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Our Outer Banks, NC Vacation (Baby’s First Time On The Beach)

Hello, all! I’m coming to you from the car on the way home from our wonderful vacation. I have gone to the Outer Banks, NC with my family since I was little. I brought my husband for the first time 5 years ago when we were dating, and this past week, we brought our daughter for her first visit. We had such a wonderful time, and made so many memories.

Here is the highlighted version..


The drive from our house is around 11 hours. We broke it up into two days both ways. The baby did so well overall, but definitely had her moments where she wanted out of the car. We kept her busy with toys, music, and grandma (who sat in the backseat with her).


I thrive on routine, as does my little one. I never sway on bedtime, and try to keep consistent naps. I made sure to keep this up the whole vacation. Sure, it meant being at the house to have her in bed by 6 each night, but we had a blast going out in the day! It is SO worth it to me. Travel days were rough. She struggled going down, and since we had to share a room with her she wanted to play all hours of the night. She did amazing at the beach house though! I consider that a win.


We had an oceanfront house, and the view was absolutely stunning. We drank coffee while watching the sun rise each morning. We even had a hot tub on the deck. Our weather was absolutely perfect! Sunny and breezy, which made for such pleasant beach days.

We had so much fun showing baby K the ocean! We either held her, or put her in the pack and play with toys while we were outside.

We walked the pier near us many times, visited a lighthouse, and a place called the Whalehead Club.

Kennedy also got to spend quality time with her grandparents. My mom was with us the whole time, and my husband’s parents came for a few days!


We ate so well!! I love love love seafood! Here is just a couple favorite meals from the trip, although we had many more delicious things!

This salad had fresh tuna, and all sorts of other tasty items! This was from a restaurant called Rundown Cafe. It is a staple when we visit!

Yes, another salad lol! This one had a delicious crabcake on it. I devoured the whole thing, along with my margarita!

Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms. These were so good!


Most days, I did a 3 mile beach run! I love zoning out and taking in the sights and smells of the ocean. It is so peaceful!

Two of the days, I did barre videos and a long walk with my mom and baby K!

As always, the week flew by, and it is back to reality!

Have a wonderful week, all!

With love,


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Foodie Friday-Shrimp Scampi Meal Kit

Hello, all! Happy Friday!! How did your week treat you? Do you have any fun weekend plans? I have to do my online teaching all weekend, but the extra money is worth it. I hope we can do something fun as well.

Anyway…last night I tried a meal kit (they actually have them them at some Kroger stores now). It was a shrimp scampi for two and turned out SO good. It was extremely easy!

This meal took less than 20 minutes to make, although my kitchen was messy afterwards haha.

It included cooked fettuccini, shrimp, onions, butter, garlic, red pepper, parsley, and lemon.

I needed olive oil and any extra seasonings we wanted.

First, I cooked the onions, then added the garlic, parsley, and red pepper. Next, I added the shrimp until pink on both sides. Once that was cooked, I added the lemon, butter, and fettuccini until everything was hot. I added salt, pepper, and lemon pepper seasoning before serving.

I also made crescent rolls to go with it.

It was a hit with me and my husband! The store I got it was farther than I typically drive, so I hope them bring these kits to the Kroger near us! I would love to try some other ones.

Have you ever tried a meal kit?

Have a great weekend!!

With love,


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Weekend Wrap-Up: An Evening With Friends, An At Home Workout, And A Date Night

Hi, there everyone! How has your weekend been?! Ours has been a lot of fun. We did a lot, but still found time to relax.

Here’s the recap:


When my husband got home from work, we met our friends for dinner at a place called Buffalo Wings And Rings. It was super tasty and we had so much fun catching up.

For dinner, we split onion rings and pretzel bites as an appetizer. I had a cup of soup, a veggie burger, and steamed broccoli. It was so fresh and I ate it all. I didn’t take pictures because we were too busy talking.

After dinner, we went to our friend’s new house to help with light fixtures and organizing.

The boys hard at work!

We left around 11, then crashed as soon as we got home.


I woke up early and did a workout in my basement. I follow fitnessblender on Youtube and did their Spartan 500 workout. It is short, but SUPER intense. I am always sore after I do it.

After a shower, I met my best friend (who was in town for a few hours) for Starbucks and shopping. We had fun spending time together.

When I got home, I ate lunch, cleaned a bit and took a bath.

That evening, my husband took me out for a date night and we had a blast! We went for dinner and drinks at the Cheesecake Factory.

We wandered Barnes and Noble while waiting for our table. I bought a puzzle and I can’t wait to do it.

Once we were seated at dinner, we ordered drinks (I had a long island iced tea, hubs had beer) and an appetizer. We got the crispy crab bites and they were AMAZING . We also had a bread basket!

For my main course, I had their fresh vegetable salad with grilled chicken. It was huge and I had leftovers! My husband had chicken marsala.

After dinner, we came home and rented the movie Happy Death Day. We enjoyed it! It was a great date night.


After coffee and breakfast, my husband and I went to our friend’s new house to finish helping put up light fixtures and a few other things.

When we got home, I had my Cheesecake Factory leftovers before folding a ton of laundry.

I talked to my cousin for a while after lunch and made plans to visit her in Nashville over my spring break. I am pumped!!!

My husband and I did a grocery run before turning on the Superbowl and making a delicious dinner!

We made beer battered cod in the air fryer, steamed shrimp, and sweet potato fries. I even made a healthy tartar sauce for the fish.

After dinner, I cleaned up the mess we made in the kitchen. Now we are on the couch relaxing and watching the game.

We had such a great weekend! I wish it were longer.

I hope you all have a great rest of your evening!

With love,


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Sandy Runs, Beach Food, And Fun Things We Did: Outer Banks, NC

Hello, everyone! We are home from vacation and I am excited to give a recap of our trip. Between the amazing food, family time, and activities we did, we had a great time! I am happy to be home though, especially after delayed and nearly cancelled flights yesterday. 

Every year since I was little my family has gone to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It is a wonderful place and I love being there. I always call it my happy place. 


We had an early flight and got to our beach house early afternoon. There was a huge storm that morning and water spouts (tornadoes on the water) were popping up all over. 

How crazy is that?!

Once the weather broke, we went to the beach. After some beach time, we went to the best happy hour you will ever find. Hurricane Moes has specials on shrimp, wings, and tacos. We stuffed ourselves! 

After dinner, we went to Outer Banks Brewing Company and played cornhole before heading home to get some sleep. 


After a beach run, we all got ready and took a fishing trip on the Crystal Dawn. It was a full day trip, and we had a blast. Everyone in our crew caught a fish or more.

After our trip we were all ready for dinner. We went to a pier restaurant. I had a salad with a huge crabcake on top!



The day started with a beach run! I love running next to the ocean and working myself through the sand. We spent most of the day playing in the water and laying out. After we were “beached out” we decided to make a huge seafood dinner at the house and oh my gosh it was amazing! 

My husband made this. It is shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn, old bay, and a ton of other seasonings. You pre boil the corn and potatoes, then wrap everything in foil and bake it. Everyone loved this meal, let me tell you!

After dinner, my husband and I took some sunset photos followed by some night time “ghost crabbing” with the family. It was so much fun and full of laughter. 


We started the morning with a 5k race on the beach. It was a beautiful morning, and the race was a blast! 

After the race and getting cleaned up, my husband and I took a day date to the Currituck lighthouse and climbed to the top. The view was stunning and the climb was full of history. I love learning about the Outer Banks.

After our date, we met the whole crew for dinner at Rundown Cafe. This is a favorite of ours! My brother gets the fish burrito every time and it is huge and super fresh. I got the gamefish salad. The fish was mahi and it was perfect. 


I started my morning with another beach run. It was my last one of the trip! My husband and I got some beach time in before packing up to head to the airport. 

 After packing, we stopped for a quick bite at a local place called Food Dudes for lunch. The food was awesome and it was a perfect way to end our trip.

Fish tacos and coconut rice with fresh pico! 

We had a great vacation! Our flights home were pretty awful. After tons of delays, almost missed/cancelled flights, we made it home at 2:30 am. I am glad to be home. Now it is back to reality! Hope you guys enjoyed my recap! 

Have you been to the OBX? What are some of your suggestions? I’d love to know! 

Have a great day!

With love,