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Fit Friday (On A Saturday) And Vacation #2 Plans

Hello, hello everyone! For some reason summer has me off of my blogging game. Ugh! I did just enjoy a vanilla iced coffee while catching up on all of your lovely posts!

Today will be full of cleaning and packing for vacation with my family. Every year, we visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We have been going since I was little, and a piece of my heart is always there! I had my first alcoholic drink there, my dad’s ashes are scattered there, I got engaged there, and went hang gliding over the ocean. It is so special to me!

Last year!

Hang gliding!!

Anyway, on to this week in food and fitness and fun…

I am just going to leave some highlights!

This was from an upper body workout class that I just love!

My other workouts this week included the treadmill, arch trainer, stair climber, weightlifting on my own, a workout video in my basement, and a jog outside!

As for this week in food…

Egg rolls and plantains! I baked the egg rolls to make them healthier.

A rice bowl with cheese, pico, and fried plantainsl.

Panera with my sister in law, niece and nephews! We sat outside and it was SO fun catching up with them. Family makes my heart happy!

Mid week was my work besties birthday! We celebrated at her house by having a Handmaid’s Tale Finale viewing party. We all brought snacks (I made fruit dip), hung out and watched the show.

We had a blast. I love my work family!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I will update from the beach!

With love,


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