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Postpartum Fitness, Motivation, And A Feature

Hello and happy hump day, all! It’s a rainy day here and the baby is napping, so I thought it was a perfect time for a post.

Fitness has always been a priority in my life, but I am used to having all the time in the world to take classes, write up workouts, and go to the gym as I please. These days it is much harder, as my number one priority is my little girl. I do, however, find the time to stay active, weather that be between naps, while she plays, or when I have someone to watch her for a while.

I thought today I would share some things that motivate me, in hopes to motivate others.

1) My Daughter

I stay healthy for her. I stay active not only to keep up with her, but also to instill a love of health within her.

2) Myself

Fitness has always been important to me, and helps relive stress and anxiety. Now that I have my daughter, it is important to find time for myself. I am a better mommy to her when I take care of my body.


1) First off, I had to ease back into working out after my daughter was born. I started out walking, then did barre workouts.

Once I felt 100 percent, I moved on to more intense workouts.

2) I love to take classes at the gym (spinning, lifting, yoga, etc.)

3) Running-hiit style treadmill workouts (I also do this on the elliptical at home).

4) Babywearing workouts (These were amazing when my little one was colicky)

5) Fitness Bloggers

I started this blog because I was inspired by other fitness bloggers. What a great community to learn from each other.

I want to feature a blog that I recently started following….

Cooper is a former college athlete (like myself) who shares a passion for health and fitness.

His blog includes workouts (which is awesome for me since I don’t always have time to write my own), nutrition and fitness information, videos (super helpful to actually see the excercises in proper form), supplements, and a podcast (which I started yesterday)!

Check him out here…

The blog:




http://Check out Cooper Brunner (@CooperBrunner):

I did this workout yesterday and my abs are paying for it…

I hope to try this workout with my sister-in-law this week! She is living here for the summer. HIIT style workouts are my favorite.

I hope to feature more in the future! Please share your favorite fitness bloggers or workouts with me in the comments!

Stay inspired, friends!

With love,


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Fit Friday-Mom Edition #5 And A Life Update

Hey there, everyone! I hope the week treated you well. I am going back to work on Monday after 12 weeks of being home with my sweet girl. It will be hard to be away from her, but there is only 4 weeks left until summer break. I am staying home with baby next year and feel so blessed that I am able to do so.

Anyway…we have had a great week! Let’s recap, shall we?


My mom came over to babysit so my husband and I could have a date night. She came over early and let me sneak off to the gym first! I did a 30 minute hiit workout on the treadmill.

I came home and got ready for date night. My husband and I went to bibibop for dinner, then saw Avengers End Game.

Dinner was delicious and we both loved the movie.


The day started with online teaching and coffee. I did a pure barre workout video at home and it left me so sore!

The day consisted of housework until it was time for baby to have a bath.

Dinner was amazing. I made a kielbasa and sweet potato hash! Yum!!


I put baby in her mammaroo while I did a fitness blender workout video. It was quick and sweaty!

I took baby K to meet all of my work friends that day! It was so fun to show her off.

For dinner, I made buffalo ranch chicken in the crockpot. I had mine on an English muffin!


My mom came over to spend time with us. She watched baby K while I went to a tabata class at the gym. It was so fun.

When I got home, my mom and I took the little one on a stroller walk. I love having her to walk with!

For dinner, we got Northstar Cafe and it did not disappoint!


I taught online this morning before having coffee with my husband. When he left for work, I got the baby down for a nap and started organizing!

When baby woke up, we played, then she sat in her swing while I did the elliptical.

I have sausage and bean soup in the crockpot for dinner.

Now…off to relax a bit before the little one wakes up!

Have a great weekend!

With love,


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Fit Friday-This Week In Food And Fitness

Hello, all! It’s been a sunny Friday here and I’m so ready for a long weekend. My week felt so long and daunting. We are staying in town this weekend and I am looking forward to getting some extra sleep (if my internal clock lets me).

My other weekend plans include: time with friends, grilling, getting a base tan, prepping for teaching next week, and cleaning.

Anyway, this week has been full of good food and fitness. Here’s the recap:


I woke up early and taught my online classes before work.

After work, I went to my regular Monday night workout class: the C9 Challenge. It is such a good full body workout.

For dinner, we made pizzas and they were so good! I found a whole wheat crust on sale, and used turkey pepperoni, ham, and mushrooms!! Yum!


I woke up early yet again to teach! I am loving my side job even though it calls for early hours.

After a long day day at work, I did a hiit style workout on the treadmill.

For dinner, we had a frozen PF Changs meal (beef and broccoli) and put it over rice. I had a salad with mine. It was so tasty!!


I didn’t teach that morning, so I decided to sleep in a bit. It was so nice!

After work, I did a short lifting session at my gym. It felt good, but I’ve been taking so many classes that I had to get back into the groove of lifting on my own.

Dinner was roast with potatoes and carrots!


I started the morning with a spin class! It was a good one!

I have been teaching most mornings, so it was such a treat to workout before work and get Starbucks!

After work, my favorite co-worker/work bestie and I went to Coopershawk winery and drank wine on the patio. It was delicious and much needed after a doozy of a day!

My mom met us there and we all talked for a while.

For dinner, my mom and I got Whole Foods to bring back to my place. I loaded up a salad with so many tasty things, including their delicious tofu.

After dinner, we watched Hollywood Game Night! It is such a fun show.


This morning started out with teaching an online class, followed by coffee with my mom before she headed home and I went to work.

We have 3 days left before summer break!!! Ahhh!!!! YAY!

After work, I went to the gym and did the stair climber and treadmill while listening to my current favorite podcast. It is called My Favorite Murder. I love all things crime and this does not disappoint.

Dinner was a veggie burger and sweet potato fries.

Now we are watching basketball (Go Cavs)!! The game will be on late, but I know I will fall asleep on the couch haha!

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!

With love,


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Food, Fitness, And This Week In Review

Ahhh Friday is here…finally! More than half of our class has been throwing up, so I’m praying I don’t get whatever is going around.

I must say that I am whooped from this week! The days have felt so long the closer we get to the end of the school year, plus I started teaching English to Chinese students online. I love the new job, but the extra hours before work are exhausting.

Anyway, let’s talk about this week…


I waited until after work to go to the gym and take a class (the C9 Challenge). It is a full body workout with weights and cardio. I love it.

Dinner was chicken marsala (the Bertolli frozen meal and I added extra chicken). I had an English muffin on the side. Yum!


I did a hiit style workout on the treadmill after work. It felt good!!

I was so hungry by the time I got home. I made a taco salad and it was delicious!


I woke up early for my favorite workout class, Tabata! We did upper body and abs. Such a quick and efficient class!

After work, I headed to the Chiropractor before racing home to get ready and meet my mom and friend for dinner.

We went to Northsar cafe and everything was wonderful!

It was so fun catching up!

I attempted to go to bed early because the next day was a big day, but I just couldn’t sleep.


I woke up at 4:30 because I had 3 classes to teach back to back starting at 5am! It went really well and the kids were so sweet.

After teaching, I drank some coffee and got ready for the day.

My husband and I headed to the fertility doctor where I had an ultrasound and a shot to hopefully help speed things up! It hurt, but I am grateful to have options to try. Here’s hoping!!

I went to work and the day was nuts! Just think about kids throwing up everywhere. It was like a horror movie!

After work, I did a quick cardio workout before going home and making dinner.

We had some tasty stir fry!

I was exhausted from the day and fell asleep super early!


I woke up early this morning for a gluteus maxout class at my gym.

After work, I have to prepare for my weekend teaching classes before spending time with my hubs!

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Have a great one whatever you do!

With love,


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Foodie Friday And A Fitness Challenge

Hello, everyone! We made it to Friday…whoooo!!! It’s been a long week for me, but I am SO looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow, my husband and I are meeting up with my family to celebrate my birthday as well as my uncle’s birthday (it’s the same day). We are going to one of my favorite places ever: Valley Vineyards! Wine + delicious food+ family! Yay!

Anyway, back to this week in food and fitness.

My gym started a group fitness challenge. The person who has taken the most classes from last Saturday until April 10 gets a gym bag full of goodies! I love fun incentives. I also love classes, so it’s a win-win for me!

Now, here is my recap of the week.


I woke up early for a cycle/sculpt class at my gym. It felt good and left me ready for the day.

I had to get my blood drawn before work, which is never fun. After work, I went to the BMV to get my license renewed before it expired on my birthday. Such a busy Monday!

Dinner was DELICIOUS!! Healthy pizza, plus a wedge salad. I devoured it!


I went to the gym for a spin class before work.

After work, my mom came over for our weekly girl’s night and we picked up dinner from Whole Foods. We also watched the season finale of This Is Us. Cue all of the tears.


Yet another early morning workout. I took my new favorite class: Tabata. I never knew 30 minutes of a workout could be so hard. Haha!

Dinner was spinach and feta turkey burgers and sweet potato chunks. We had tons of leftovers, so I had it for lunch the next day as well.

After dinner, we watched Survivor before bed.


I took my second spinning class of the week and it was a good one.

After work, I made chicken chili and cornbread muffins. YUM!!! Topped with cheese, of course!

I fell asleep early!


I woke up early for my gluteus maxout class! I was pretty tired, but pushed through it.

After work, we are just planning on having leftovers and watching a movie!

Do you have any fun weekend plans?I’d love to hear!

Have a wonderful rest of your day and weekend!

With love,