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Postpartum Fitness, Motivation, And A Feature

Hello and happy hump day, all! It’s a rainy day here and the baby is napping, so I thought it was a perfect time for a post.

Fitness has always been a priority in my life, but I am used to having all the time in the world to take classes, write up workouts, and go to the gym as I please. These days it is much harder, as my number one priority is my little girl. I do, however, find the time to stay active, weather that be between naps, while she plays, or when I have someone to watch her for a while.

I thought today I would share some things that motivate me, in hopes to motivate others.

1) My Daughter

I stay healthy for her. I stay active not only to keep up with her, but also to instill a love of health within her.

2) Myself

Fitness has always been important to me, and helps relive stress and anxiety. Now that I have my daughter, it is important to find time for myself. I am a better mommy to her when I take care of my body.


1) First off, I had to ease back into working out after my daughter was born. I started out walking, then did barre workouts.

Once I felt 100 percent, I moved on to more intense workouts.

2) I love to take classes at the gym (spinning, lifting, yoga, etc.)

3) Running-hiit style treadmill workouts (I also do this on the elliptical at home).

4) Babywearing workouts (These were amazing when my little one was colicky)

5) Fitness Bloggers

I started this blog because I was inspired by other fitness bloggers. What a great community to learn from each other.

I want to feature a blog that I recently started following….

Cooper is a former college athlete (like myself) who shares a passion for health and fitness.

His blog includes workouts (which is awesome for me since I don’t always have time to write my own), nutrition and fitness information, videos (super helpful to actually see the excercises in proper form), supplements, and a podcast (which I started yesterday)!

Check him out here…

The blog:




http://Check out Cooper Brunner (@CooperBrunner):

I did this workout yesterday and my abs are paying for it…

I hope to try this workout with my sister-in-law this week! She is living here for the summer. HIIT style workouts are my favorite.

I hope to feature more in the future! Please share your favorite fitness bloggers or workouts with me in the comments!

Stay inspired, friends!

With love,


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Fit Friday (On A Saturday) And Vacation #2 Plans

Hello, hello everyone! For some reason summer has me off of my blogging game. Ugh! I did just enjoy a vanilla iced coffee while catching up on all of your lovely posts!

Today will be full of cleaning and packing for vacation with my family. Every year, we visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We have been going since I was little, and a piece of my heart is always there! I had my first alcoholic drink there, my dad’s ashes are scattered there, I got engaged there, and went hang gliding over the ocean. It is so special to me!

Last year!

Hang gliding!!

Anyway, on to this week in food and fitness and fun…

I am just going to leave some highlights!

This was from an upper body workout class that I just love!

My other workouts this week included the treadmill, arch trainer, stair climber, weightlifting on my own, a workout video in my basement, and a jog outside!

As for this week in food…

Egg rolls and plantains! I baked the egg rolls to make them healthier.

A rice bowl with cheese, pico, and fried plantainsl.

Panera with my sister in law, niece and nephews! We sat outside and it was SO fun catching up with them. Family makes my heart happy!

Mid week was my work besties birthday! We celebrated at her house by having a Handmaid’s Tale Finale viewing party. We all brought snacks (I made fruit dip), hung out and watched the show.

We had a blast. I love my work family!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I will update from the beach!

With love,


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Fitness And Foodie Friday

Hey, all! It’s Friday! Whoo!!! I feel like this week has drug on, and I am just so ready for the weekend. My husband and I have a date night planned to have dinner, then see the new Avengers movie. I can’t wait!

Anyway, let’s recap this week in food and fitness…


After work, I took a class (the C9 Challenge) at my gym. I do it most Monday evenings and just love it. It works the whole body and I love getting stronger each week.

Dinner was so good! I had a turkey burger, corn on the cob, and sweet potato fries!


After work, I went to the gym for run on the treadmill. My legs were super tight, so I took it easy and loosened them up.

For dinner, we had pasta with beef and a toasted English muffin. It was delicious!!


I woke up early for my favorite workout class, tabata. I get so much out of the 30 minute class.

After work, my mom came over (after being on a cruise). I was excited to see her and thankful for the souvenirs she brought us. We picked up dinner at Whole Foods and hung out. It was so nice!


I woke up at 4am because I had an online class to teach at 4:30 (my first one)! I was amped up after, so I went to a spin class at my gym.

When I got home, I made chocolate peanut butter protein pancakes! They were so tasty!! I had Starbucks coffee too! Yes!

I had the morning of off work because I had a test at the fertility clinic. I was SO nervous, but the anticipation was the worst part.

After work, I came home and made one of our favorite dinners: antipasto squares.

Crescent rolls (on the very bottom and top), mozzarella cheese, ham, salami, and jalapenos!

Before the bake, I added olive oil and parmesan cheese.

I also had a salad with it.

After dinner, my husband and I caught up on some shows before bed.


I woke up early for a gluteus maxout class at my gym. I felt pretty tired most of class.

Now I am relaxing and waiting for my husband to get home so we can have our date night!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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Fit Friday-All Things Food And Fitness

Happy Friday, all! We (my husband, mom, cousin, and I) are currently in the car on the way to Nashville!

This week has been pretty good for food and fitness! I know this weekend will be a different story. Haha! I plan on living it up in Nashville!

Now, onto the recap:


I waited until after work to go to the gym. I went to a full body class called the C9 challenge. I felt so sluggish! It was just an off day.

I made some tasty stir fry for dinner. I get a teriyaki kit from Kroger and add chicken and rice. Yum!


I woke up early for a spin class, but left early to get Starbucks haha!!

I went back to the gym after work and took a yoga class. It felt awesome!

After work, I made a taco bowl for dinner! I added coconut oil fried plantain because it is delicious.


My work bestie met me at the gym and took Tabata with me. I loved having her workout with me. We got Starbucks afterwards before heading to work.

After work, I went to the chiropractor before coming home to make dinner. I decided on leftovers and more fried plantain.


The day started with another spin class and Starbucks coffee.

After work, I went to Coopershawk winery for a wine tasting with some co-workers. It was a perfect way to start spring break!

When I got home, I made a pizza grilled cheese with broccoli cheddar soup.

I spent some time packing before bed.


I woke up early for my gluteus maxout class.

I grabbed coffee and had a quick shower before we hit the road for Nashville.

We’ve been driving for a few hours and stopped at Subway for lunch! I think I might take a nap before my husband needs a break driving.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I can wait to share pictures from our trip.

With love,


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This Week In Food, Fitness, New Hair, And My Blogging Anniversary

Hi and happy Friday, all! This week has been extra busy and I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Here’s the recap:


I waited until after work to workout and take a class called the C9 challenge. It mixes weights and bursts of cardio for an awesome workout. I felt strong and motivated, which doesn’t always happen after a long work day.

Dinner was whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage and toast.


My 1 year blogging anniversary! I didn’t do a special post because I’ve been busy, but I love this community so much!


I woke up early and went to the gym for a treadmill workout.

After work, I rushed to the dentist for a cleaning. Afterwards, my husband and I took our littlest cat to the vet for shots and a check up. We got home pretty late, so we made a quick dinner of grilled cheese, tomato soup, and fruit.


I started the day with my new favorite workout class: Tabata. It is only a half hour, but it is super intense!

After work, my mom came over and we got dinner at Whole Foods. I had a salad, salmon, cheesy cauliflower, and a roll. It was delicious!

We ate and caught up on This Is Us.


I woke up with the intention of going to the gym, but could not get motivated. I did a super short workout in my basement instead. Breakfast was super tasty. I had yogurt with chocolate peanut butter protein powder, nuts, and a healthy peanut butter cup. I also had a lara bar.

After work, I had an appointment for a haircut and color. I loved the salon and left so happy!

When I got home, I wanted something quick to eat so I had a chicken sausage, a hard boiled egg, and a ton of fruit.

After I ate, my husband and I watched a little T.V. before bed.


This morning, I went to the gym for a gluteus maxout class. It is fun and challenging!

That’s all for today! My lunch break is almost over. I’m hoping the rest of the day flies by!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

With love,