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Weekend Wrap-Up (Food, Fitness, House Work, And Girl Time)

Oh Monday….here we are again. I am praying this week goes by quickly!

I am excited to have a dinner date to Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday! It will be our 3 year wedding anniversary! Yay!!

Before I get to our weekend, I want to share some pictures of my wonderful dad. Today would have been his 68th birthday. Gosh, I miss him so much. Cancer is the worst.

Our family the day I was born.

This past weekend was full of house work, shopping, good food, and relaxing. Here’s the recap…


I woke up, made some coffee, then headed to my “office” to teach 5 online classes. After teaching and some breakfast, I did a barre workout in my basement.

After my workout, I was craving a smoothie. My husband and I ventured out into the cold so I could get one!

It was full of peanut butter and chocolate…YUM!

When we got home, I was ready to do a deep clean of my house. I put on my favorite podcast and got to work. It took hours, but it felt so good to get my cleaning done.

Once I finished, I had a shower, put on pjs, and sent my hubs out to get us Chipotle for dinner.

We watched Making A Murderer until bed.


The day started with sleeping in and coffee. It was so nice! After breakfast, I did a prenatal yoga video. My back has been hurting and it felt so good!

That afternoon my mom came over to spend the day with me while my husband worked on house projects.

We had lunch at Whole Foods. I love their salad bar.

After lunch, we spent the day shopping. My mom got me a ton of maternity clothes! Thanks, mom!!! Early evening, my mom headed home and my husband and I made dinner.

Jalapeno turkey burgers, salad, and corn. It was so good!

We watched more Making A Murderer before bed.

Well, there’s the recap! Have a great week, everyone!

With love,


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Weekend Wrap-Up (A Date Night, Girl Time, And A Family Thanksgiving) Plus A B and W Photo Challenge Day 4 and 5

Ahh Sunday evening. I am currently laying on my couch, in front of my fireplace, after a busy day. Seriously it is the best feeling ever! I hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did! 


After work, I came home and got ready for a date night with my husband. We had Bibibop for dinner, then saw Justice League in the comfy theatre with reclining seats. We both loved the movie. 

Purple rice, chicken, corn, kale, carrots and cheese!! I got 3 different sauces on the side because I like variety. 


I slept in until 8:30, which is crazy late for me. I went on a 3 mile run outside to get ready for my Thanksgiving day race in the cold. It felt good and set the tone for my day.

After a shower, I met my best friend for a girl’s day! We got Starbucks, did some shopping, then saw Bad Moms Christmas in the dinner theater. It was a blast!

My meal was amazing. I get this pretty much every time I eat at the movies. It is their grilled chicken quinoa bowl. It has quinoa, chicken, asparagus, tomatoes, grilled onions, feta cheese, and a lemon dressing. Oh so tasty!!

Happy to get out for a day!


I woke up early and had a quick coffee before heading to the grocery store. 

After my shopping, I came home and got ready for family Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. We drove to his home town and enjoyed a full Thanksgiving meal and caught up with everyone. After we ate, we stopped by my husband’s parent’s house to see the pups and hang out a while.

We got home right around 8 and both ate a quick dinner. Now we are relaxing and watching T.V. 

Now to change this up a bit…

If you have seen my past few posts, you know that I was nominated to participate in the black and white photo challenge. 7 days, 7 pictures of your life, no people, no explanations.



I hopeyou guys have a great week! I will be preparing to host Thanksgiving for the first time. Busy busy!!
With love, 


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A Day With My Niece

Hi guys!! How are you today!? We leave for vacation #1 on Thursday and I have a lot to do beforehand. Laundry, cleaning, packing, shopping for the trip, etc. I can’t wait though. We always have a blast at the lake with my husband’s family.

Anyway, yesterday I had a girl’s day with my niece. We both love girl time, especially since we both have two brothers and no sisters. Being an aunt is one of my favorite things and we had a great day.

After I picked her up, we went to lunch at Whole Foods. We both made meals from the bar and it was excellent as always. I made a salad with curry tofu on top. I also had a Zevia to drink (which is pop made with stevia and no nasty sweetners or crap in it).

We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather while we ate. 

My niece loves art, so I took her to a studio where you paint pottery. It was awesome and she couldn’t stop talking about it! We were there nearly 3 hours.

They had TONS of options of items you could paint. I chose a vase and anchor, my

She’s just the sweetest!

After painting we did some shopping and picked up some healthy dinner foods! Those include chicken sausages, sweet potatoes, a salad kid, and coconut water. Sooo tasty!

We finished off the day at my mom’s pool. My brother brought the rest of the family over and we had fun hanging out with them!

It was a perfect evening!

Well, that’s all I have for now! I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to update from the lake.

With love,