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This Week In Review-Food, Fitness And Friends

Hello! I typically post on Friday, but I’ve had a busy week! First of all, I have to share another ultrasound picture because our baby is growing and moving like crazy.

Baby trying to back flip in the first picture haha!

I’m so beyond in love, I just can’t take it!

Okay…onto this past week!


The day started with Starbucks and a 4 hour crisis prevention class for work. After the class, my work bestie and I went into our classroom to start getting it organized because school starts on Monday!

I was able to get a short cardio workout in later in the day.

Dinner was a PF Changs beef and broccoli kit over rice. Yummy!


I woke up early for a spinning class at the gym, followed by some online teaching.

After that, I drove to my home town to spend the day with my best friend. We went to Starbucks, then got pizza at my favorite local pizza place called Spinozas. I got a whole wheat crust with spicy sauce, spinach and peppers.

When I got home, I took a nap because getting up early and a long drive two ways wore me out.

My husband came home with flowers for me! He’s so sweet!

We had chicken legs for dinner and watched Bachelor in Paradise!


I woke up, taught, cleaned, the hit the gym for a short strength training session! Thank you, Youtube!

My best friend came into town to get her hair done, so we had lunch at Northstar Cafe and did some shopping. Yay for seeing her two days in a row!

Best salad ever!

I did laundry when I got home and caught up on some some shows.

I don’t think dinner was very exciting haha!


I started the day online teaching as usual!

I did a cardio workout, but the rest of the day was uneventful!

Dinner was stir fry over rice.


The day started with teaching, then I had an ultrasound which was so amazing!

Afterwards, I went into work to help my work bestie in the classroom. We are excited and slightly anxious for the year to start!

I did a VERY short jog early evening, but it was so muggy that I decided resting was better for my body.

My husband worked super late so I hung with the cats!

Anyway, my husband’s family is spending the weekend with us!

Have a good one, all!

With love,


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Brunch Dates and BABY News

Hellloo, everyone! How is your Saturday treating you?

I taught a few online classes this morning, went to the gym for a short treadmill workout, then had a brunch date with my husband.

We went to a favorite spot of our called Scramblers. It was so tasty.

I had scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, an English muffin, and fruit.

It hit the spot.

Now, onto another topic:

I’m pregnant!!

It has been a whirlwind up to this point, as I am coming up on 13 weeks.

There’s my little peanut!

How we announced it….

We are so excited and so in love already!

My experience so far has had it’s ups and downs. Here’s what I have realized:

1) The exhaustion I have felt has been like none other. I feel tired most of the time.

2) Morning sickness should be called all day sickness. I’ve had it pretty rough, but have finally started to feel better most days! Yay!

3) Food I once loved makes me sick to look at. Meat has been the worst. Just the sight makes my stomach turn. I’ve finally had some chicken and a few other things, but it isn’t quite what it used to be. Sometimes all that sits is bagels and fried food and that’s okay!

4) I’m still working out, but the motivation has been lacking a bit. I want to stay healthy for me and the little one!

5) Days can be hard, but hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is the best sound in the world.

6) I’m so in love with this little being!

That is it for now! More updates to come.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, everyone!

With love,


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Foodie Friday-Shrimp Scampi Meal Kit

Hello, all! Happy Friday!! How did your week treat you? Do you have any fun weekend plans? I have to do my online teaching all weekend, but the extra money is worth it. I hope we can do something fun as well.

Anyway…last night I tried a meal kit (they actually have them them at some Kroger stores now). It was a shrimp scampi for two and turned out SO good. It was extremely easy!

This meal took less than 20 minutes to make, although my kitchen was messy afterwards haha.

It included cooked fettuccini, shrimp, onions, butter, garlic, red pepper, parsley, and lemon.

I needed olive oil and any extra seasonings we wanted.

First, I cooked the onions, then added the garlic, parsley, and red pepper. Next, I added the shrimp until pink on both sides. Once that was cooked, I added the lemon, butter, and fettuccini until everything was hot. I added salt, pepper, and lemon pepper seasoning before serving.

I also made crescent rolls to go with it.

It was a hit with me and my husband! The store I got it was farther than I typically drive, so I hope them bring these kits to the Kroger near us! I would love to try some other ones.

Have you ever tried a meal kit?

Have a great weekend!!

With love,


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Our Mini Michigan Vacation

Hey there, everyone! Last night, I returned from a 2 night lake vacation with my mom, my oldest brother, and his family. It was so much fun spending time with them, as I don’t see them near as often as I would like.

Here is the recap!


My mom and I got in around 2pm on Sunday and immediately put on swimsuits. We spent the rest of the day rafting, boating, swimming, and relaxing.

My sweet niece!

After spending the day on the water, we decided to go into town for dinner.

They had lines of decorative bikes. I loved this one.

We had dinner at a little sports bar and I had a veggie burger, veggies, and applesauce. I also finished my nephew’s curly fries.

After dinner, we got back and crashed pretty hard.


We woke up and went on a jog/walk with the family. The views were so beautiful. There were stunning homes and golf courses surrounding the lake.

We decided to head into another town this day, but the drive was pretty long. We went into the cutest town for shopping, coffee, and lunch.


Terriaki chicken over a spicy slaw. It was delicious!

The coffee shop was adorable! I got a decaf almond milk latte.

After shopping, we went to lake Michigan which was so beautiful!

My oldest nephew!

We got back to the lake house around 6, made some dinner, had showers, then played Monopoly until bed time.


We went for another jog and enjoyed the beautiful views again. Afterwards, we went on a boat ride while my niece and nephews skied and tubed. Mid day, we headed home.

The drive was kind of long and it felt good to get home and relax!

What a wonderful trip!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!

With love,


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Food, Fitness, Cookouts, And Our Upcoming Mini Vacation

Happy Friday, everyone! How has your week been treating you? Do you have any fun weekend plans? Tomorrow, we are going to my husband’s home town to celebrate a sweet one year old.

On Sunday, my mom and I are leaving for a mini getaway. I’m sad my husband can’t go, but he has no more time off of work. I guess 2 weeks of vacation was a lot! Anyway, we are going from Sunday to Tuesday to my sister in law and her family’s lake house in Michigan. I’m excited to spend time with my brother, his wife, and my niece and nephews.

Next up, let’s recap my week….


The day started with online teaching and getting ready quick before my work bestie picked me up. School starts soon, so we helped our principal unpack things for the classrooms.

When I got home, I had a quick lunch, then forced myself to the gym. I did a quick cardio workout (arc trainer), showered and got ready again. My work bestie and I went to my husband’s shop so he could work on her car. While he was working, we had dinner at Jersey Mike’s subs.

I had a veggie sub and sun chips.


After teaching, I went to the gym for an upper body workout class. It felt good, but left me tired.

I met my mother and sister in law for lunch because they were in town to shop. We had fun catching up!

Dinner was frozen veggie lasagna (it did not taste awesome, but I was in no mood to cook). I ate it all, though haha.


I was able to get a 3 mile jog in because the weather was cool and felt amazing!

I had an appointment and ran some errands, but nothing too exciting happened this day.

For dinner, we made fritos taco salad! It was so good!!


I had a rough day because I was not feeling well. I managed to do a yoga video and take a bath. I finally got a touch of energy so I cleaned and mopped.

We had plans to have dinner at our friend’s house. We had fun, despite my not feeling 100 percent.

They cooked out and we ate at talked on their deck. It was so nice!

I also got to snuggle their sweet pup!

We got home late and went straight to bed.


I have a big list of things to do today, and need to get started soon!

Have a great weekend!

With love,