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Weekend Wrap-Up-A Date Night, Tasty Food, And Fitness

Hi, all! How has your weekend been?! Mine has been a perfect mix of fun, relaxing, and productive!


After work, my husband and I had a date night. We went to Bibibop for dinner and it was delicious!!

My bowl had purple rice, chicken, and tons of veggies. I had teriyaki sauce on the side. So tasty and filling!

After dinner, we saw the movie Den of Thieves. It was awesome. Our theater has reclining chairs, which makes the experience even better.

We got home late, so I read until I fell asleep.


I took my time in the morning to get moving. I made coffee and healthy chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. This brand is my FAVORITE ever! They sure don’t taste healthy. My husband even loved them and he usually hates whole grain sweets.

Once I decided to get moving, I went to the gym. I did a 1 mile run, plus a 25 minute swim. It felt good adding swimming into my workout. It had been a while!

When I got home, I had flowers on my doorstep from my brother and his family. What a sweet surprise!

The note was so heartfelt and made me cry.

I had a quick lunch before we cleaned. We did a deep clean of our house, plus I did a closet purge. It felt great getting so much accomplished.

For dinner, we had grilled cheese and tomato soup. I used market fresh wheat bread with mild cheddar cheese. My soup was a lower sodium version.

Yum! Hello childhood memories.


My mom came over this morning and we went to Starbucks and church together. After church, we had brunch at Northstar Cafe. I had the sweet potato and turkey hash. It was amazing!

We had a lot of fun spending time together.

My husband has been working on house projects and I am excited that we are getting so much done!

I’m not sure what dinner will be yet. I did a full grocery run, but grilled cheese is sounding good again! Who knows haha.

I plan on relaxing the rest of the evening. I hope you have a great rest of your day!

With love,


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up-A Date Night, Tasty Food, And Fitness”

      1. Ah we have Albertsons here. They carry Kroger brands but I don’t think I’ve seen that brand of cookies before. I’ll have to look on the website! Thank you! πŸ’—

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