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Let’s Have A Coffee Date Catch-Up (Family, Food, Fitness, And Sickness)

Hello, all! Gosh I feel like I haven’t written in so long. Things have been crazy around here. Typically, I would be working out right now, but I decided to put it off until later so that I could sit in the quiet and sip on a large cup of coffee.

As I drink my Starbucks blend coffee with vanilla soy and you grab whatever you enjoy, I will fill you in on life lately.


Last weekend we had a lot of time with just our little family, and loved every second of it. The weather was so nice!

We went to the zoo and the baby had a blast pointing to, and reaching for the animals! She especially loved the aquarium!

My husband and I had a great evening that night after the baby went to bed. We made a big meal together, then rented Ford Vs. Ferrari (which was SO good by the way).

This week, before sickness hit our family, baby K and I got to the park. She was laughing so hard on the swings! It was the cutest thing ever. The pure look of joy on her face just melts me.


This family has been hit with some nasty colds. The baby got it first, but is finally starting to improve. Now my husband and sister-in-law are sick.

As far as myself, I haven’t gotten it yet, but am cleaning and disinfecting like crazy.


With the weather getting nicer, we are getting out for walks and runs! It has been wonderful.

I have also been able to get to the gym for some classes including:

*RINGSIDE- a boxing inspired workout with weights. It kicks my behind!!

*Upper Body RX


I also am continuing Barre and the Elliptical at home!


My husband and I made a delicious skillet meal with chicken sausage, mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, and lots of seasoning! It was so good!!

Shrimp pasta and vegetables!

We’ve also grilled out some!


I am not sure what the weekend will bring. I am just praying that the sickness leaves this house, and we get some much needed rest!

This post ended up taking me until baby K’s bedtime, so that’s all for this update. I am looking forward to catching up on all of your posts!

All my love,


4 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Coffee Date Catch-Up (Family, Food, Fitness, And Sickness)”

  1. Aww my gosh. I miss baby K’s sweet face. She looks so joyful in the swing. I love it!! ♡ I’m so sorry your family was sick during this time!! The food looks amazing, as always. 😍

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