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Fit Friday-Food, Fitness, Friend Dates, And Zumba

Hello and happy Friday, all!! How has your week been?! Mine has been lovely, and I have another fun day planned. My niece and mom are spending the day and night with me. Yay!!

I am definitely enjoying the rest of summer before the school year starts!

Here is this week’s recap!


My day was spent cleaning and getting things done around the house.

I waited until evening to take an express upper body class at my gym. 30 minutes, but I always get so much out of it!

Dinner was pizza! I made my crust with Kodiak Cake mix. It is a healthy, versatile pancake mix. It makes an awesome crust! Topped with mozzarella, chunky sauce, and turkey pepperoni.

After dinner, we watched the Bachelorette before bed.


I woke up and taught some online classes. I LOVE this little side gig!!

I was exhausted this day, so my workout was just a short video in my basement. Just enough to get me moving.

Dinner was minestrone soup and cornbread!

I fell asleep early, knowing Wednesday was a busy day for me.


I started the day teaching, as usual. After teaching, I met a girlfriend for breakfast at our favorite spot: Northstar Cafe. The food is always fresh and incredible. Plus, our meals were free because the last time we went it took too long to get our food (even though it wasn’t long at all). Anyway, we talked for a couple hours and enjoyed our dishes.

I had the sweet potato and turkey hash topped with eggs. YUM!!

After we ate, I had a dr. appointment. It was fine, except they had to take what felt like so much blood! Ugh, no thank you! Haha.

I relaxed a bit, before having a snack, then picking up my work bestie for my first ever Zumba class. Guys, that class is not easy! It was so much fun, though.

Post workout!

It was pretty late when I was heading home, so I picked up a veggie sub and sun chips at Jersey Mike’s subs.

My husband and I ate while watching Master Chef!


The day started with a spin class at my gym! It felt great, but left me a bit worn out.

I didn’t do much the rest of the day, but dinner was delicious.

I made antipasto squares. I make mine with Annie’s organic crescent rolls, then stuff the inside with whatever sounds good. My side had mozzarella, turkey pepperoni, and tamed jalapenos. I added ham to my husband’s side. Before baking, I top it with olive oil and parmesan.

I had a salad with mine.

We rented the movie Rampage and watched it while we ate!

We went to bed early.


I was supposed to teach this morning, but it was canceled so I’m writing this instead! I need to clean and hopefully workout before my mom and niece get here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


5 thoughts on “Fit Friday-Food, Fitness, Friend Dates, And Zumba”

  1. That kodiak pizza looks fantastic! I did look for that mix in the store but, I was sad to see there’s dairy ingredients in it. 😦 Seems so versatile! I wanna try it so bad! & Northstar Cafe always looks so amazing!

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