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Food, Fitness, And A Mom/Baby Update

Hello and happy Saturday, all! I am currently snuggling my little one as she naps on me. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but I thank God every day for this precious girl of ours.

Well, I officially only have one more week of work until I am home with baby K. I can’t wait! She is growing SO fast. She constantly makes adorable sounds, smiles and laughs. Her grip is getting so strong and she holds onto toys.

She seems to have finally grown out of the colicky phase (hallelujah), although the 4 month sleep regression is beginning, which is tough.

I adore being her mommy so much.

As far as myself, I am doing well! Teaching online before work, working, working out, and being a mommy and wife can be tough at times, but I’m managing as best as I can.

This past week in fitness included spinning, a barre video, a gluteus maxout class, and some walks with the baby!

Working out is my outlet, and it is so nice to get a little time for myself when I’m there

As far as food for the week goes, we have eaten well.

Burgers, sweet potatoes, and veggies.

A crustless pizza bake!


Whole foods salad bar.

Spaghetti and toast.

I have been extra hungry because baby is eating more and my milk supply is trying to keep up!

Well, that’s the update. Now I’m off to catch up on all of your posts!

Have a great weekend!

With love,


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A Fit Mamma Update

Hello, all!! I am currently nursing my little one and (hopefully) getting her down for a nap. Being back at work has been nice, but days with my sweetie are so precious to me. I can’t believe it is almost summer, and I will officially begin my journey as a stay at home mamma.

Anyway, the past week was absolutely exhausting. Teaching online, working full time, working out, taking care of the little one, and attempting to clean my house took its toll on me. Luckily, last night I got some extra sleep! Yay!! I started the morning with Starbucks and a family walk, too, which was perfect.

As far as food goes, we have been eating well!

Clearly I love my loaded salads lol!

Saturday night Chipotle, yum!

Despite being tired, I still get my workouts in!

The past week I did spinning, a gluteus maxout class, the elliptical, the treadmill, stairclimber, and lots of walks with baby K!

I am still navigating motherhood, but loving every minute with my sweet girl.

Now….let’s hope I can get the rest of my housework done before another work week begins!

Have a great one, all!

With love,


family, fitness, food, health, healthy, motherhood, motivation, workout

A Fit Mamma Update (Food, Workouts, And Mother’s Day)

Hello and happy Mother’s Day to all the mammas out there!

I went back to work this past week and it has felt like a whirlwind. I miss my girl so much when I am gone, but it is only 3 weeks until summer break. Yay!! I love knowing she is with her grandmas when I’m gone. My favorite part of the day is seeing her big smile when I get home. She also laughed for the first time and it was the absolute best thing ever!

Anyway… let’s catch up on food/fitness from the past week:


Tacos and a salad with fried plantains!

Stir fry over salad.

Beef, carrots, and sweet potatoes.



*Pure barre


*Long stroller walks with baby K after work

*A gluteus maxout class


Guys, my sweet girl is 3 months old! She is so curious, is finally grasping toys, smiles all the time, and I can’t get enough of her.


I did a 5k with my mamma this morning, followed by Starbucks and carry out brunch from Northstar cafe.

My husband’s whole family came over after brunch and we ate a bunch, took a long walk, and played at the park.

My husband got me flowers, a spa day gift certificate (I get a massage, facial, and pedicure), and matching shirts for me and my girl. Her onesie says, “I’m a latte to handle.” Haha! It was a great day!

Now I am relaxing until Game of Thrones comes on.

I hope you all have a great week!

With love,