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Our Weekend (Family, Babies, Football, Food, And Fitness)

Hello, everyone! I hope Monday hasn’t treated you too bad. Mine was good, even though I was still a bit tired from our family filled weekend.

Let’s recap!


The day started with coffee and some online teaching.

After teaching, I finished up my cleaning and booked my husband’s 30th birthday trip to Chicago! Yay!!

I had a little time to hit the gym for some cardio before my family came over.

My mom, brother and his wife were all going to the Ohio State game, so my husband and I babysat our sweet niece.

She had fun chasing our cats, but they did not enjoy the chaos.

We took her to the park and it was so much fun. By the time we got her to bed we were exhausted. I made an apple cake to snack on and my husband made chili for dinner.

Once everyone got back from the game, we ate and talked/watched football until 11ish. I slept so hard that night!


I was the first one up, and my mom was up shortly after. We grabbed Starbucks for everyone.

My brother treated us to brunch at Scramblers which was delicious!

After brunch and some cleaning, my in-laws stopped by and I went to Sam’s Club with my mother-in-law.

When they left, I ran to target while my husband worked on some house projects. Next up is the nursery!

We made an apple bake which was super tasty!

For dinner, I had a salad with chicken!

Bed time came early!

It was a lovely weekend! I hope yours was, too!!

With love,


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