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A Fit Mamma And Baby Update

Hello, all! I feel like I have been so sporadic with my writing because I have been so busy. Ever since my sweet girl turned one her schedule has changed so much. I fear that she has already dropped to one nap, and she is everywhere! Gosh, isn’t she so cute though?? I tried on her new swimsuit and hat. We are ready for warm weather.

She is getting molars, and I hate seeing her in pain. I do have teething oil and chew toys! One night we had to use tylenol because it was so bad. She is full of energy, and learns new things each day. My favorite thing is that she growls at the jaguar in her animal book. She really is the best baby!!


I have been doing my best to stay healthy, and continue having balance in my life. On Friday, I got to go out for a glass of wine with my bestie from my old job! It was much needed. I love every time we get together. I am on constant mom dudy (which I love), but time with friends is so important.

My little family got out on a walk yesterday, which was so nice! It was chilly, but very sunny. The baby loved looking around, and my husband and I enjoyed chatting.

Hubs and I rented Rocketman after the baby went to bed last night. We both really enjoyed it!!


I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures this past week, but here are a couple dinners!

Roast (I put mine on a sandwich thin) with potatoes and carrots.

Chickpea pasta with meat sauce!


*I got out for a run this week because we had a day of mild weather! It felt so good!!




*Upper body RX class

Today, we are planning going out to breakfast as a family! I’m so excited. I also need to grocery shop and get some cleaning done.

I am off to finish my coffee before the baby gets up.

Have a wonderful day!

With love,


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