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Fit Friday And Week 19 Of My Pregnancy

Hi, all! I am SO happy it’s Friday. I am finally home on my couch, windows open, enjoying a breeze. Yay!

Let’s jump right in…

As of yesterday, I am 19 weeks pregnant. Crazy to think that we will be halfway through in less than a week!

Ignore the messy guest room lol! This belly sure is growing!

We had our anatomy scan on Tuesday and got to see our sweet girl. She is an active one and weighs 10 ounces.

This week in all things pregnancy:

FEELING: I’m feeling good! I am definitely enjoying this while it lasts. No more morning sickness, and not so big that I am uncomfortable.

WEIGHT GAIN: I weighed this morning and I am up 11 pounds. I have made the mistake of reading where others were/are at this point lol! I am embracing the weight, but it is odd seeing myself grow so fast.

SKIN: So itchy…everywhere!!! Also, my face has been breaking out.


OVERALL: Happy, tired, in love, excited, nervous…just full of emotions.

So….onto this week in food and fitness.

I’m definitely eating more, and working out less, but I am staying healthy and active for myself and sweet baby!


An upper body lifting class on Monday.

Tuesday was cardio at the gym.

Wednesday was a pregnancy lifting workout from YouTube.

Thursday I took off.

Today was 30 minutes of cardio (split between the arc trainer, treadmill, and stair climber).


Meatball sandwich and a salad

Taco Salad

Carmel apples….yay Fall!

Potbelly Subs

Ham and minestrone soup, plus banana nut muffins

So there you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed my update!

Have a lovely weekend!!

With love,


6 thoughts on “Fit Friday And Week 19 Of My Pregnancy”

  1. That’s cool that you guys got to do the anatomy scan! It’s always surreal seeing baby move around in there, makes the pregnancy so much more real πŸ™‚
    I’m looking forward to doing that ourselves, especially since our earlier scans were too soon to find out the gender haha.

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