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Fit Friday, A Flat Tire, And Week 22 Of My Pregnancy

Hello and happy Friday, all! Our students are off today, so I am spending the day working in our classroom…sort of…or maybe drinking Starbucks…lol!

Anyway, this week had its ups and downs. UP: I am 22 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! Another week of feeling my precious girl and another week closer to holding her in my arms. Oh my heart!

DOWN: I got a flat tire driving home from work the other day and my husband had to leave work to rescue me. Tires are not cheap! Ugh!! It could have been worse though.

Okay, back to baby updates:

Terrible picture of me, but it is fun to watch her grow.

She is kicking like crazy! I love feeling her. It is so reassuring.

WEIGHT GAIN: Right around 12-13 pounds depending on when I weigh.

CRAVINGS: Cheese and pretzels, french toast sticks…lol


*I have been moody

*Itchy skin


*Im starting to get uncomfortable with my growing belly


*Still feeling well overall

*She is moving more and more

*Starting her nursery and going through clothes

*Just getting closer to meeting her


Monday: an upper body workout class


WEDNESDAY: Off due to dealing with my popped tire

THURSDAY: Prenatal barre workout in my basement

FRIDAY: 20 minutes on the treadmill/ jogging and walking, plus 10 minutes on the arc trainer


Turkey burger, plantain, and veggies

Beef, mushrooms, veggies, and cream of celery over brown rice

Leftover turkey burger with a salad kit

Whole Foods spread

Well guys, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the update. Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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