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Fit Friday: Spring Break Edition

Happy Friday, folks! Typically, this is one of my favorite days, but this one just means that break is ending. I have had an awesome week off. It was full of family time, catching up with friends, delicious food, and some good workouts.

Let’s recap:


The morning started slow. I slept in and enjoyed some coffee and relaxing before starting my day.

I took gluteus maxout at my gym and it was killer!

After the gym, I had a appointment at the dr. It was quick and positive!

When I got home, I spent the afternoon cleaning and folding laundry. Dinner was a kodiak cake pizza with a salad.


Another day of sleeping in! Yay! After coffee and breakfast I took a class at my gym called 50/50. Basically half the class is cardio, and the other is strength training. I enjoyed it a lot!

After the gym and a quick lunch, I headed to the dentist for an old filling removal and replacement. I was numb for what felt like forever, and in pain when it wore off. Ugh. Oh, well! I slept for a while when I got home only to be woken up by crazy storms. Yikes!

Dinner was air fried chicken, green beans and a salad.


I decided to get up early to go to my regular workout class: tabata! I love getting so much out of a 30 minute class.

When I got home, I made my healthy cheesecake for breakfast.

I met a girlfriend for lunch at Northstar Cafe and we talked for two hours. We had so much catching up to do! I had my favorite salad ever!!

After lunch, I came home and did some things around the house. I also watched a movie and cuddled my cat!

For dinner, I made roast and potatoes in the air fryer. I made mine as a sandwich and it was excellent!


I woke up early and did a run at my gym. I took a quick shower and headed to my home town to see my best friend! I brought Starbucks to her house and we chatted and played with her kids a while before heading to lunch at Panera. We did some shopping before I headed home.

When I got home, I relaxed a bit before my mom came over. We went to Whole Foods and picked up dinner before coming back to my place.

After dinner, we watched Netflix until bed.


The morning was full of work on the computer and lots of coffee!

Early afternoon, my mom and I went over to the reservoir by my house for a run. I did stair sprints and it took my breath away.

After our workout, we got pedicures. It felt amazing!! Our next stop was Verizon and I got a new phone. I love it!

Now I am relaxing until I decide to get up and make dinner. Haha!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hope you have some fun plans.

With love,


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