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Our Busy, Family-Filled Weekend

Hello, everyone! Ah, Monday came again way too quickly. I definitely could have used an extra day to sleep, but oh well! We had a busy weekend and it flew by.

Time to recap:


The day started super early (6am). My hubby and I got on the road to my mom’s place in Cincinnati. We moved her into a newer, nicer apartment! Yay!! We grabbed Starbucks for breakfast on the way.

The move took all day, but went smoothly! We took lunch and dinner breaks of course. Lunch was Jersey Mike’s subs and dinner was Whole Foods.


My husband worked so hard to get everything perfect for my mom. He is the best!

We got home late, but stayed up to watch football. I had trouble falling asleep, which stunk because I had to get up early.


The day started early, as I had to teach online. I was exhausted!

I decided to go for a jog after and made it 3 miles! I was so proud of myself. It’s been forever since I have felt good enough to go that far.

After my jog and a quick lunch, we packed up our beach bag to go to Alum Creek to meet up with my husband’s family. It is close to our house and has a beach and lots of room for fun things. My in-laws brought their jet skis and snacks for the day.

17 weeks, 3 days!

After our day outside we were all super hungry. We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and it was delicious!

After dinner we came home and crashed hard!

It was a good weekend!

Hope you all have a great week!

With love,


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