3 cars total out of the snow. He helped without hesitation. I’m a proud wife to say the least.

Now, onto my health and fitness recap of the week…


I had the day off of work, but still woke up for an early morning cycle plus strength class. It is 35 minutes of spinning and 25 of weights. I love this class!

Lunch was delicious…I made a salad kit with leftover pasta and coconut oil fried plantain. Yum!

For dinner, we had roast with potatoes and carrots. I put my roast on an English muffin.

I also spent the day binge watching a show on Netflix called Glitch. Very entertaining.


I woke up to a call saying our school was closed due to weather. My husband and I got to get Starbucks before he went to work!

My workout was a 3 mile treadmill workout mixing up sprinting, jogging, and walking.

Lunch was a turkey burger with guacamole and chips.

My mom came and spent the day with me and we did some shopping! We grabbed Whole Foods for dinner and it was tasty as always!

After dinner, we watched This Is Us before bed!


I woke up early for a workout class called TCX (total conditioning extreme). As I was leaving, I got the call that our school was cancelled again! I still went to the class and it was awesome. I worked hard and it felt good.

After my class, I grabbed Starbucks for my husband and I to drink at home before he headed to work.

I met my husband for lunch at Panera. I like meeting mid day!

We went to our friend’s new house that night to help put some things together. I had Panera for dinner. Twice in one day haha!


I finally had work after 3 days off! Crazy, right? Lol!!

After work, I went to the gym for some cardio. I did half of my workout on the stair climber and half on the treadmill. I struggled a bit.

I was so hungry when I got home! For dinner, I made a turkey burger with guacamole and cheese, plus a bunch of sweet potato fries.

After dinner, we went to Field and Stream to get hiking boots. I didn’t have a super nice pair that I could wear in the snow, so my husband got me a pair as my Christmas present. My original gift was backordered so I never got it.

Boots and two new headbands! Thanks, hubby!!

After shopping, we came home and watched the show Worst Cooks In America. We love cooking shows and this one is hilarious!! Master Chef is our favorite though.


I woke up early to take my gluteus maxout class. Leg day might backfire since we are spending the weekend hiking haha!!

After work, we will pack and head to our cabin for the weekend! Whoo hoo!!

Have a great one, folks!

With love,


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A Holiday Filled Weekend 

Hello, all! I hope your weekend was awesome. Mine was great. Here is my recap!


After work, I came home and sat my butt on the couch until my hubs came home. My chest cold was really working on me, so being lazy sounded great. For dinner, I made an onion chicken burger with cheese and guacamole, nut thins, and a side of couscous. It was super tasty!

After I ate, my husband and I rented a movie  (which I slept through 90 percent).


I woke up to the first snow of the season! It was fun to see the snow, while enjoying my fireplace, coffee, and Christmas decorations. 

We moved slow that morning; watching a movie and just chilling out with our kitties. It was lovely!

I was feeling better, so I went to a mid day spin class. It was tough, but fun and energizing. 

After class, I picked up lunch at Jersey Mike’s subs. 

After lunch, we spent some time cleaning before having a drink and making our gingerbread house. 

One of my favorite traditions!

We also enjoyed the snow and even took our cat to test it out. 

He didn’t know what to think of it!

We made pizza and salad for dinner, then rented a movie before bed.

My pizza was made with Kodiak Cake mix (super healthy and full of protein) and greek yogurt. 


I took a morning yoga class to loosen me up. It felt amazing! After class, I met my mom for lunch and a full day of Christmas shopping. It was fun spending the day with her! I bought so many presents, and now I  am almost done! Yay!! 

Sweet potato and turkey hash from Northstar Cafe! SO GOOD!!! 

Now that I am home, we are going to wrap presents and make some dinner! 

And it’s on to another week…

Have a great one, everyone!

With love,