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Fit Friday-Summer Break Addition

Hello and happy Friday, all! How did the week treat you? Do you have any weekend plans? We have a lot to do around the house, but it will be nice to get so much taken care of. Tonight, we are going to dinner with some friends at a place called Oak Hill Bbq. Think hole in the wall with AMAZING food. I’m so excited.

Anyway, this past week has been my first full week of summer break. It has been wonderful! I am still teaching online, but I finish my classes by 8:30 am each day.

Let’s recap, shall we?


I woke up and taught 3 classes before heading to the gym. I took a gluteus maxout class and decided to do lighter weight and focus on form. I’m so glad I did this!

After the gym, I met a girlfriend for lunch at Northstar Cafe. Their food is fresh and SO tasty!

We had been waiting about 10-15 minutes before the waiter apologized that is was taking so long. Our next meals are free! I wasn’t even worried about the wait at all (our food came out right after), but I won’t turn down free food! Haha!

After lunch, I took a nap before prepping my classes for the next day.

The hubs and I had stir fry for dinner while watching the Bachelorette.


I woke up, taught my classes, then went to the gym for a new class called upper body extreme. It was a really good workout and I will take it again!

I also stayed after for yoga. I needed it!

After the gym, I came home, cleaned a bit, had some lunch, and took a nap.

Later, I did some organizing and just hung out until my husband came home.

Dinner was pasta! I added veggie sausage, but hated it, so I took it off and just enjoyed my pasta with parmesan.

We watched TV until bed.


I woke up early and went to the gym for some cardio. I did 10 minutes on the stair climber, a mile jog, then 10 minutes on the arc trainer.

After the gym, I got ready, taught one class, then headed to my hometown to visit my best friend! She is due with twins this month!

We went to Starbucks, then had lunch at Potbelly! Afterwards, we hung out at her house with her two little ones, her mom, and brother. It was so nice!

I headed home mid day and was so tired, that I had a nap. Seriously I NEVER nap. What is wrong with me?! I also tried on my new nighty haha!

I did a closet purge until my husband came home. We had salmon, air fried veggies, and watermelon for dinner.

My husband spent time playing video games, so I watched some old episodes of American Horror Story until bed.


I woke up, taught 3 classes, then headed to the gym. I took a spin class, but only stayed 30 minutes. I am working on listening to my body and stopping when I need to.

I grabbed a smoothie before heading home.

Once I got home, I showered and watched some TV before my husband called to meet him for lunch. I love mid-day dates! We met at Chipotle and I had chicken tacos.

I took a nap when I got home because I was so tired again. When I woke up, I cleaned and did some more organizing before my husband came home.

Dinner was a salad with almonds, terriaki chicken, plantain, and leftover pasta.

We caught up on Masterchef before bed.


I woke up this morning and taught two classes. The kids we great and super respectful, which makes my job so easy! I had a keto coffee while I prepared!

After teaching, I went to a barbell strength class at the gym. I used light weights and worked on form. It felt good!

I have a chiropractor appointment later and need to clean some!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

With love,


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