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Food, Fitness, Pregnancy, And Winter Break

Hello, all! With 2018 coming to an end, I just can’t help but reflect on my pregnancy journey so far. From medicine that made me sick, to shots, to IUI’s, to finally seeing “positive” on 3 pregnancy tests, it has been a whirlwind. And in just 8ish short weeks we will be meeting our baby girl. What a blessing!!

I am pretty uncomfortable at this point, and I am so tired I have been napping every day of break (even when I get plenty of sleep). I’m a bit nervous about working and feeling so rough!

Anyway, this break has been full of resting, cleaning, and getting prepped for baby girl!


Mac cheese lol

Pasta with meatless “meatballs”

Bibibop from our Friday date night!! It was delicious! Then we saw Aquaman.

Last night’s dinner was tilapia, sweet potato fries, and veggies. Yum!


I made it to a spin class this week (I lasted 30 minutes).

For other cardio, I’m sticking to the elliptical, arc trainer, and lateral machine.

For strength, I am continuing prenatal pure barre videos.

I’m feeling pretty good still during my workouts, which is so nice!


I’ve done a few face masks, taken baths, and tried to just relax as much as I can right now.

Just a cute picture of my Maverick!

Well friends, that’s all for today! Have a safe and fun New Year! I will be at home snuggled up to my husband, cats, and little lady!

With love,


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Christmas Celebrations And A Life Catch Up

Hello, all! If you celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did. I haven’t updated since last week, so it’s time for a little life catch-up from the past weekend through Christmas day.


After work, my husband and I headed to his work Christmas party. We went bowling and they catered in City Bbq for dinner! We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone!

We got home late and crashed.


I taught online before we spent the day cleaning. We decided to grab Chipotle for dinner and ate while we watched the movie Peppermint. It was awesome by the way!

Just a random Saturday photo of us haha!


I went to the gym for a quick cardio workout before my mom and brother came over. My mom and I grabbed lunch and did some shopping!

I love Whole Foods!

After they left, we finished Christmas shopping (last minute, I know)!

We cuddled with the cats and relaxed when we got home.


We woke up, had some coffee, then opened our stockings to each other!

I was so surprised by the prenatal massage gift certificate! Plus, my FAVORITE almond butter! My husband did great.

I did a barre workout before getting ready to head to my in-laws!

When we got to my husband’s hometown, we ate dinner, went to church, then came back to his parents. Once we were there, the siblings exchanged our secret Santa gifts (my brother in law got me an Alexa)!

After presents, we got in pjs and watched a movie!


We woke up, had coffee, ate, then started on presents. My in-laws go ALL OUT and it takes us almost 3 hours to open because we go one at a time.

I got tons of fun things for me and baby! We were spoiled!!! My husband got me an elliptical/bike for when baby comes and I don’t want to leave the house.

We relaxed the rest of the day before having dinner at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house.

We got home late, unloaded the car, then went straight to bed.

I am officially on break from work, so the next week and a half will be spent preparing for baby, teaching online, and catching up on sleep!

Hope you enjoyed the update!

With love,


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A Baby Filled Weekend (A 1st Birthday Party And My Baby Shower)

Hi, all! Sunday is winding down, and I am laying here with my husband. Our weekend was so nice and full of love! It was busy, so I didn’t get my typical weekend cleaning done, but I have some time over Thanksgiving week to do that.

Let’s recap the weekend!


The day started early with online teaching. After teaching, I did a quick pure barre video before getting ready for the day.

My husband and I headed out late morning to go to Cincinnati to celebrate my niece’s first birthday!

When we got there, they had a taco bar for lunch.

It was yummy!

The birthday girl opened presents and gobbled down her cake. We also watched football and just enjoyed the day with my family!

By the time we got home, we didn’t want to cook so we picked up Jersey Mikes subs for dinner.

We ate and watched TV until bed.


My mom came over early and we went to church together. It was so nice. After church, we picked up smoothies before heading back to my place.

I had a hair appointment (which ended up being a slight fiasco). Insted of checking me in when I got there, they canceled my appointment. By the time it was all figured out, we started super late, and I didn’t have time to get my hair washed. She curled it quickly! Luckily, they didn’t charge me.

I hurried home, changed, then headed to my baby shower.

My adorable, delicious cake.

Our yummy spread of food!!

Our sweet girl was so spoiled today!! She will be here before we know it!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

With love,


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Weekend Wrap-Up (Family, Food, And Fitness)

Hello, everyone! I’m posting this a day later than usual because I was in and out of sleep since like 6:30 last night. Haha.

How was your weekend?! Ours was good and I got some quality family time in! Let’s recap:


I managed to sneak in a quick cardio workout before my mom and niece came over. We had such a great day and night! We started our fun with lunch at a place called Chop 5. We were able to build our own salads (set up like Chipotle) and they were so tasty!

Next, we went to the Chocolate Cafe and had dessert. I had a chocolate covered strawberry and it hit the spot!

Next up, we did some shopping and I bought some fall candles! I can’t wait for cooler weather!

After shopping, we went back to my place and watched some TV until dinner. For dinner, we picked up sushi (veggie and California rolls) from Whole Foods.

After dinner, my niece and I baked cookies! We decided to watch Beauty and the Beast before heading to bed.


My mom, niece, and I grabbed Starbucks before heading to our huge outdoor mall for breakfast at Zest. When we got to the mall they had a huge car show going on and it was fun to see!

For breakfast, I had a pistachio oatmeal smoothie and protein bites. It was so tasty!!

After breakfast, my mom and niece headed home.

I went for a short jog, ate some lunch, then took a nap!

Dinner was a lettuce wrapped veggie sub and chips from Jimmy John’s. My husband and I watched the new Super troppers while we ate.


I woke up and went to Starbucks and church with a girlfriend. We had fun catching up!

I folded some laundry and did my grocery shopping when I got home.

When I finished housework, I relaxed a while. Dinner was random, but tasty. Waffles, an apple, and granola cups. I also had some of my husband’s steak haha!

We watched some shark week before bed.

Well, there you have it!

Have a wonderful week!!

With love,


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Let’s Have A Mid-Week Coffee Date

Happy hump day, folks! How is the week treating you so far? Let’s catch up with a coffee date!

I would be having a coffee with soy milk!

I might be all over the place so here goes…

1) First of all, I have to share that I am so excited to see my mom tonight!! She has been gone for a couple of weeks on a cruise. I’m glad she’s home!

Isn’t she adorable?

She sent me a picture of Starbucks in Mexico!

2) Next, I would fill you in on my first fertility appointment and share my nervousness for my test tomorrow. I love the doctor! He is on top of things and I feel confident that he will help us figure out what is going on. We are still doing tests, so hopefully we get some answers soon!!

3) I would also share that I am stressing a little about some life decisions. I’ve been praying a lot and trying to stay positive! I am very excited about my online teaching job, and am teaching my first class tomorrow!

4) I would tell you that I am pumped for my upcoming vacations! Whooo!!! 2 lake trips and 1 beach trip. Hurry up summer!

5) I would ask how you are doing? Please share something with me!

Have a great rest of your day!

With love,