Diary Of A Sick Mamma

Hello, all! I am currently laying in bed, snuggled up to my little kitty, watching TV and recovering from getting terribly sick yesterday.

It started as a normal Saturday, with coffee and family time. I went to the gym for an upper body workout class, feeling fine the whole time.

I got home and cleaned the house while the baby napped. I felt a little flushed, but thought I was just hot from the cleaning. I took a quick shower, then got the baby up and started feeding her a bottle.

That is when things took a turn for the worse. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, so I yelled for my husband to take the baby and get me a bucket. He put the baby in her bouncer, then grabbed me the Halloween candy bucket just in time for me to lose my lunch. It scared baby K and she cried so much. My husband took her to another room and kept saying, “mommy is okay.” I made it into the bathroom and puked at least 10 more times. I could hear the baby cry every time I did, and it broke my heart.

My husband took over everything; cleaning up after me, playing with the baby, then getting her to bed.

Meanwhile, I slept on the bathroom floor until I knew I was done throwing up. I had a temp of 101, and was freezing.

I was able to drink a little water and have a few pretzels before bed.


I woke up feeling better, but nauseous. I was hungry, so I ate and drank water. I had to be back on mom duty, but this sweet face made me so happy.

I am just praying the baby and my husband don’t get this! I washed and disinfected everything I touched yesterday. The rest of my evening will be spent taking it easy until bedtime!

Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone!

With love,


22 thoughts on “Diary Of A Sick Mamma”

  1. Oh no 😦 Hope you feel better soon! I was sick last week AND had to move so I was extremely careful to not get my fiance sick. Well, fingers crossed he doesn’t catch the cold I had anytime soon! Moving with a cold is no fun.

    Hang in there!!

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  2. Oh my gosh, Carly, I am so sorry that you were feeling so unwell. That’s truly the sweetest thing I’ve ever read that baby was crying every time you threw up, she was so worried about her mama! 😭 Hope everyone in your home is healthy now! β™‘

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    1. Thanks, girl! The stomach bug is all clear, thank goodness!! Unfortunately the little one has a bad cold now. Ugh! It really was so sweet that she was worried about me.😍😭😭 It hurt my heart that I couldn’t hug her and tell her I was okay!

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      1. Ah nooo, poor baby K 😦 I hope her cold disappears soon!! She is so smart to have even known that meant you weren’t feeling well. What a sweetie. ❀ ❀

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