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Weekend Wrap-Up (It’s Officially Summer Break)

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend?! Ours was pretty chill. It was my first weekend of summer break, which makes me so happy!!

Here’s the recap:


Dinner was a thai veggie burger and corn on the cob! It was so tasty.

We watched some TV before bed.


I woke up, had some coffee, and taught one online class.

After teaching, I made some almond butter protein pancakes topped with bananas and honey for breakfast.

I watched some TV before heading to the gym. I did around 20 minutes on the stair climber (until my heart rate started getting to high), then ten minutes on the arc trainer.

When I got home, I had a quick lunch, cleaned a bunch, and prepped my classes for next week.

Once it was time for dinner, I had terriaki chicken, corn, and a salad.

My husband worked on redoing our bathroom and continued after dinner. I made a healthier s’more and watched Shark Tank while he did that haha!

Low fat Graham crackers, dark chocolate, bananas, and almond butter. YUM.

We watched a movie before bed.


This morning, I woke up, had some coffee and Quaker overnight oats before going to church with a friend.

After church and a quick lunch, I went to the library, then the grocery store.

When I got home, I unloaded, then took a nap. My body has been exhausted with all of the meds and shots, but I know it will all be worth it!

My husband made a delicious dinner of pork loin, herb potatoes, and salad! I am loving the taste of food cooked in our cast iron skillet.

We also cut up a watermelon!

Everything was delicious!!

Now I am off to clean up the kitchen before our show comes on.

Have a wonderful upcoming week, friends!

With love,


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