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Fit Friday (This Week In Food And Fitness), A Life Update, And Our Upcoming Weekend

Hello, everyone! How is your Friday treating you so far? Mine has been good, as we only have a few kiddos at school today. This is much needed after a long, crazy week.

Let me update you on what’s happening in my life..

1) We only have 8 more days with our students and I am so excited for summer. We have a few trips planned and I am ready to relax!

Lake days on the left, beach days on the right.

2) My new online teaching job is wonderful, but wearing me out. The extra early mornings are hard, but so worth it.

3) And so another round of fertility medications and ultrasounds begin. I am hopeful, but definitely struggling. I am SO thankful and blessed to have the most wonderful husband to go through it all with.

On another note, we have a busy weekend ahead! My mom and nephew are coming tonight to see Deadpool and stay the weekend. Tomorrow, my brother and his wife are going to a wedding near us so we get to watch my sweet niece. We will have the whole crew staying Saturday night. I am excited to spend time with my family.

This week has been crazy, but we made some tasty, healthy meals and I did some good workouts. Here’s the recap:


I waited until after work to go to the gym and take the C9 Challenge. It left me so sore!

Dinner was pasta with cheese stuffed turkey meatballs! I also had an English muffin!!


I woke up early to teach before work.

After work, I did a 30 minute treadmill workout before heading home. Dinner was a taco salad with coconut oil fried plantains! It was delicious!


I woke up early and decided to do a short workout video at home. I didn’t have the energy to go to the gym.

After work, I prepped my classes for the next day.

Once my husband got home, he grilled chicken legs for us. We also had corn on the cob. Yum!

After dinner we watched the Netflix show we have gotten into called Safe! Guys…it’s SO good!!!


I woke up and taught two classes before work. After work, I took a spinning class at my gym. It felt so good!

Dinner was stir fry and brown rice!

After dinner, I spent some time cleaning before falling asleep on the couch.


I woke up and went to gluteus maxout at my gym.

My work bestie and I got to get Panera for lunch today. It was so tasty!

It has been a lovely Friday!!

I’m ready for the weekend!

Have a good one!

With love,


8 thoughts on “Fit Friday (This Week In Food And Fitness), A Life Update, And Our Upcoming Weekend”

  1. Your meals look delicious as usual. Sending lots of positive wishes for the latest round of fertility tests. It’s times like these that test couples but you two look so strong in all your photos I am you will only continue you grow stronger. Keep positive lovely 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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