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Fit Friday-This Week In Food And Fitness, Plus A Coffee Story

Hello and happy Friday, guys! I hope your week treated you well. Mine was long, and I am so ready for a relaxing weekend. Before I get to my weekly recap, I want to share a little coffee story.

My last two trips to Starbucks I have received a larger size than I ordered (not complaining at all). Haha! Anyway, the barista felt so bad that my next order is free. Heck yeah!! Can’t beat free coffee. This small gesture made my morning a little better.

Now, onto my weekly food and fitness recap.


Dinner Sunday night was so tasty! I had a chicken melt and a ceasar salad.


I decided to workout after work and went to a class called the C9 challenge. It is a full body, intense workout. It was hard and kicked my tired butt! Haha!

Dinner was stir fry and it was delicious! I buy stir fry kits from Kroger (they have a variety of flavors) and add chicken. Yum!


I started the morning with a 45 minute spin class. I love spinning for my cardio!

My mom came over for dinner and I made beef and minestrone soup with cornbread muffins. I use the Bear Creek soup mix and add lean ground beef.

Of course I topped mine with cheese! This mix makes a lot and we had plenty of leftovers.


I started the morning with a TCX (total conditioning extreme) class. It was the last one before they take it off of the schedule, which is a huge bummer! It is such a good workout and always leaves me sore for days following.

Dinner was healthy pizza (made with Kodiak Cakes Pancake Mix and plain greek yogurt), topped with mozzarella cheese and turkey pepperonis, plus a salad!


After work, I went to the gym for a 3 mile treadmill workout. I mix up my pace, going from walking-jogging-running. It helps pass the time! Our treadmills have tv’s, so I watched Ellen. By the time I was finished, I was ready to get home and relax.

For dinner, we made chicken legs in the air fryer, plus coconut oil fried plantain! The air fryer makes the BEST chicken. It always comes out so tender.

After dinner, we caught up on our shows before bed.


I woke up early to go to the gym for a gluteus maxout class. It was SO cold this morning and it was hard to motivate myself to go, but I’m so glad I did! Class was packed (as always) and it was a good one. I love leg day!

Tonight, my husband and I have plans with some friends to get dinner, then help them get some things together in their new home. The rest of the weekend will be filled with house projects and some relaxing.

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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