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Healthy Coconut Crust Cheesecake

Hello, everyone! I am halfway through my spring break and have been trying to relax, but keep busy enough not to be bored. I have had doctor’s appointments, seen friends, cleaned (a lot), and made tasty food!

This morning, I decided to tweak a recipe I make often and try out a new flavor and man did it turn out well!

A while ago, I found a recipe for a tart crust and it has been a staple for so many recipes. It is made with dates and cashews. Ummm SO easy and SO tasty!! For this recipe, I used coconut flavored cashews and it was delicious.


*15 dates pitted and soaked until soft

*1 1/5 cups of coconut cashews.

*Using a high powered blender (or food processor), blend the dates and cashews thoroughly.

*Form crust into a round pan and place in the fridge until slightly hardened

    FOR THE CHEESECAKE (I make my filling by the slice, so if you do the whole thing adjust accordingly)

    *2 heaping TBSP of vanilla greek yogurt

    *1 TBSP of greek yogurt cream cheese

    *any toppings you like (I used bananas and melted dark chocolate)


    *Mix cream cheese and greek yogurt until fully combined

    *Top crust with cheesecake mixture and top with desired toppings

    Dig in!!

    Hope you enjoy!

    With love,


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