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Fit Foodie Friday And Week 16 Of My Pregnancy

Hey there, everyone!! Happy Friday! I hope you all have some enjoyable weekend plans. I teach tomorrow morning, then I will clean, and relax! Yay!! I also want to get a start on our sweet baby girl’s room.

Speaking of our little one, I am officially at week 16 and am feeling pretty darn good. My belly is growing quickly and I am up 8 pounds since the beginning. I am officially out of most of my pants and am relying on my maternity pants, leggings, and belly band.

Let’s talk fitness at this week in my pregnancy…

I have cut my workouts way back, as my body is so tired. I mean, I am growing a human and working 2 jobs. That’s pretty exhausting!

I typically hit a workout 5 times a week! I have been doing light cardio, pregnancy lifting workouts, and yoga! I also took a barre class this week.

I love this little one so much!


Stir fry with beef

Cheese stuffed mushrooms

A loaded salad and wheat toast

Orange chicken stir fry with brown rice

Whole wheat pasta with cabbage rolls, plus a salad

Tonight will probably be pasta leftovers while we watch Game of Thrones!

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


2 thoughts on “Fit Foodie Friday And Week 16 Of My Pregnancy”

  1. It’s totally understandable that you’ve cut your workouts back a bit, Carly! You’re right, growing a human and working two jobs is a lot of work!

    The stir-fries both look so yummy and the cheese stuffed mushrooms, too! Mmmm!! 🤤

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