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Fit Friday And A Halfway Pregnancy Update

Oh, ohhhh, we’re halfway there….

Guys. Yesterday marked 20 weeks of my pregnancy, and halfway to meeting our baby girl. The excitement I feel is unbelievable.

Here’s how things are going:


Week 4 to last weekend…

The belly is popping more each week! I’ve gained 11ish-12 pounds and can feel my belly and abs stretching. What a cool, weird experience!


These have hit me hard this week. My back is tighter (thank goodness for wonderful insurance that covers chiropractic care). I have been getting cramps in my calves and legs like crazy.


1) Sleeping! I am beginning to get uncomfortable, so I toss and turn for a while.

2) The need to pee ALL. THE. TIME.

3) Anxiety. I keep thinking of all that we need to do before she gets here and it is making me stress too much.


Peanut butter cups. Or any chocolate with peanut butter for that matter! Haha.


1) I am starting to feel her move more and it is amazing.

2) The love I feel for my husband when he talks about her or talks to my belly. How lucky am I?

3) My cats snuggling on my belly. It is too sweet!

4) Just getting closer to meeting our sweet pea!

Now….let’s move on to some food and fitness this week….


The day started with an upper body workout class at the gym. It feels great to start the week off right!

For dinner we made pizza and had salad kit with it!


I went for a jog after work. The weather was awesome, but the pressure on my bladder was annoying!

Dinner was taco salad with fried plantains!

I made a healthier apple cake for dessert. It was gone in a day and a half haha!


I did a short barre workout, followed by a yoga video at home before heading to work.

After work, I had dinner with my mom and close friend at Chuys. My food was much unhealthier than usual and left me feeling a little crappy. It sure tasted good though!

A fried avacado stuffed with chicken and cheese, beans, and rice.


After work, I went to the gym for a cardio workout. I did a 15 minute jog/walk and 15 minutes on the arc trainer.

Dinner was a sweet potato, salad, and an almond butter granola cup! A much needed healthy meal after the night before.


The morning started with an upper body workout video, plus a little cardio.

Tonight, we plan on making dinner and renting a movie! My family is coming into town tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


3 thoughts on “Fit Friday And A Halfway Pregnancy Update”

  1. I just love reading your update posts!! You wear pregnancy SO well & I’m glad all is going so smoothly πŸ™‚ Oh my goodness- can we talk about that fried avocado?! That sounds heavenly

    Liked by 1 person

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