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Our Weekend Of Food, Fitness, And Our First Family Outing

Hello, everyone! I hope the weekend treated you well, and got you ready for another week. Ours was eventful, as we finally went out as a family (it only took 7 weeks) haha! Here is the recap:


We had a tough night with the little one. She screamed most of the evening, and nothing seemed to calm her down. I had to eat dinner while rocking her, which has become the norm around here. My husband grilled for us and dinner was tasty!

Burgers, sweet potatoes, and cheesy broccoli!


We had a much happier baby on Saturday and it was so fun! I went to a lifting class at the gym,which kicked my butt, but felt so good! I have missed lifting more than 5 pounds.

After the gym, I fed the little one, then my husband, baby girl, and I went to Scramblers for brunch. Baby did wonderful and slept the whole time! The food was absolutely delicious! It felt awesome getting out as a family.

I had the veggie benny, fruit, and turkey sausage links.

After brunch, and some hanging at home, baby had a bath. That evening, we rented a movie.


The day started with Starbucks and church with my work bestie. It was so much fun to catch up with her!! I go back to work in May and even though I will miss the little one terribly, I will enjoy seeing my bestie every day again!

The rest of the day was spent with a sleepy baby and some house work.

How cute is she in her unicorn dress??

My in-laws came over and hung out and made dinner.

Salad, chicken, veggies, and cauliflower mac and cheese.

When they left, I put baby to bed and watched The Walking Dead with my husband.

So there you have it! Our weekend was lovely and now on to another week. Have a great one!

With love,


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Fit Friday: Mom Edition

Hey there, everyone! Happy Friday!! My baby girl will be one month old tomorrow and I can’t believe how much she has changed already. She is more aware and I love reading and singing to her. Her eyes get so big and she is so perfect!

We have had a hard couple of days, as she cries often and wants to nurse constantly. I think she is going through a growth spurt!

As far as staying fit I am doing a pretty good job considering the lack of sleep.

I have been doing my best to eat healthy, and add in extra snacks throughout the day because breastfeeding makes you hungrier.

What I’ve been eating….

Salmon, mushrooms, and onions.

The most delicious salad from Northstar Cafe.

Buffalo ranch chicken (made in the crockpot) and veggies.

Frozen garlic chicken and pasta meal.

As far as snacks go, I have granola, nuts, fruit, healthier cookies, almond butter….

I weighed the other day and I am 6 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight.


I went to the gym for the first time in a long time and it felt amazing! I walked the treadmill, did the arc trainer, and stair climber for a total of 30 minutes.

At home, I have done the elliptical and barre classes with light weights.

I typically workout during her naps, or when my husband is home before he leaves for work. It just depends on when the little one wakes up!

My husband and I are having our first date night tonight since she has been born. We are going to dinner and then seeing Captain Marvel. I am so excited to have some time with just us, but I know I will miss her like crazy.

That’s all for today! Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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Food, Fitness, Family Time, And Baby Bumps

Hey there, everyone! Sunday night came too soon and it’s almost time for another work week. Here’s hoping it goes quickly! My husband and I are heading to Chicago on Friday to spend the weekend and celebrate his 30th birthday! I am so excited!


Our weekend was so fun! Here’s the recap:


We decided to make homemade pizzas for dinner, which was fun but messy!

We ate while catching up on some shows we missed over the week. Bedtime came fairly early since I had to wake up for teaching.


The day started with coffee and a morning full of teaching.

After teaching, it was time to clean. I did a deep clean since my nephew was coming over.

After cleaning, I headed to the gym for a quick cardio workout! My belly was busting out of my gym clothes haha! Gotta love the baby bumps!

After my workout and a shower my mom and nephew got to our house. My nephew hung out with my husband while I had lunch with my mom. After she left, me and the boys went to the movies to see the new Halloween. It was fun! I love the recliner chairs at the theater.

After the movie, we picked up Bibibop to take home for dinner.

We watched Netflix while we ate.


I woke up and picked us all up Starbucks. We had coffee and chatted for a while. The boys spent most of the day playing video games while I did yoga and ran errands. My brother and my other nephew and niece came over to hang out for a few hours. My niece and I did some shopping.

Once they left I picked up, folded laundry, then had a quick dinner.

Chicken tortilla soup, toast, and pita chips.

I also made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins because I’ve been craving them!

Now, I am snuggled up with my husband and cats relaxing.

Have a great week, everyone!

With love,


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Food, Fitness, Pregnancy, And Our Anniversary

Hello, all! Yesterday marked 24 weeks in my pregnancy. I can’t believe on Thanksgiving day I will officially be in the 3rd trimester. Ahhh!!!

I am starting to get some bad pains in my back and exhaustion is no joke. Not to mention the bladder that ALWAYS feels full! Lol!!! BUT….I love feeling my little bean kicking and seeing my belly grow. Pregnancy really is amazing.

I had a really great week of food and fitness, so here is the recap…


The day started with an upper body workout class at my gym. It is hard to get motivated to take classes, but I am always happy when I go.

Dinner was chicken legs in the air fryer! If you don’t have an air fryer, they are awesome. Food cooks so fast and is always delicious. We also had asparagus and some chips.


The weather was so nice so I went for a jog after work. The pressure on my bladder is pretty bad at this point, so I only did a mile. I also did some other cardio exercises after the jog.

Dinner was pasta with ground turkey. YUMMMM!!!


Not only was it Halloween, but it was our 3 year wedding anniversary! Just a couple favorites from our wedding!

After work, I did a short barre workout before my husband came home early from work. We exchanged gifts before heading out to dinner. My pretty flowers!

We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and enjoyed spending the evening chatting.

I love their bread.

I had shrimp tacos.

After dinner, we came home and watched Netflix until bed.


The day started with a spin class. I haven’t been to one in so long and only stayed half the class, but it felt so good!!

Dinner was leftovers thrown together because I worked late and wanted something easy when I got home.

I ate while watching This Is Us.


The day started with a gluteus maxout class at my gym. It felt great, especially since I haven’t taken this class in so long.

I grabbed Starbucks and they have their holiday cups out now! Yay! So festive.

After work, my husband and I going to make pizzas and just relax. My nephew is coming tomorrow and spending the night! I can’t wait to see him.

Have a great weekend, everyone! With love,


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Weekend Wrap-Up (Food, Fitness, House Work, And Girl Time)

Oh Monday….here we are again. I am praying this week goes by quickly!

I am excited to have a dinner date to Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday! It will be our 3 year wedding anniversary! Yay!!

Before I get to our weekend, I want to share some pictures of my wonderful dad. Today would have been his 68th birthday. Gosh, I miss him so much. Cancer is the worst.

Our family the day I was born.

This past weekend was full of house work, shopping, good food, and relaxing. Here’s the recap…


I woke up, made some coffee, then headed to my “office” to teach 5 online classes. After teaching and some breakfast, I did a barre workout in my basement.

After my workout, I was craving a smoothie. My husband and I ventured out into the cold so I could get one!

It was full of peanut butter and chocolate…YUM!

When we got home, I was ready to do a deep clean of my house. I put on my favorite podcast and got to work. It took hours, but it felt so good to get my cleaning done.

Once I finished, I had a shower, put on pjs, and sent my hubs out to get us Chipotle for dinner.

We watched Making A Murderer until bed.


The day started with sleeping in and coffee. It was so nice! After breakfast, I did a prenatal yoga video. My back has been hurting and it felt so good!

That afternoon my mom came over to spend the day with me while my husband worked on house projects.

We had lunch at Whole Foods. I love their salad bar.

After lunch, we spent the day shopping. My mom got me a ton of maternity clothes! Thanks, mom!!! Early evening, my mom headed home and my husband and I made dinner.

Jalapeno turkey burgers, salad, and corn. It was so good!

We watched more Making A Murderer before bed.

Well, there’s the recap! Have a great week, everyone!

With love,