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Fit Friday-This Week In Tasty Food And Fitness

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I already wrote this post, but somehow managed to delete it. *sigh* oh well! This week has been awesome for food and fitness. Here’s my recap:


I decided to workout after work and take the C9 challenge. The instructor is funny and encouraging, which makes for a great class.

Dinner was absolutely delicious. I made antipasto squares with a salad. This has become a staple for us! My husband loves this meal.

After dinner, we watched the (cringeworthy) Bachelor.


I headed to the gym after work for a lift with a little cardio. I felt super motivated, which doesn’t always happen when I workout on my own.

Dinner was a huge taco salad! Made with lean ground beef, low sodium taco seasoning, fresh salsa, homemade guacamole, cheese, jalapenos, plain greek yogurt, and coconut oil fried plantain! Mouth-watering!!

After dinner, we watched the rest of the Bachelor before bed.


I started the morning with a tabata class. It is only 30 minutes, but it is super challenging. I just love it!

After work, my husband and I took our cat to the vet for a check-up before cooking dinner together. We made chicken, sweet potato waffle fries, and corn. It was so good!


I started the morning with a spin class at my gym. I haven’t taken it in a while, and I was definitely noticing that. It was a little rough, but I’m glad I went!

After work, my mom and one of my best friends came over for dinner. I made salmon burgers, cooked carrots, sweet potatoes, and pretzel bread. It was excellent!

I also put out a cracker and cheese plate while I was cooking.

After we ate, we talked for hours. 3 teachers in one room = a lot of stories! Haha!


This morning started with my gluteus maxout class. I love this class so much! It is a lot of work, but it is a great workout. I always try to get there a bit early since it gets super crowded.

After work, I ran to the grocery store for a few weekend necessities. Now I am at home in my sweat pants! Yes!! Time for a glass of wine while catching up on This Is Us!

I’m not sure what the rest of the weekend holds…hopefully lots of rest!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

With love,


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