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Weekend Wrap-Up (Food, Fitness, Fun, And Family)

Hello, everyone! I meant to post last night, but was way too tired to write. We had a busy, family filled weekend! We had a full house, that’s for sure. It was so much fun! Let’s recap:


I got home from work, cleaned up a bit, and tried to fit in a quick nap (which didn’t happen). My mom and nephew came over to spend the weekend! Once my husband got home, the four of us headed to dinner and a movie (Deadpool 2). For dinner, we had Bibibop! Soooo good! And the movie was awesome.

My nephew!

It was late when we got back to the house so we all went to bed.


I woke up early because I had 2 online classes to teach. My mom picked up Starbucks for us while I was teaching! It was a great treat!

After coffee and breakfast, we headed to the park for basketball and some jogging. We had so much fun. It started pouring and we got soaked on the walk back.

We all showered, then headed to lunch at Potbelly! I love their subs.

After lunch, we went bowling at Star Lanes. It was a lot of fun. We hit up the game room, too!

When we got home, my brother and sister in law came over with my niece. We babysat while they went to a wedding.

She is such a good baby!!!

Everyone stayed at our place that night.


When I woke up, we all watched the rest of Safe on Netflix!

We all moved slow that morning and had coffee and donuts while hanging out on the couch.

The whole family left around 1 and I took a nap. My body was just exhausted. I finally went to the grocery store, prepped my classes for the week, and folded laundry.

The hubs and I watched 27 Dresses (my choice haha) while eating dinner.

We went to bed early!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

With love,


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