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Weekend Wrap-Up (Family, Food, And Fitness)

Hello, everyone! I’m posting this a day later than usual because I was in and out of sleep since like 6:30 last night. Haha.

How was your weekend?! Ours was good and I got some quality family time in! Let’s recap:


I managed to sneak in a quick cardio workout before my mom and niece came over. We had such a great day and night! We started our fun with lunch at a place called Chop 5. We were able to build our own salads (set up like Chipotle) and they were so tasty!

Next, we went to the Chocolate Cafe and had dessert. I had a chocolate covered strawberry and it hit the spot!

Next up, we did some shopping and I bought some fall candles! I can’t wait for cooler weather!

After shopping, we went back to my place and watched some TV until dinner. For dinner, we picked up sushi (veggie and California rolls) from Whole Foods.

After dinner, my niece and I baked cookies! We decided to watch Beauty and the Beast before heading to bed.


My mom, niece, and I grabbed Starbucks before heading to our huge outdoor mall for breakfast at Zest. When we got to the mall they had a huge car show going on and it was fun to see!

For breakfast, I had a pistachio oatmeal smoothie and protein bites. It was so tasty!!

After breakfast, my mom and niece headed home.

I went for a short jog, ate some lunch, then took a nap!

Dinner was a lettuce wrapped veggie sub and chips from Jimmy John’s. My husband and I watched the new Super troppers while we ate.


I woke up and went to Starbucks and church with a girlfriend. We had fun catching up!

I folded some laundry and did my grocery shopping when I got home.

When I finished housework, I relaxed a while. Dinner was random, but tasty. Waffles, an apple, and granola cups. I also had some of my husband’s steak haha!

We watched some shark week before bed.

Well, there you have it!

Have a wonderful week!!

With love,


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up (Family, Food, And Fitness)”

  1. Mmm that BYO salad looks fantastic! Chocolate covered strawberries are seriously so wonderful, I don’t know how you stuck to only eating one! I have to have like 5 in a row before I’m satisfied haha.

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