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Food, Fitness, And A Life Update

Hello there, everyone! I almost forgot about my post today because I have been so busy and SO tired. I have worked my online teaching job every day before work this week, and getting up so early is starting to get to me. I am beyond grateful, just tired.

Let’s recap the week!


I woke up around 4 to teach a few online lessons before heading to work.

After work, I went to the gym for a workout class (the C9 Challenge). It felt pretty good, despite my lack of sleep.

After the gym, I came home and made one of our favorite meals. Antipasto squares and salad! This was the only picture I got…trust me, I had a lot more haha!

I couldn’t keep my eyes open after dinner, so bedtime was early for me.


I woke up early again to teach more online lessons before work. My little “classroom” makes me happy!

After work, I went for a short run on the treadmill.

My husband brought home a bunch of food to make for a special dinner! He went all out because it was teacher appreciation day! So sweet!

Turkey burger, lobster tail, and a salad with a ton of tasty toppings!


I taught one online class that morning, but an extra early one so I could go to tabata class at my gym! It was the last one, and I’m super bummed about it.

Dinner was pasta with meat sauce and toast! Soooo yummy!

After dinner, we watched Survivor before bed.


I woke up super early to teach a few lessons. When I finished, I had some coffee and went for a quick run before our fertility appointment.

The results weren’t what we wanted to hear, but we have lots of options. I have been praying alot.

After work, my mom and girlfriend came over. We got Whole Foods for dinner, then came back to my place, chatted and watched Law and Order. It was so nice!


I only had one class to teach before work today, so I was able to sleep until around 5…whooo!! I decided to have a red velvet macaroon with my yogurt for breakfast. It was DELICIOUS.

After work, I went to the gym, but I just didn’t have much in me. I did a mile jog and a few chest exercises before leaving. I just wasn’t into it.

Dinner was chicken legs, sweet potato fries, and green beans.

Now, we are watching Battle Bots. Any other nerds in the house? Hahaha!

We have a busy weekend planned. I have 3 classes to teach tomorrow morning! We are also driving to my home town for our friend’s daughter’s first birthday party!

On Sunday, we are doing a Mother’s Day 5k with our moms and having family time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


8 thoughts on “Food, Fitness, And A Life Update”

  1. Oh my gosh, how sweet of him to go all out for you on Teacher Appreciation Day- you so deserved that lobster tail!!! 😍
    So sorry that you didn’t get the news you wanted but I’m glad to hear you have options. β™‘ Hope you got some rest over the weekend, you sound so busy!

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