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Food, Fitness, And A 23 Week Bumpdate

Hello, and happy happy Friday, all! I am SO ready for the weekend. Yesterday, I hit the 23rd week of my pregnancy and boy am I feeling it.

I’m getting more uncomfortable by the day, but it is so worth it. I can’t wait way to snuggle this sweet baby!!



*It is getting harder to move around (especially in bed)

*Acne-it has settled all over my chin and doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon

*Dry/itchy skin- although I did find an amazing lotion that is helping


*Bladder pressure

*Pretty much none of my clothes fit anymore- time to do a full maternity shopping trip!


*Cheese and comfort foods

-No aversions right now-


*I am feeling her move so much and it is amazing

*Extra bonding with my husband

*Getting the nursery ready

*Getting pumped for my baby shower in a few weeks


This week has been more home workouts than anything.

MONDAY: I overslept and needed it because my cold was bothering me so bad. I did a short barre workout after work to get my body moving and it helped.

TUESDAY: I didn’t have time to do much so I just stretched out a bit in the morning.

WEDNESDAY: I made it to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio.

THURSDAY: A 50 minute bump at the barre workout in my basement. It felt so good!

FRIDAY: 30 minutes of cardio (10 on the arc trainer, 10 on the stair climber, and 10 on the treadmill)


MONDAY: Salmon, plantain, veggies, and a salad. SO delicious!

TUESDAY: My girlfriends came over and we made ruebens. They were a hit! We also had pita chips and spinach dip.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken terriaki stir fry over brown rice.

THURSDAY: Subs from Jersey Mike’s because we didn’t want to cook haha.

I am not sure what to have tonight, but I plan on hitting up Whole Foods after work!

Also, here are some adorable pictures of my cats from the week just because!

Hope you enjoyed the update! Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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