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Food, Fitness, And Motherhood

Hello, all!! Happy Friday! The baby is down for a nap, the house is clean, laundry is folded and put away, and this mamma is finally sitting and watching Friends reruns. Typically, I don’t have time to do this, but it sure feels good!

Let’s start this post with some tasty food and fitness from this week…


My mom came over on Monday and baby and I enjoyed spending the day with her! I snuck out for a 3 mile run while she played with the baby. It was drizzling, but I loved the cooler weather. I am SO ready for Fall!!

We went to lunch at Whole Foods and enjoyed the salad bar.

It was delicious as always! We did some shopping afterwards before coming back to my place.

My husband and I made stir fry for dinner. We all ate and watched Bachelor In Paradise.


My workout for the day was barre arms and 15 minutes on the elliptical!

It was too rainy to get out for stroller walks, but we did run to Kroger just to get out for a little.

Lunch was a stuffed avacado and it was so yummy!

When my husband got home, I made spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner!


My workout was a HIIT video from YouTube! I love that I can get a good workout completed at home.

Baby and I also took about 3 stroller walks. Our weather was amazing and we both enjoyed getting outside so much!

Dinner was salmon made in the cast iron skillet and a salad.


I woke up before my online teaching and went to the gym for a spin class. This one in particular uses weights to add in some arm work. I love it!

Thursday was full of more stroller walks and tons of cleaning while she napped!

Baby K also had her Bugs class. It is a mommy and me gym class and we have such a blast!

The class does different excercises to get baby moving including rolls, parachutes, the bars, whindmill pushes, balance beam (while mom holds them up), and free play with balls, rattles, and the other babies. The instructor also blows bubbles which is a huge hit!

Dinner was pork over a salad! Yum!!


This morning I did a HIIT leg workout once I was done online teaching and baby was down for a nap!

We also have had a stroller walk and hope to get another one in later.

That’s about all for this update!

Have an awesome weekend!

With love,


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