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Fit Friday And Week 18 Of My Pregnancy

Hello and happy Friday, all! Do you have any fun weekend plans? We are heading to Michigan for a friend’s wedding. I will be exhausted come Sunday haha.

Anyway…Let’s start this week with a baby update…

I am officially 18 weeks as of yesterday and this belly is poppin’!


*Clumsy….oh so clumsy. I took a good fall which scared me so bad, but all is okay.

*Moody. I hate this so much, but these hormones are no joke.

*More Energized (for the most part)


*In love. I felt her move for the first time and my heart went crazy. I love this little one!




*Carrots and ranch


*Chicken (makes my stomach turn)


I have done something each day this week…yay!

MONDAY: a pregnancy lifting circuit

TUESDAY: 30 minutes of cardio (10 on the treadmill, 10 on the stair climber, 10 on the elliptical)

WEDNESDAY: A pure barre video at home.

My workout buddy…

THURSDAY: 30 minutes of cardio.

FRIDAY: A gluteus maxout class at the gym.


I am feeling good still! Let’s hope it lasts!

Now…onto this week in meals…

Whole wheat pasta with turkey meatballs.

Taco salad with coconut oil fried plantains. The beer is my husband’s by the way LOL.

Jalepeno ranch beef burger with a sweet potato and brussel sprouts.

Salmon, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, and a salad from Whole Foods.

I hope you enjoyed my update! Have a wonderful weekend!!

With love,


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